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Homicide Video: Curvaceous black chick murdered another woman in cold blood

Voluptuous killer murders woman.

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BROOKLYN — Never trust a big butt… and a gun. Authorities in Brooklyn, New York are investigating after 42-year-old Delia Johnson was murdered in cold blood Wednesday night. The homicide transpired around 9:40 p.m. in Crown Heights. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Delia socializing with her clique when Claudia Banton snuck up from behind and blew her brains out — à la Keisha in “New Jack City.” Rock-A-Bye Baby! Several bystanders ran for cover as the prepossessing damsel sauntered back to her diminutive white sedan and drove off.

Delia was pronounced dead at the scene.

The voluptuous assassin wore a stygian top and black leggings. Social media viewers described her as “beautiful” and “thick” with measurements of thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-six. A dude even tried to get Claudia’s phone number afterwards. Family members said Delia attended a sepulture earlier in the day.

They believe Claudia followed her home.

“She was at a funeral earlier in the evening for an old neighborhood friend to pay her respects, and then this happened,” said Delia’s brother, Mathis Johnson. “It was horrible. That lady executed my sister.”

Delia is survived by her 17-year-old daughter.

Claudia is charged with her murder.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. This is what sexism looks like, you have a woman who is a danger to society, executing a woman in the daylight, on the busy NYC streets, but people are focused on her appearance. Who gaf? She needs to be locked up away from the rest of us.

  2. I hope it’s not over a guy. She stupid u don’t assassinate someone from a car. She will be tracked by cameras and found quick asf. Even if she tries to flee to another state. Dumb dumb- hope her victim RIP

  3. @Ashleigh Bougie: Thats not a man. Look at the booty….. the boobs….. youre blind

  4. She’s a better shooter than these wanna-be hard thugs shooting innocent people instead of their target.

  5. All we can see is a chick one donut away from obese and terrible blonde wig. May the victim get justice.


  7. Probably some dumb instagram thot who just threw her life away over bs.

  8. Dang, I wonder what she did.🤔

    There are a few people I wouldn’t mind popping and casually walking back to my car.🤔

  9. The black American agenda is controlled by three groups in this order
    1.The black lesbian female
    2.The black homosexual male
    3.The ignorant street thug

  10. No sane person can call this woman beautiful when she just murdered someone in cold blood. Evil is ugly. Moreover, I have not seen her face and everything else that i have seen on her so far looks fake.

  11. We are being dumbed down. Now we’re describing straight Killers by their measurements? What about that poor soul who was just victimized. No fear of repercussion or retaliation. It’s easy to find a big butt out here, but a warm caring is hard to come by.

    RIP Delia

  12. That is about as ice cold a hit as I have ever seen. With a purse round her arm at that. What do you make of that?

  13. How can someone be so cruel and callous? Black women, please do better.

  14. @meanygreene: They cant do better if they never admit that they are wrong and you would be hard pressed to find a BW who admits that they are wrong. Remember black girl magic,

  15. @Lyrical Lex:
    Trust me…you black men are doing FAR WORSE. Chicago alone got y’all looking BAD, lol. The self hatred is REAL…

  16. Sick world we live. Instead of focusing on the deceased the Killer is being praised for her looks 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  17. Police to the witness:“can you describe her?
    Witness: “she was beautiful with a fake butt” 😳

  18. That dude that walked up to her car before she drove away probably set it up..

  19. How is anyone calling her beautiful when you can’t even see her face? I’m sure the victim didn’t care what she looked like.

  20. @BrunoSmash10: It is called Political Correctness. If a black isn’t called beautiful, then racism is claimed.

  21. Umm that butt was real af

  22. Did y’all see the dude go up to the car trying to get her number 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Like forget the fact she just shot somebody he was trying to get a date!!

  23. Ish like this terrifies me for future. We can literally watch someone take another person’s life in cold blood and the general public sees it and focuses on how attractive the murder is? No one is shocked at watching someone take another person’s life. They’re looking at her assss?

  24. The mother said it was a family friend, that she considers like a daughter. Who used to live with her, eat their food and sleep in their bed. That’s fucked up and sad .. I hope if the 🚓👮🏽don’t get her the streets do.😤😤😤

  25. She just walked away casually. Then took her time pulling off. Wow

  26. She must’ve been paid at least 100k for this bcuz the way she calmly walked away suggests she had no worries. Looks like a hit

  27. Shes soo cute and gangsta, i want to marry her, please dont lock her up, shes my future wifey

  28. Ain’t $hit cute about that bad built fake a$$ booty evil weave wearing killer. Low vibrational bi tch. I stop being around my race. I can’t take all this crime. Rest In Peace to the victim.

  29. That killer was trash, straight up garbage had the audacity to pull up and put her emergency break lights on, then just walked up and shot this woman in COLD 🥶 BLOOD 🩸 the nerve of her probably over some damn man, this is the type of shyt that happens in a lawless society, Ppl know the killer, they know where she lives and know one tried to stop her, a gang of ppl could have tried to pull the gun away or shot her in the foot called the police tag her azz to the ground, this is not the first time she has killed someone, this is not her first rodeo, she’s done this many times before, the difference is she got away with it, that’s why she’s so BOLD to BRAZENLY go up to the victim and just shoot her close blank range in front of a crowd of ppl, and you talk about friends, nowadays you ain’t got no damn friends, a so called friend is who set her up, a so called friend lured her there, I hope they quickly and swiftly locate this major fool and convict her to her 80 years in prison but in actuality the killer was real DUMB, but she thought she had it like that, but will soon find out she doesn’t. 😈😈😈😈

  30. She was toooo calm and casual… I want to know what caused this before I pass judgement like every other person in this comment section Im not justifying what she did but to walk up and pop someone in the face like that is a whole breed of animosity towards someone then to just step in the car is almost movie like

  31. Damn whats crazy about it is that she didn’t even rush to get out of there. She walked like nothing happened a just drove off normal with a shit load of people. So sad and just plain crazy idk if it was a setup or not but the way it was done i have to believe it was my condolences to her family no one should die like that. Just point blank with lots of people especially her so called friends

  32. But there will be no protest , no propaganda crying . No looting , no rioting behind this murder . Burning buildings . No defund the police chants in fact YOU NEED THEM NOW • But if it was a “ white Man “ or cop this shit would be all over the 📰

  33. Aren’t yall idiots going to protest BLM over this crap, or its ok when its you killing each other??? 🤦🤦🤦🤡🤡🤡🤡

  34. Damn, that was so cold and senseless. Praying for her Mom,daughter and the rest of her family❤🌹🙏🏽

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