Dog Attack Video: Ezekiel Elliott’s mutt masticated a neighbor in her backyard

Jennifer is suing Zeke/YouTube

Ezekiel’s bulldogs attacked neighbor.

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FRISCO — Surveillance footage, obtained by TMZ, shows Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs terrorizing a neighborhood in Frisco, Texas before masticating a woman in her own backyard last May. Zeke’s rottweiler also manducated a man, leaving him with lacerations and bruises. The 90-second clip shows a landscaper leaving Zeke’s gate open as he made an egress on May 19th. The ensuing morning, the canines got loose and proceeded to roam the area. Moments later, Jennifer Gampper can be heard screaming. She reportedly suffered “severe and permanent” injuries to her forearm, thigh and stomach.

Police officers showed up to file a report.

Jennifer is suing for $1 million in damages.

“Mr. Elliott and his representatives are aware of the lawsuit filed on July 30th, which stems from a previously reported incident from May 21st of this year,” said Zeke’s attorney, Frank Salzano. “As Mr. Elliott expressed at that time, he was – and remains concerned – for the party involved. However, as in most disputes, there are extenuating circumstances to this matter which will impact the legal proceedings which we are not at liberty to disclose. As such, we have no further comment at this time.”

Zeke, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys, received multiple citations.

Jennifer is also suing the landscaper for leaving the gate open.

Watch the video.

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  1. Justin Poindexter

    Those dogs need to be put down

  2. all that money and they not trained

  3. Who let the dogs out?

  4. Not rocket science – if you own aggressive breeds of animals they need to be kept in your own yard/house.

  5. Honestly those Dogs have more Dawg in them than those soft a** players Jerry been drafting for the past 25 + yrs hopefully this last draft is the exception 🤷‍♂️🤞🤞

  6. Cowboys finally turning the Dawgs loose

  7. Looks like Goodell is bout to suspend Zeke again

  8. You can take the person out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of the person.
    Imagine being a hard working successful person living in the nice ritzy area trying to separate yourself from the stupidity of the Common Man and this jack off moved in with his savage Savage pitbulls. Smh. Say no to affordable housing in suburbs!

  9. thereturnof goldberg

    Don’t have no damn kids if you can’t keep an eye on a dog.. Lol

  10. Savage Dameron

    He didn’t socialize those dogs very well. I have a Rottweiler and he’s the absolute sweetest, if he got out he’d try to lick people not ever bite. Gotta socialize your dogs correctly. Stuff like this gives Rottweilers a bad wrap.

  11. Not the dogs fault at all, Zeke needs to be responsible to keep them contained. Next time it can be ALOT worse…🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. If he isnt busy being a terrible football player for a trash organization he’s being a terrible dog owner.

  13. A rott and 2 bulldogs. The only reason those dogs are biting people like that, is because they’ve been taught to do that by somebody.

  14. Damn, lucky bastards

  15. Miguel Becerril

    Sue the bastard

  16. fernando orozco

    Omg a fucken scratch ..gtfo….they just looking at a pay day.

  17. Elliott has always been more problems than he’s worth…. started that way in college, still the same story. Suspended license, pulling down woman’s shirt, domestic violence, criticizing coaches, etc , etc etc

    To my eyes, Tennessee got the better deal with Derrick Henry than Dallas did with Elliott. As to the lawsuit, with what’s been made public, I don’t think anyone’s in a position to render judgement.

  18. Maximillian Thomas

    I told y’all Zeke isn’t the sharpest knife 🔪 in the drawer.

  19. Doomsday Messiah1960

    Zeke is either a complete trainwreck or he’s the most unlucky dude on Earth. Shit just swirls around that kid….

  20. I love dogs but if i get attacked by a dog the last thing a dog owner would have to worry about is a law suit or the cops

  21. delmontegreenbeans

    Why is this even news?

  22. Kinda seems like he don’ need any dogs since he cant keep the dogs under control it could have been a kid and the kid most likely would not have survived PUT THE DOG DOWN!!!

  23. It’s zeke fault I got 4 dogs and I got a big fenced yard for them to stay. But a few hundred thousand dollars won’t hurt zeke

  24. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    Zeke please dont become the next Michael Vick🤔🤔🤔

  25. Idiots like this should not own dogs

  26. He has CTE so he doesn’t know what is going on. He dumber than dogsh1t.

  27. Tax Inequality Act of 2018

    Looks like he makes about as bad of decisions in the real world as he does on the football field!

  28. Shoot them all!!! Dog owners are most delusional and inconsiderate people on the planet.

  29. Not ashamed of food stamps

    hate to see a black man go to jail but zeke belongs behind bars

  30. Why were the dogs out without monitoring smh

  31. zeke is a dumbass

  32. Just making this to reply

    I had a rott. Got out of a good kennel by bending the metal fence with his teeth and deforming a hole at the bottom. Bit about three people in his lifespan. Good dog but they are wildly powerful and mean to anyone that doesn’t live directly with them.

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