Alligator Video: Utah resident prevented crocodile from devouring zoo employee

Crocodile Donnie saved the day/TMZ

Crocodile Donnie rescues employee.

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SALT LAKE CITY — Crocodile Dundee, eat your heart out! Now we have Crocodile Donnie! A Utah resident named Donnie Wiseman was hailed a hero over the weekend after he foiled an alligator’s attempt to maim a zoo employee. The valiant deed transpired Saturday afternoon in front of children at Scales and Tails petting zoo in West Valley City. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows staff member Lindsay Bull feeding an 8-foot alligator when he suddenly bit her hand and pulled her into the water. That’s when Crocodile Donnie dived in and wrestled the semiaquatic reptile off of her.

Another customer also got involved.

Lindsay underwent surgery on her hand.

She’s expected to make a full recovery.

“I can’t explain the level of admiration I have for that man [who helped save me],” Lindsay wrote on Facebook. Company officials also released a statement. “These gentleman could have stayed in the safety zone as most of us would,” they wrote on Facebook. “But instead [they] jumped into the situation, of their own volition, and helped secure the alligator. Their help, combined with the training of our staff member, probably saved her life and her limbs.”

Many of the kids in attendance were there for a birthday party, including Donnie’s child.

I’m sure they enjoyed the show.

Watch Crocodile Donnie kick some ass.

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  1. That’s a real man!!

  2. Poor alligator

  3. Albert Sifuentes

    Customers got there money’s worth.

  4. punjabiexplorer

    Guy save girl from crocodile, Internet names him crocodile Donnie!!

  5. Some people do the dumbest ish. Play with alligators, lions ect, then get mad when they get bit or eaten. People leave wild animals alone!!!

  6. @June Summer: She wasnt playing and fooling around. She’s an employee who got hurt feeding the alligator. Didnt you read the article?

  7. C.J. Wilkerson

    This is why you just leave them be in the wild. But of course humans have to meddle with things and stuff like this happens and every once in a while someone gets killed or severely hurt and the animal gets put down for doing what is in it’s nature.

  8. Mr. SlapYoBitch

    Would be a girl

  9. Aww bless him ❤❤

  10. Brittany Calhoun

    Lucky he was there. None of the employees came to her aid. Stop exploiting animals for entertainment.

  11. So these people literally trap an alligator, keep him in an enclosure the size of a toilet, train him God knows with what means, and then when he attacks everyone is surprised?

  12. If he got the alligator on his back and rubbed his belly he’d fall asleep long enough to walk away like even more of a bad ass than he already is.

  13. I don’t get people trusting wild animals!

  14. Only white people end up in situations like this

  15. The zoo staff to Donnie – “You’re on your own now buddy, but we will stand in the safe zone and give you moral support” LOL

  16. Shandra Johnson

    What the …..was she doing? Feeding him like he’s a chihuahua.

  17. Would a woman have jumped in to save a man? Hello?… wya feminists?

  18. We need more people like him in this world.

  19. The alligator was seeking justice. The attack was not just an alligator being an alligator. He was furious at his trainer for keeping him as a prisoner, and in WAY too small of a space on top of that! So he decided that he’s not going to take it anymore. So he tried to maim and kill his trainer! The alligator belongs at a large lake all the time

  20. Waffle House Worker

    Alligator Lives Matter

  21. So you Put a wild animal in a small tank like that and wonder why it attacks…

  22. JoeJoe MoreChrist

    Now that’s what a f**** hero does

  23. Shes lucky he was there . Other wise she would’ve lost her arm

  24. Aaron Francesconi

    verified bad ass.

  25. Give dad the key to the city and a trophy wife. 🏆💃🏼

  26. Now this is definitely News Worthy

  27. The next day ,the gator will be remembered as a form of a gucci hand bag.

  28. No doubt in my mind Donnie is/was a Marine!!

  29. This guy is a total hero but what can we take from this??? LEAVE WILD ANIMALS IN THE WILD. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. This woman owes him a handsky on demand for the rest of his life! ✋

  31. I know I’ll be accused of victim blaming, but honestly, what did they expect would happen? It’s an alligator, not a puppy.

  32. Robert Jackson

    A straight badass and a straight dummasss

  33. The scariest thing was the kid was smiling during the entire thing 🃏

  34. Im sorry that happened but leave that alligator in the swamp where it belongs..i would attack too if I was a spectacle…

  35. Nadine Smith-Jensen

    The worker is one tough chick!!! She stayed very calm and collected, I would have started to cry immediately!!!

  36. THESE ANIMALS should be in wild ONLY!!! But ppl don’t get it!!

  37. Bad ass Dad💕

  38. Alessandro Martin

    I hope that alligator is okay surrounded by the most dangerous species on the planet

  39. Lmao that kid was just chilling watching the show.

  40. Im happy to see those ppl getting hurt
    Fuck them abusing animals

  41. Props to that guy for helping her out, but can we please stop messing with these animals? That gator did what gators do. We keep trying to domesticate these creatures .

  42. Tobias Dont matter

    We live in a society of cowards with cameras. Thank you crocodile Donnie for putting the phones down and acting like a human being

  43. Shadow Limited

    i would bite your hand too if you took me away from my home to exploit me at childrens birthday parties.

  44. lil bro in the Joe Ingles jersey a demon, man was enjoying it😭

  45. This is overly exaggerated 🤣

  46. Lynne the furry

    Always have a gun on you if you have a job like this. Then you wouldnt have any problems like this.

  47. Good job Donnie. And to all you lefties that IS toxic masculinity.

  48. Why the hell would you have the alligator at a children’s party??? Hello disaster.

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