Taliban Video: Raw footage shows Afghan civilians fleeing, plunging to their deaths

Joe Biden catching hell/AP

Stranded Afghans tortured, executed. 

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KABUL — A pair of terrifying videos have gone viral that show Afghanistan civilians chasing U.S. military aircraft after the Taliban seized control of the capital city of Kabul. President Joe Biden had troops retreat over the weekend, leaving thousands of Afghans stranded who succored our military. The Taliban is already in the process of torturing and executing those ‘traitors.’ Nevertheless, raw footage shows men, women and children running for their lives at Hamid Karzai International Airport as gunshots rang out like a bell.

The aforementioned cargo planes were already filled to the brim with American diplomats and Afghan refugees so those left behind tried to force their way on board by clinging to the aircraft’s exterior. Some plunged several hundred feet to their deaths as the planes took off. A damn shame indeed.

Chinese media outlets showed the United States no mercy.

They basically called us a bunch of bitches.

“The drastic change in Afghanistan’s situation is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the US,” the state-run tabloid Global Times said in an editorial published Sunday night. “It declared the complete failure of US intent to reshape Afghanistan. This defeat of the US is a clearer demonstration of US impotence than the Vietnam War — the US is indeed like a ‘paper tiger.'”

Congress members want President Biden gone, calling his involvement with Afghanistan a “stunning failure.” We’re talkin’ 20 years of hard work and trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet; not to mention all the lives lost. Do you agree with Congress? Is it time for Kamala to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. mrsunnyxiong651

    All these men running. Just look at how many men there are and none are man enough to take up arms and defend their country. Enough men there to create a goddamn army. Smh

  2. Now that we have our people back from that hell hole of a sandbox let’s over throw our government

  3. Arm yourself

  4. God clearly says don’t worship other God’s but him .. I believe he’s reigning his justice all over the world in diff ways and of course we are at end times. These ppl had years to get out and seek Jesus but they’ve turned a blind eye and continue to worship Allah, 99.9% of them. Only one that can help them is God in Jesus name so let’s pray they come to Jesus and get out to a safe non Islamic country ASAP 🙏🏼

  5. Biden should resign and every American should be evacuated to never return. If there’s even another attempt like 9/11 The next thing we should send into Afghanistan is a nuke.

  6. Afghan shld defend their own country. . . They have more Afghan people than Taliban. Like Biden said, they themselves are not willing to fight for their freedom, playing the victim is enough! We have our own problems we can’t even solve nor provide for fellow Americans…

  7. Why stay for 20 years if your just gonna pull out and have the country fall in a matter of days? The industrial military complex goes on 💀

  8. Wtf…nothing new. Did we forget about Vietnam?…It’s the same thing that happened to the Hmong people. It must be a American habit I guess.

  9. I hate to see this happen… I can’t imagine what would happen if something similar happened to the us

  10. ChrissyTheWickedHippie

    I cant believe y’all voted for this idiot.

  11. Let’s pray for each other amen 🙏

  12. This was so sloppily done. No one is saying we shouldn’t have pulled out, but the Afghan Army wasn’t properly trained in logistics, so that was the first thing to crumble when the US left. Afghan soldiers quickly ran out of food and water, and you know what they say “an army runs on its stomach”. The people in change of training the Afghans focused too much on infantry skills, and not enough on arguably the most important force in any army, its logistics. Without logistics there is no combat operations.

  13. How many Americans lives? Like 1500 died in the 20 year war. But Biden don’t care about the border people jumping it with covid, killing Americans at home. That’s ok?

  14. wow thank you mr biden

  15. There were 4 Presidential administrations over the last 20 years responsible for this mess, but only Trump lunatics will put the blame all on Biden. Does Biden have some blame? Sure he does. But so does Trump, Trump agreed to pull out of Afghanistan and wanted all the credit for it, Obama deserves blame, and that great thinker George W. Bush was the one who started it all.

  16. SkittleMeTimbers

    #DemocratsSuck #FakeMediaSucks so gd bad. Biden you reap what you sow. You cheated for power now that power will steamroll your fake Admin. He doesn’t regret his decision Jesus Christ please help the Afghan people then the USA.

  17. Melanie – pronounced Melanie dash

    💯💯💯Time to wake up!! And see what’s going on for what it really is!

  18. We should have invited Russia to help us with this matter! The Taliban would have no choice but to sit down and talk!

  19. Unstoppable Silver

    They chosen death over life so that’s on them

  20. Men running……leaving their family….mother,father,wife,children…..

  21. pandora Everett



  23. Hillbillies running Afghanistan now. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    See how long that lasts .
    Where is the revenue for their new government coming from?
    It’s going to turn into a mafia style political system.

  24. Dillon Schneringer

    Biden is stupid. And that’s the least to say. He’s a flat out moron. And if you voted for him you are too.

  25. This is absolutely heart breaking.

  26. Biden needs to be charged with mass murder
    This is what happens when you vote for an old fool with an infants brain.

  27. If they are willing to cling to a plane, why are they not willing to fight?? It makes no sense to me. If you are gonna waste your life, waste it fighting not fleeing. It’s tragic all around but the real tragedy is the lack of fighting spirit displayed at that airport.

  28. American military personnel are taking a big risk letting all these possibly hostile people get that close to their airplane , what if one of them was a suicide bomber ?

  29. Just send the drones and 200 snipers with night vision goggles and take them out one by one

  30. We need to get Trump back in the white house because Biden just put America in danger. Biden needs to be impeached and removed from the White House.

  31. Fuckem.. 20 years is enough.

  32. Sharin Nature while surviving and prepping

    May the Lord help them🙏😔

  33. all these people would cling on to an airplane which is pure suicide, but they will not fight for their own country. it’s a lost cause over there.

  34. Cowards leaving their wives and kids

  35. Jesus Christ that’s scary as hell to watch.

  36. Imagine sitting outside of a plane going 900 miles an hour

  37. Something fishy about this Video only few dots that fall of an aeroplane No one was ran over from all those people surrounding the plane

  38. It’s not a flying carpet guys…

  39. Video from the underbelly plane wasn’t moving. They’d never allow a take off with people on an expensive piece of hardware like that. Staged . They would delay take off until troops came to assist

  40. Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division

    Not being funny but what would happen if they bring their beef to our front door. Will Biden surrender our country 🤷🏿‍♂️😨😰😱

  41. By the way not sure who else has noticed but it’s been revealed that plane is simply an inflatable, look at the windows and the engines! It has none! The media are making all this up! It’s all staged.

  42. This is so fake it’s scary

  43. Imagine the CGI that went into this. I mean, the blurrier it gets, the more believable it becomes.

  44. Thanks a lot Biden and any moron that voted for him all because the corrupt media convinced you the guy who was actually on your side and was working for the American people was the bad guy.. man I bet there isn’t a Biden voter out there who isn’t feeling the regret by now. But like usual, cnn or msnbc will tell them Biden’s great and that’s all they need to hear lol. Damn, liberals are pathetic..

  45. That aircraft is a decoy look at the painted windows and no turbine fans on the jets

  46. So most of them look like they’re having a good time running next to the plane, the dumb ones think they can cling on to the plane for a multi hour flight like it’s a car…why am I supposed to be sympathetic?

  47. MEN trying to escape. All of those cowards at the airport. Where are the women and kids.. Oh yes thats right these men still believe women are worth less than a man. This is NOT the type of man we want coming to America..

  48. David R. Stone

    Build back better by Biden and Pelosi: ✔️ Yep Biden/Pelosi & Democrats did a build back better program Equipping the savage Taliban in Afghanistan with $$billions$$ of dollars of US latest military equipment. 🚀🛩🚁🛬🚀🛩🚁 need I say more? And US taxpayers paid for it all.

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