Satan Video: Netflix released trailer for “Lucifer” season 6 and it looks devilish

Lucifer back for more/Netflix

Netflix released “Lucifer” trailer. 

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HOLLYWOOD — “Sin and sinner.” Netflix released the season 666 trailer for “Lucifer” and it looks devilish. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, God jettisoned Lucifer from heaven and expedited his ass to hell to rule for all eternity. But, after succumbing to ennui, Lucifer infiltrated earth through a parallel dimension. Now he walks among us. Unfortunately, Lucifer ain’t alone. He’s accompanied by a coterie of fallen angels who are just as formidable as he is. They even have the audacity to quote scriptures throughout the series.

Lucifer enjoys copulation with the hottest chicks on the planet, sometimes 2 or 3 simultaneously. He even bangs his psychologist. Hell, Lucifer’s top succubus (Mazikeen) could be “America’s Next Top Model.” She’s that attractive. Lucifer is also cool as f*ck. Perhaps too cool. If you solicit a Ménage á trois, he’ll snap his fingers and a pair of beddable popsies will appear. Remember, Lucifer tried to bribe Jesus.

So we don’t stand a chance.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.

Why does Lucifer need a head doctor?

Well, it’s because the DC Comics star has to vent.

During one of his counseling sessions, Lucifer told his psychologist he’s sick and tired of us making him culpable for our transgressions. It’s his assertion that every time something nefarious transpires, we blame him and he has nothing to do with it. Interminable finger-pointing drives Lucifer crazy.

That being said, the self-proclaimed “Angel of Light” is hardly innocent.

Lucifer works alongside a sexy homicide detective to help her solve cases. Once he effectuates an arrest, Lucifer tries to persuade the criminal to proffer his soul. Again, the devil doesn’t make us sin. He merely capitalizes off of it. Nobody put a gun to Bill Gates’ cranium and made him a Satanist. When judgment day arrives, God will evaluate our individual deportment and it’ll have nothin’ to do with the devil.

“Lucifer” is available on Netflix.

Watch the season 6 trailer.

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  1. Jasmine Marysue

    WAIT OMG, DAN?????

  2. Αποστολος Πατρωνας

    There is a theory that suggests that god (the black man)will return as the god and save everything

  3. @Αποστολος Πατρωνας: Why did you have to describe him as “the black man”, genuinely made me laugh😂

  4. and god said, that hell does not need a warden anymore…. no maze, no luci…. so this one new lord of hell was put there by our old good lad mysterious god…. so Luci might feel how his own rebellion against his father was…

  5. I have only one thing to say:
    What the hell is happening?!!

  6. Marcos Valentin

    Who’s the person on the throne?

  7. Jessica Thompson

    @Marcos Valentin: Who knows at this point😂 have you seen the part where it looks like CHLOE(it could be someone pretending to be her) is FIGHTING LUCIFER

  8. EPIC!👏👏👏

  9. Who’s the New Devil? Because I know only a angel can be king, but who the Hell is she?

  10. Darragh Clarke

    @Chris Bowers: well that was when god was in charge lucifer agreed when he became god he would grant maze the kingdom of hell making her queen of hell

  11. Worst series ever
    Its like overhyping turd on a road

  12. Sweet Salvation

    I can’t believe people actually watch this

  13. how this, the stupidest show in the world got 6 seasons??? but masterpieces like “The OA” got only 2??? humanity is extremely dumb

  14. Orange836 light

    Maze should be on that throne 🤧

  15. Asdasdasd Asdasdasd

    lucifer is back and he is God now

  16. Lucifer series should be going on for eternity😀❤️love it

  17. I'm Just A Local Guy Doing Local Things

    I can’t believe this show has actually survived this long with Netflix

  18. Antonieta Popy

    They brought back detective 🕵️‍♂️ douché

  19. Jesus is my King

    Spoiler: Jesus wins! The dragon is going down!!! Chained up in the bottomless pit!!!

  20. Everyone in this show is bisexual and it’s great

  21. Yeshuah trumps lucifer by 777 TRILLION miles.🎯💯
    For the record, ye many reprobates.⏳⌛🔥

  22. Azrael Venganza

    Honestly I was soo scared that the series would end when Lucifer became God, and now I’m extremely happy that it didn’t.

  23. I’m antisocial

    lets fuckin go

  24. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Thank you netflix for not letting the show die after the 5th season. I’ve been praying, ironically (get it?…Get it?), for a 6th season. I really hope this show will go on for at least 9 seasons!

  25. FUCK i got spoiled
    but what did I espect lol

  26. Why is chloe attacking lucifer whaat 😀

  27. Big_BootyHunter 832

    Straight garbage juice!

  28. Anthony Laspina

    Nahhh…Chloe has to be possessed or some shit…Lol

  29. If you read the book of Enoch and the story of Adam and eve, Enlel finds out the Enki has given Adam and eve the knowledge. Enlel( 1st god) says he will make man suffer for this and make him think it’s because of your doing Enki ( 2nd god our true God who created us and also gave us knowledge, the light bringer,the one who cared for us) . It’s been the twist since the beginning of Adam and eve. Enki our true God was made to be the devil , but he was always the one who created us and gave us knowledge and brought us light- Lucifer. So this series is a perfect fit for the truth and a great ending I assume.

  30. There’s always been one gripe I’ve had about lucifer is how weak they make him seem, I bet they make him look weak af in this season as well

  31. Thank god and this is not something I say often but fuck yeah Netflix is getting better and better for this type of involvement.

  32. Ayaanle Mohamed

    Netflix fucked this show up.

  33. Warlord Queek Headtaker

    This is evil glorifying Lucifer the father of lies The great Enemy of God and Jesus Christ and all true children of God…😒

    For all future TROLLS

  34. Dan’s girly scream😂😂… i’m glad he’s back… hope he’s alive though🙃

  35. Satan, or Lucifer! I curse you forever, die in pain, you fucker, you are no God, not even the Son of God, the Son of God is Jesus!, i do not know, why i am left alone, in pain, disiness, disease… you even have not the slightest ideea. of how bad i feel, like dying. i know , nobody cares. This was my last STAND FOR THE TRUTH, EVEN HE, seems to not care any more about me, allthough, i have stand for the Righteous One! now, i am entering the hour of darkness, i expect very soon to be dead. But this is my last stand, as my last testimony, i cannot be silent, while the devil or lucifer, calls himself god, and nobody else protest it, but all of you accept it. i protest it, even to my death!

  36. Either they succeed at getting Dan out of Hell and alive again, or those scenes are of him in Hell. I wonder who the girl on Lucifer’s throne is, maybe an antichrist type figure?

  37. Devil incarnate

    Nice🔥 bro!⚡⚡⚡

  38. The Devil, who is ancient and all powerful falls in love with an old hag and needs an even older hag to be his psychologist, I swear only in PC America they can come up with such crap…

  39. Way to fucking spoil dan coming back ( even though we all know that was gonna happen) i still wanted to be surprised!

  40. This is something that Netflix didn’t fuck up and it’s such a good series and I am sad that it’s ending

  41. There would be 6 seasons of a show like this, gotta keep the trash feeling entitled. Gotta lie to me that hell isn’t so bad and ur in good company hahaha pathetic beings of shit

  42. lucifer is fucking bad bad bad…they’re trying hard to make him a good guy but i say lucifer is always a bad guy…i hate you lucifer

  43. ZenoX Amv: It’s pretty clear that the “Chloe” trying to stab Lucifer isn’t actually Chloe- you can see it in her face and the movements. That’s not how Chloe fights. It looks a lot like how the demons move in the show. So what I’m wondering is- how did a demon manage to look like Chloe? I’m so fucking pumped for this season tho fr fr.

  44. This show is a disgrace and a disgust

  45. Where is Jesus in all this?

  46. I am the 👿 devil of my world

  47. So you mean to tell me that Dan is back, a bitch with the consistency of air, Lucifer does therapy again, and Chloe turns her back on Lucifer? Holy…

  48. Woohoo! Detective Douchebag is back! 😁 🥳

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