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Vax Video: Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks’ kid, encouraging anti-vaxxers to diss the jab

Chet’s folks, Tom & Rita, had COVID/

Chet Hanks rips COVID vaccine.

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LOS ANGELES — Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks’ son, won’t take Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine and he’s imploring anti-vaxxers to mimic his deportment; mainly because it’s not FDA approved. The “Empire” actor lambasted the panacea in a series of pro-choice videos that have gone viral. “Just like you have the right to be mad at me ’cause I said I’m not going to get the vaccine, I have the right to not get that sh*t,” Chet, 31, ranted in his most recent public service announcement. “I wanted to [get the jab], but my immune system said it’s good. It doesn’t want to be tampered with. It said it’s good, okay?”

“Let’s be real. 99% of you motherf*ckers wouldn’t use a shampoo that’s not FDA approved,” Chet continued. “But you’re willing to get some experimental, government injection. There’s more evidence of UFOs being real than that vaccine being healthy for you.”

If you recall, in his first video, Chet said: “Psych! Bitch, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I ain’t never had COVID. You ain’t stickin’ me with that motherf* ckin’ needle. It’s the motherf* ckin’ flu. Get over it, okay? If you’re sick, stay inside. Why we working around y’all? If you’re in danger, stay your ass inside. I’m tired of wearing a motherf* ckin’ mask!”

Chet’s parents, Tom and Rita, were both hospitalized with coronavirus.

Do you share Chet’s attitude?

Watch the videos.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Tom Hanks son’s career is being Tom Hanks son and want to be white rapper

  2. Whether you get the shot or not your still at risks of getting covid. PERIOD.

  3. Stay off the drugs!!!!!!!!! son get some sleep your eyes look pretty dark underneath🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. He’s right I got the vaccination never had COVID-19 have scarring in my upper left lobe of my long and some collapsed nodules from the vaccination I was sick for 2 weeks after taking it didn’t work out real well for me. I have asthma I think it may have permanent damag I have to go to see a lung specialist now too late now. When more and more people get sick from the vaccination this whole silly vaccine permit will be over.

  5. It’s a free country (is it anymore?) and ppl have the right to do as they plz. Respect me and I’ll respect you. I may not like what you do or say and vice versa but that’s individualism. What I’m not down with is the disrespect that is erupting more and more.

  6. Please stop trying to make this irritating vanilla bean ice cream scoop relevant. His daddy and mom are relevant. HELL, they both caught covid. Didn’t they get shots after? All these people taking a so called stand against the vaccine are not special, are not the chosen ones, are not deep–we get it and we don’t care. But at the same time stay tf away from me.

  7. I got the first vax but by the time it came to 2nd one the WH and Hollywood and the politicians started pushing it so damn hard it scared me. Then people who got the vax (both) were coming down with Covid again. So at least I got jabbed once.

  8. Next month he will be somewhere hooked up to a ventilator, crying like a baby.

  9. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson son

    How every media organization refers to this moron and I’m supposed to care

  10. Chet better stfu if he knows what good for him. Allot of people that talk bad about the vaccine on social media are ending up getting covid and die.

  11. @Darius: Dude looks like one of those white folks who refuses to take baths

  12. I like Chet…and my best friend’s grandmother got the shot and still caught Covid…AGAIN!!! It’s pointless. It hides your symptoms…which is more dangerous!

  13. Covid is definitely not the flu……I actually felt a lot more sicker when I had the flu in my younger days.

  14. Joining the ranks of Mel Gibson and Marlon Brando, he’s now one of the few celebrities to say something true. Tom Hanks is now living in his sons shadow

  15. I guess Chet Hanks is bored because he hasn’t been able to find a job since Empire was canceled. Poor guy. He’s trolling the pandemic because he’s desperate for attention.

  16. Tom Hanks was probably furious after seeing that lol. At least his son has some sense. It’s ppls choice and if they don’t feel like they’re high risk they shouldn’t have to get the vaccine if they don’t want to. I’m vaccinated and i recommend ppl get it if they don’t want to hate life if you get Covid as you’ll just get a mild case but if you don’t want to that’s completely fine and ppl that get vaccinated shouldn’t have to be confined because of ppl not vaccinated as ppl are accountable for themselves and can do risk assessment for themselves. And i hate ppl crying that non vaccinated people are spreading the virus even though they say vaccinated people can spread it as well and if the vaccine works then only unvaccinated people are at risk of a serious case and that’s their decision so the state and federal governments need to let ppl make their own decisions and stay out of people’s business. Covid isn’t going anywhere and we have to learn to live with it instead of locking ourselves up hoping it’ll just disappear. And i guarantee that once it gets FDA approved instead of being in emergency use then vaccine rates will go up but when it’s not and hearing about side effects of it which is rare can make ppl hesitant about it which i don’t blame them and what about ppl that have medical conditions where it’s advised by their doctor they can’t take the vaccine even if they wanted to, do they have to lock up forever? No as it’s not fair and mandating it will put those ppl at risk. Let ppl make their own decisions and live their lives.

  17. All you MFkers not getting Vaxed are the the same ppl who will be complaining about wearing mask or crying that one of your family members have died.

  18. I’m in total agreement with Chet Hanks! People are letting MSM terrorize you! Go look at the number of death per year for the last several years. There should be a huge rise of deaths during a pandemic right? There’s not though! They classified flu deaths, pneumonia deaths, respiratory deaths and heart disease and even motorcycle accidents etc. as Covid. Hospitals were compensated $13,000 per and $39,000 if put on a vent. CDC even warned about incentive for hospitals.

  19. Of course the vaxxed will disagree w/ everything an unvaxxed is saying. They are in denial. All the vaxxed has to do is look at all the whistle blowers who worked for pharma companies are saying. But they won’t bc they believe ALL the whistle blowers are “fake”. The media continues to push propaganda. It’s quite amazing if you look at how they’ve conditioned ppl. It’s almost like a spell from a witch the way these ppl lined up to get the jab which was not fully FDA approved, they didn’t and don’t know what’s in it, it doesn’t work to actually protect you especially since they found the same amount of viral load as an unvax. All i’m saying is, billions will learn that they should have did research before trusting the same ppl responsible for MASS ADDICTION previous to this event. MASS deaths previous to this event. You really want to see some messed up stuff? Go read the public lawsuits of Pfizer and their settlements over the years. It will make the vaxxed sick with the amount of manipulation they continue to do. Mass manipulation in full effect. I just want to say good luck to all vaxxed and unvaxxed. We will all need it when they release the next mutated virus that seems like it’s going to take out the vaxxed. Bc this is a plan set in motion. This isn’t all by mistake.

  20. @Ron Stallworth: Tv operates at a frequency designed to pentrate the subconscious. That’s not conspiracy theory. That’s fact. It’s why it’s called tv programming. Programming. I think the people who sit and watch that mess all day have been programmed to do what it says to do. Plus, imagine if you had gotten the shot you wouldn’t wanna hear that you’d made a grave mistake either. There is comfort in denial.

  21. I don’t get why people care to announce what they plan to do with their bodies it’s starting to becoming as annoying as ppl announcing their sexuality!! WHO CARES!! I personally won’t EVER take those vaxxs either…but to me it should be a personal and private choice. It mos def shouldn’t be forced or MANDATED especially since the FDA hasn’t approved any of them. I find that messs to be incredibly illegal and highly suspicious at how hard their trying to force people to take a jab for a virus with a %1 death rate!! 😑😑😑 I’ll never trust the government with my health! If they truly cared about our health, health insurance would be free and they would be informing people on how to boost their immune systems naturally, But That’ll go against their billionaire drug business😈 and The evil old troll Fauci Agenda!!

  22. Oh look, another privileged kid of rich and famous parents demanding the entire world listen to him.
    Go spend a decade going to Med School and doing residencies in hospitals then get back to us Bruh- it’s not like you can’t afford it.

  23. Individual choice. This is not a DICTATORSHIP COUNTRY. Everyone, don’t want to be a crash dummy. How would you feel if everyone start saying take away your weapons? Think peoples before you have your government start taking fully control of said rights. Not a DICTATORSHIP COUNTRY crash dummies.

  24. This covid 19 is just a vehicle they are using to control humanity soon they will use climate change.. wake up people

  25. As the mRNA vaccines have been rolled out all over the world. Scientists have been diligently studying whether the controversial reverse transcription from mRNA to cDNA, mRNA integration into genome of human cells is actually happening or not.

    A recent study proves the evidence of integration of mRNA into genome of cultured human cells in a laboratory setting. That is the terrifying thing about these gene vaccines. However, further studies are still ongoing, and if they found it true in human, it would be a serious crime against humanity.

  26. The flu 98% global survival rate / covid 99.98% survival rate !!⚠️

  27. Never voluntarily mask up,
    Make them call the cops!
    And if they touch you in any way,
    Take care of business the old fashioned way.

  28. Alright. Fine. If he contracts COVID-19, he should not get any help from a hospital. Despite the fact I have much respect and adoration for his father, if he gets COVID-19 and needs hospitalization, he should remain on the waiting list like everyone else. While I know that will never happen, that is how much patience I have for stupid people like this. Due to the Delta Variant, this is now the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. The only reason why ICUs in the South are maxed out are from people like Chet and those who are just “undecided” due to not getting their information from credible sources.

    I can’t believe someone like me, who tries to emphasize with as much of humanity as possible, is wishing this on someone. But I am tired of these people like Chet Hanks making this once in a century pandemic political and not treating it serious.

    F**k you, Chet Hanks.

  29. @Kage Palazzo: Why the fuck should you care if he’s vaccinated or not? Im sick of you vaccinated fuckers worrying about us. If you got the vaccine, you should be happy. Now shut the fuck up!

  30. It is not my responsibility as an individual to ensure the health and safety of others. By acting as an individual, responsibly and accountably, without harming others with ill will or intent, is in fact protecting the health and safety of others and does not require giving up my rights to autonomy nor does it require me to wear an unsuitable health mask for stopping an aerosol particulate of covid 19 at 1 Macron, when the smallest particulate that can be prevented from passing through non medical masks is 80 macrons.

  31. His parents survived the bioweapon flu. So did I and many others. Many healthy people that I knew died right after this shot but you’re all schills for big pharma. You want to force us to become lab rats in a phase 3 non FDA approved injection? You’re all complicit in genocide, pathetic bullying murderous money-hungry clowns. My body, my choice

  32. Flu is harmful too… so is suicide.. and fast food you know… heart disease… and drug overdose… but we’ll just focus on Covid for the rest of our lives.

  33. Ok you dont want to get vaccinated, just dont go to the hospital then if you get it.

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