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Sneak Peek: Will Smith’s retinue release terrifying zombie teaser “I Am Legend 2”

Dr. Neville is back/Art Station

Will returns in zombie sequel. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Dammit! It’s a wrap. The world has finally reached its cessation. That’s because, following a 14-year hiatus, military virologist Dr. Robert Neville is back for more zombie extirpation in the sequel “I Am Legend 2: Last Man on Earth.” Will Smith’s retinue released the teaser and it reeks apocalypse. The clip shows Dr. Neville (played by Smith) getting his ass kicked by a horde of killer zombies infected by the deadly Krippin Virus. “There were 6 billion people on earth when the infection hit,” Dr. Neville elucidates. “KV had a 90 percent kill rate. That’s 5.4 billion people dead.”

Damn, sounds like coronavirus.

“They destroyed our city and I don’t understand why it is happening this way,” he adds.

Fortunately for Dr. Neville, he’s no longer the last mothaf*cka on earth. After getting pummeled by the undead, Dr. Neville is rescued by a fraternity of army doctors who performed emergency surgery to keep his ass alive. “I Am Legend 2: Last Man on Earth” is scheduled to hit theaters in 2022 (if we’re still here).

Are you excited?

Watch the teaser.

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  1. Confused how he’s in the second one when he died at the end of the first.

  2. Is this legit ? Did he not blow himself up in his lab at the end of the first with a Grenade along with the onrushing enemy

  3. Mmmmm…… Dr. Neville pulled the pin on a grenade in the first film and was subjected to the blast and died…. and now there’s a part two where he miraculously survived the grenade detonation?

  4. Okay am i going crazy, or did the movie originally end with will smith charging in with a grenade and dying while the mom and the kid go to the base with his blood?

  5. The first one was not very good, and oddly, the CGI was terrible, and there’s no excuse for that in modern movies. Pass for me.

  6. Movies has been telling us the future but we don’t understand and it’s happening gradually!

  7. If will smith wants to be taken seriously as Liam Nelson, he has to do serious & suspense/thriller movies, less comedy.
    This goes for all black actors. You want Liam Nelson status? You have to do Liam Nelson movies, which is why Nelson ALWAYS gets booked.
    This is a definite start, but less pandemic/sci fiction & more harder-hitting movies like Taken & The Foreigner.

  8. Hollywood is making a lot of zombie movies all of a sudden. Theyre trying to tell us something. You guys better get prepared.

  9. Bullshit! Dr. Neville died in a self-inflicted grenade explosion. There’s no way he survived that.

  10. Wait, is this really happening??? I’ve heard they’ve tried to make it happen but the studio couldn’t get all the right people on board

  11. It doesn’t make sense, in the first movie he dies exploding a grenade in his own hands. Are you going to resurrect the character just because of the moment we’re living in? It would make more sense to continue the film with the character of Alice Braga and her son, who survived thanks to the sacrifice of the character of Will Smith. If the film reports facts before the character’s death, it won’t make sense either, because in the first film he has contact only and exclusively with Alice Braga’s character. In this trailer, he appears in contact with other people, something that in the first film was very clear that had never happened.

  12. I am curious to see how he survived his death in the last movie at the end. Grenade going off as they crashed through the glass. Hmmmmm.

  13. WELL , I think we need it , dont we ? I mean ,
    with all the crap movies HOLLYWIERD is putting out nowadays.
    I AM LEGEND was a good movie , before everything became a WOKE SLW peace of crap movement .
    the trailer looks good , BUT , …. if I see some transvestite zombie or some feminist karen come out of the woodwork, to be the HERO and save the world then , …. I will never see another movie again !

  14. Didn’t he take a grenade and had himself be taken by the mutants so that a little girl and woman can escape from the lab…so he survived that?

  15. But he died in part one so if they do decide to make a part two how would it explain will coming back to life same with neo in the matrix he died to and the matrix got him so would they would explain neo coming back to life in the matrix 4 if they do decide to make it

  16. Whether Will Smith died at the end isn’t the problem. The problem in making another Will Smith movie.

  17. First of all I don’t understand why they’re making the movie because they killed him off in the first one and the kid and the lady supposedly went somewhere with the Cure so this movie makes no sense whatsoever so whoever goes in watches it just so you know it makes no sense whatsoever I’m a big Will Smith fan don’t understand why they’re making this…….. makes no sense

  18. How did he survive the bomb 💣 blast at the end of the first movie? That’s what I will love to find out

  19. The original movie was a let down. Super human zombies was ridiculous. He’s supposed to be the last person on earth. Then we find it’s all bull. There’s more people. Made no sense he wouldn’t travel to other places to search.

  20. Guess who took the covid vaccine in the movie?? I’ll tell you it wasn’t the fresh prince of bel air!!

  21. There is a huge problem for me with I am Legend. The problem is CGI. It is awfull. The CGI monsters are Awfull.

  22. Lives a long time with a dog: fine. Lives with a woman for one day: loses everything.

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