Transgender Video: Vietnam war veteran lambastes councilwoman for being homo

Don Sucher slams Tiesa Meskis/Facebook

Vietnam veteran loathes trannies. 

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ABERDEEN — Don Sucher, a retired Vietnam War veteran who owns a Star Wars shop in Washington, had contretemps with transgender councilwoman Tiesa Meskis on Thursday over a transphobic sign in his store that reads: “If you are born with a dick, you are not a chick.” Sucher’s memorabilia shop is located in Aberdeen. Meskis was born a male but now identifies as a woman. So she was obviously offended. The argument took place in front of customers. It was also captured on video.

“Trans women are women, sir. That sign is bullsh*t,” Meskis yelled as they stood face-to-face. “Well I’m telling you, as a man, that’s bullsh*t,” Sucher, 78, replied. “You are f*cking nuts. You are not a woman. You don’t look like a woman. You don’t act like a woman. Look at yourself for Christ’s sake. Who would want to even be close [to you]? You are not a f*cking chick. Do you still have a dick?”

After getting kicked out the store, Meskis stood on the sidewalk and chanted: “Trans women are women! Trans women are women!” The burly tranny also called Sucher a “bigot” before accusing him of ogling her derrière. “Stop staring at my ass,” Meskis screamed as she walked away from the property.

Do you agree with Sucher?

Should chicks with dicks receive feminal treatment?

Watch their heated confrontation.

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  1. Trans bully, this man in a bad dress is a big fat bully. He was looking to assault this store owner. He’s disgusting disgrace. God bless this Vietnam veteran.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🙏

  2. Someone tipped that man off about the sign and he went down there. He didn’t go there to buy anything but spotlight on himself confronting the vet. He even had cameras zoomed and ready. Please😒

  3. There are no chicks with dicks! Just guys with tits!

    – Ted –

  4. This trans person is giving the trans community a bad name obviously going out to cause trouble because doesn’t like somebody’s opinion… opinion is not hate… wot is 100% true you’re not a woman if you’re born a man…. and no amount of calling you a woman makes you a woman or surgery ….if makes you happy to walk around as a woman then do it…. but don’t push it on people that do not agree like I said before you can call yourself a penguin doesn’t make you a penguin.. does it

  5. Everyone should call city council in Arbadeen, Washington and asked for this council man to resign

  6. Crazed Linebacker in a Skirt
    Versus a real life American Hero
    Thanks Don Sucher for your service
    In Vietnam and Aberdeen WA

  7. Sucher for Président

  8. Stand yo GROUND 💯 pop.

  9. I wish I lived in Washington so I could go buy stuff from this guy’s store and I’m not even a Star Wars fan.

    This dude is a HERO for all sane people.

    God bless him

  10. I hope his sales go threw the roof , I’m gonna see if I can buy online to support the vet.

  11. I kinda feel both parties are assholes in this situation. You’re a star wars shop, not city hall. Both sides stfu and shop.

  12. Trans-women are NOT women, PERIOD! You are free to live in your own fantasy world, but don’t drag us into it.

  13. The whole of alphabet peoples are fucked in the head

  14. dragonhatcher12

    If it wasn’t a 9 hr drive to his store I would totally go there and buy a shit ton of Star Wars stuff. It’s too bad none of his inventory is online would really like to support this small business.

  15. The sign is 100% accurate. You are what you were born as… Male or Female. Just because you want to be a victim doesn’t change this fact.
    This store owner is a legend! Full respect for standing up to that woke… ‘thing’.
    More of us need to push back and stamp out the woke.

  16. basejumpingmonkey

    Truth is hate for those that hate the truth!!!

  17. The store owner had to know that sign would start some shit.

  18. The minority must not be allowed to bully and suppress any longer. They have taken full advantage of their apparent “special status” and are now going out of their way attacking anyone that does not agree with their dubious life choices.. Just as much as they have the right to express SO DO WE.
    This man must be protected against the dress wearing hoards.

  19. Jeffrey Richards

    Men are men not women same goes the other way delusions of the mind and make believe time about time some one stepped up and is trying to smack this shit out of the park you have the right to not push your believes on others as your rights end when it effects another’s freedom. You do not have the right to say otherwise that you are a man if some one is willing not forced to play make believe with you okay other wise shut the fuck up not every one is forced or should be just to accommodate something that is not even backed biologically or even visually.

  20. “Nobody confronts your ass!”

    Grandpa don’t take shit from nobody 🤣🤣

  21. This argument wasn’t even worth having. People need to learn that when you already have plenty of rights, don’t keep pushing it or you’ll make enemies. The Vietnam vet is doing the transgender person a favor because he’s letting people know he doesn’t agree with something and if you don’t like it then don’t do business with him. He’s not hiding it so you don’t know and you give him business. I think this whole thing is getting out of hand. The man has a right to feel how he does and put that sign there because he owns the business.

  22. ThePridefulWillFall

    Trans person: stop looking at my ass

    Bro, believe us, aint no one looking at u like that

  23. She kind of made it everyone business. If people minded they own business we would not have issues like this. Not all trans people are this stupid. Many just mind their own business this person is a wanna be Karen. People just need to stop pushing their agendas and life choices on other people. It is not my job to make you fell whole as a person.

  24. I hope this comment section doesn’t have and won’t have kids. My god.

  25. Sheev Palpatine

    I need to find this fucking store. I’m in love.

  26. Store owner is a true American hero he should run for president

  27. @Daniel Nekrash: This man is not a hero. He’s a bully.
    Instead of just minding his own business, he put up a childish message to deliberately provoke trans people. He’s the one who wanted attention. What a disgrace.

  28. FromThe GroundUp

    “If you got a dick your not a chick” well said brother, well said 👏 👍 👌

  29. Why in the world is that gay dude wearing a dress? WTF

  30. Crush Theknight

    I absolutely love this 78 year old veteran. The weinerless wonders WILL answer to the ultimate Old Man. It’s time we stop pandering and take back MANHOOD. And if you don’t like my comments, I’m a veteran also and I don’t give a fuck about your feelings either.


  32. You don’t have to be old to stand firm and stand your ground and don’t back down right is right and wrong is wrong. Stop being pansies and stick up for what’s right don’t humiliate others while doing it but if their offended Ohwell . People are offended by truth and common sense these days .

  33. Finally some good fucking news!

    In all seriousness, i feel like there’s this fear where you can’t voice your opinion, which is bad, Some people don’t think some men are women and vice versa, and that’s ok! Both sides shouldn’t throw shade at each other

    honestly the big guy should’ve just left instead of confronting, with futile effort, neither side will be changing opinion anytime soon so why butt heads? just go about your day

  34. As a trans person myself, I don’t understand why this woman felt the need to instigate him in this manner. It’s his store, he can do as he pleases. But more importantly, despite how his sign makes you feel, causing a scene over something like this and swearing at him not only makes you look childish, it casts a bad light on any trans people who just want to go about their daily business and not cause any trouble.
    His sign doesn’t bother me, and neither does his opinion on what it means to be a woman(and no I don’t mean “female”).
    YOU ma’am, bother me, because of the way you decided to handle this situation.
    All you’ve done is reinforce any negative perceptions he had about trans people. You did nothing to convince him that most trans people just want to live ordinary lives.

    And any of you watching this cheering for her: please stop. You’re not helping.
    I disagree with this veteran’s opinion about what constitutes a woman(as in gender expression, not biological sex), but unless he came up to you and began insulting you first, commenting on his sign and picking a fight puts you in the wrong, at least in my own opinion.
    Morgan R.

    P.S. How can you expect respect and understanding, if you are unwilling to give it to those people from whom you would demand it?
    Even to those who scorn you, be humble and kind.
    And maybe then, you’ll change someone’s mind.

  35. Love the old fart

  36. Tbh that sign is really offensive. But he has every right to have that sign up. I get how the woman was genuinely offended by this. But I also get that this man is from a different time where this sign is acceptable. But it is still very rude and offensive. As a person with trans friends if they saw that sign they would be offended too since they have gone through shit for being trans. When someone is trans and they see signs like these it can inflict trauma and a sense of self hatred for being the way they are. It’s an inconsiderate sign of other people’s feelings just to display your opinion, which is to be frank not okay. But I can see where he is coming from, people from older times had and still do have a hatred for the lgbtqia+ community because it was seen as a “sin” or “disgraceful”. So most people from that gen have the same views. That being said the woman had every right to be offended, the sign blatantly disrespected her identity. But the lady was being disrespectful to the man and didn’t need to be rude. But the man was also being very transphobic to the woman which is also not okay. He also didn’t need to need to ask her personal questions like “do u still have a penis” which his none of his business.

    I hope this helped bring an explanation of both sides views.

  37. trans woMEN are men.

  38. Yea let’s just continue to divide people so they can’t band together against their criminal governments.

  39. I’m a transgender woman and I just want to let everyone know that not all of us are retarded like the asshole in this video. Props to this guy defending his first amendment and his business. If you can’t handle the criticism of being trans then don’t bother transitioning.

  40. Jonathan Hawkins

    That old man has a foul mouth but he is absolutely correct. He needs to go teach our woke military how to be manly again.

  41. Yes sir I’m 6ft 6in & 280lbs, with a penis & can’t have kids, but I’m a woman! Vet: bulls××t dude get out of my store! I salute you sir!

  42. 5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
    Deuteronomy 22:5

    9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    1 Corinthians 6:9‭-‬10

  43. Look at that 6’3” 250lb beefy meaty chunky BEAST OF A WOMAN! Get that WOMAN in the WNBA!

  44. Hayden Hadfield

    Transman.. there’s no such thing as Mr translady sir.

  45. who here thinks the tg person is a chick? ANYONE? ridiculous! at 6ft 5 and 250 or more lbs with arms n legs like THAT !! SERIOUSLY??? WHO voted THAT “person” into the city council!! OMG….

  46. Skydiving Stilettos

    The moment he (yes, I said he, not “she”. That is not a woman) asked if they were going to check out his ass, I almost vommitted in my mouth. Also, props go to my fellow veteran calling out that trans-trash’s bullshit.

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