Blunder Video: President Joe Biden made embarrassing gaffe during Covid briefing

Biden has gone senile/LA Times

President Biden losing his mind.

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WASHINGTON — During Friday’s White House briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden told reporters “we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States.” But, the only problem is our population is 330 million. That’s 106%. To compound the blunder, he had notes. Jeez, you would think somebody would’ve jotted down the correct number. The Commander-in-Chief also said, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we have to get more people vaccinated.” Huh? Look, Biden’s dementia is obviously kicking in and the world is chortling at his ineptness. His deportment reeks of mortification.

It’s probably time for Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Australian columnist Rita Panahi expressed her concern for Americans. “350 million people vaccinated in the United States, Joe? The population is only 330 million,” she said during an appearance on Sky News. “Oh dear, he doesn’t even know the population of the country he’s the president of; let alone how many of them have been vaccinated. Good luck America.”

Rumor has it roughly 166 million Americans have gotten the jab.

Unvaccinated people are in danger of losing their jobs, pensions and social security.

Has Biden lost his mind?

Are we headed towards a civil war?

Watch Biden’s briefing and Rita’s commentary.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Wow so 106% of Americans are vaccinated, thanks Joe

  2. Lol .. good luck America.

  3. What a pathetic liar and a total waste of oxygen! He’s been smoking Hunter’s crack pipe.

  4. Change your pampers old dement!

  5. He doesn’t even know his name or that he is president.

  6. Go Joe, run this thing into the ground!

  7. WHY isn’t his mental health being questioned ?
    Jeez, imagine if this was Trump.

  8. Cookie Monster

    Joe took the vaccine

  9. SantaBarbaraDianne

    How can he say the variant would be worse without the vaccination? Experts are suggesting the variant could be caused BY the vaccination.

  10. This guy is out of his mind.

  11. Vidya Parthasarathy

    Well if all of America is vaccinated then shut up and move on.

  12. They created speech for him but he decided to use his own notes.

  13. Oh dear and we are trusting him with the nuclear code!!

  14. What about the people that can’t take it. [Cancer] They lied to many times go this way go that way. NO more!! You demonize people that are not taking it and the people that are unable get thrown under the bus. What about our rights… We didn’t want to be sick. And now your going to punish us as well… You are a monster in my book thinking of your ways to control people that are sick already making there life even harder at a time they are faced with there end of life.


  16. Love Rita’s journalistic style – telling it like it is. So refreshing!

  17. Biden is a demented old man. I wouldn’t trust him to wash my car, let alone run a country.

  18. Just when you think you’ve seen it all with this senile goat.

  19. We’re gonna need more than Luck! God Help US!! UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL

  20. If only the vaccines actually kept people from catching the virus. Then it might be worth taking. But what’s the point if it doesn’t eradicate the disease if 100% were vaccinated? We supposed to just take booster shots every 6 months forever? Sorry but there is shit in vaccines that isn’t great for your nervous system. They aren’t things you dont want long term exposure to.

  21. Yeah the world is walking backwards until we get this retard and his retarded staff out of the White House..I’m fine with it for now so the world can see how fucked up governments can some point we gotta get back to real life again with some real folks that can actually read a sentence or maybe answer a couple questions from the fake news I guess that’s a start and maybe even get the real president back and build America back to where everyone was doing wel financial and emotionally and who knows we can be free and brave again and act like we are the worlds leaders and be successful again in everything we do..!! Maybe too much to ask but hey what do I know…

  22. Lol america has 331,449,281 where’s the other 20 million

  23. Some Wild Turkey

    Im not really one that gets into politics but i will say biden is by far the worst president we have ever had.

  24. Do America a favor and keep speaking publicly so we can all see first hand how nasty dementia really is.

  25. He could be accounting for illegals as well.

  26. All 350 brain cells he has left are dying.

  27. The current population of the U.S.A. is 333,177,675 according to Worldmeter who gives a live estimate. So, the approximately 16 million between this number and Biden’s number must be those illegal aliens he has allowed to crossed the border. But, we really don’t know how many of those who have not been vaccinated… do we?

  28. Mic Lovin Mic Lovin

    Biden is a dementia patient and is not running the country. He is a figurehead of the weak democratic party who want this country destroyed, and are doing an excellent job.


  30. Deborah Kamerick

    Where the hell does he live? Idiot ! He’s counting all the illegals he’s letting in. Stop the madness impeach grandpa it’s nursing home time!

  31. Idk why y’all think this is the same Joe as before he looks so much different now. Almost demonic lol

  32. 350,000,000 in the US? Can you imagine if Trump had said this?

  33. My family and I are now scheduled for our first shots TOMORROW! Thanks, President Biden.

  34. Janwa Janwa: I wouldn’t do that but I mean that’s your choice but I had a friend of mine that took the first shot was okay took the 2nd shot and was found dead in his yard two days later

  35. I hear the Benny Hill theme playing whenever this clown speaks.

  36. He’s a freaking zombie.

  37. I think it goes against human nature and basic survival instinct to follow the advise of the dumbest guy to ever barely graduate from college, and is a well documented fraud and thief.
    Why would anyone take joes advise? If the vaccine really is going to save anyone joe is doing the vaccine a disservice by endorsing it so strongly.
    I just can not follow advise of a dummy, and certainly not from a lying fraud like Joe Briben.

  38. USA is doing down faster than Monica Lewinsky did on Bill Clinton

  39. ᚱᚪᛚᛈᚻ ᛄᚪᚳᚩᛒ

    Fuck the government!

  40. china is laughing.

  41. He’s got to be the dumbest president ever

  42. imagine what other countries think of america and the president after they see this video

  43. How the f*ck is this guy our president, who actually voted for him.

  44. The great Reset = build back better. Biden is a walking corpse puppet

  45. What more does Biden have to screw up before someone takes him out of office?

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