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Ass Kickin’ Video: Black male shoplifter ‘pummeled’ by a Family Dollar manager

Manager stabs shoplifter/YouTube

Manager beats shoplifter’s ass. 

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JACKSONVILLE — Law enforcement officials in North Florida are investigating after a female store manager stabbed a male shoplifter multiple times. The Zorro impersonation went down inside a Family Dollar store. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the cashier pummeling the thief before pulling out a knife and dicing his ass. “Ma’am, I’m leaving,” said the crackhead as the employee proceeded to gut him like a fish. “Don’t do this!” The manager, however, wouldn’t allow an egress.

She was hell-bent on detaining him until police arrived.

Realizing he was headed to jail, the shoplifter begged for his freedom. But it was to no avail. The clerk told him, “I don’t give a f*ck about your life. I don’t give a f*ck about your family.” By the time police arrived, the store was completely trashed. The manager whupped his ass up and down the aisles.

At one point, customers beseeched her to show mercy.

Rumor has it the manager was fired and may face charges.

Moral of the story: No five-finger discounts allowed.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. If a customer steals from a store I work at I’m not risking my life to stop him or her even if it’s my own store. You can replace things taken but a life you can’t. I’d instruct my employees to not risk Life also. Hire security with a licensed gun let them deal with it.

  2. Each item is a $1…so what if he stole ten products. Do your job and report it

  3. Would she have done that to a WHYte shoplifter?? The Gynocracy is real. Dollar General? All that cheap sh*t she’s protecting??

  4. Unfortunately I’ve witnessed many sisters like this. I think it may be their hatred towards black men.

  5. He almost lost his life and she’s about to lose her freedom for……a dollar😆 GTFOH!

  6. She is a damn fool! I hope they throw all the books at her – the entire library! Trained and brainwashed into thinking Massa is going to reward her for protecting HIS shi£ ! She should be ashamed of herself/ I hope the community she lives in drags her( before she goes to prison) !

  7. 1. she going to jail for a company that dont give a damn about her

    2. she is tired of Black men being trifling

    3. Dude learned a valuable lesson

  8. Just plain stupid. I don’t get why someone would risk their freedom and life over some dime-store thief. It’s not like he stole the Hope Diamond or some s***.

  9. She act like that’s her money lol she got alot of hate n her heart she probably been done dirty by dudes who he reminds her of and it looks like self hate as if she de values her own kind because she wouldn’t do that 2 non black

  10. That’s totally crazy; She had absolutely no business stabbung anyone over shoplifting in a dollar store. Dam that shoplifter got straight traumatized and will definitely need treatment for post traumatic stress due to suffering extreem flash backs. Well lets look at the potential bright side, perhaps he’s cured of the desire to steal.

  11. You can buy three things from the dollar store at least one of the three items will fall apart in your hand. I think the woman snapped how much and how many times she had to witness people stealing in her store… those dollars can add up to thousands LOL! She was going through something and took it out on him to become that angry over a dollar he was better off going to McDonald’s and looking at the dollar menu!

  12. He’s rich now after he gets a lawyer. The family dollar is going to pay for this one.

  13. she made him cry like a bitch😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I hope that overstuffed size manager is relieved of duty. The store isn’t safe with her around.

  15. I just try to stay out of Family Dollar it’s very ghetto. I went a few months ago and cashier had on a hair bonnet. 🤦

  16. I worked at family dollar for more than 2 years and they never taught me how to deal with a shop lifter lol what the actual fuck

  17. Dear Gosh ! I can’t stand them types of folks . She was showing out for them devils and be taking stuff her dang self 🙄 SMH

  18. That’s not her fucking job to do. You a employee at family dollar. You just call the fucking police dumb assss do your job stop trying to be a damnn hero

  19. Felicia thought she was going to have a easy beat down with the cops giving her a high five but they’re going to take her to jail trying to treat the store like it’s her property and they’re probably paying her less than $15 but she ready to go to jail for it cuz she felt disrespected and her ego as manager could not handle that,, when keeping it real goes wrong Felicia you go too far every damn time

  20. Employees are not responsible for apprehending shoplifters.
    If they make it out the store…let em have it.

  21. Why women trying to be so tough. I remember the days when we worried about breaking a nail. 🤷🏽‍♀️Sad

  22. At Family Dollar? Hold up wait a minute you going to tell me the manager who don’t have no estate no equity no investment in a dollar store company stab the person for stealing a dollar? Like what have we come to I’m just shaking my head


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