Candace Owens: China is masterminding stratagem to turn American men ‘gay’

Candace unveils China’s plot/YouTube

Candace uncovers China’s stratagem. 

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NASHVILLE, Tenn — America is China’s bitch, this according to conservative pundit Candace Owens who disseminated a vlog unveiling disturbing information about Xi Jinping’s stratagem to emasculate America en route to world subjugation. In the 17-minute video, the 32-year-old Republican elucidated China’s decision to purchase the most prominent film companies in Hollywood to influence our mindset. So if you’re wondering why television networks are pushing agendas for the COVID vaccine, the LGBT community and ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s because they — along with our nation’s elected officials — have been handsomely remunerated by China.

Yep, Candace believes Capitol Hill has been compromised.

“Over the last couple of decades, China has virtually taken over Hollywood,” she said. “Our media is compromised and taking money from China. The film industry was in a lot of debt and China stepped in and said, ‘We will put up money to buy a lot of these Hollywood film companies.’ So they are controlling our media. They have money within the sports industry… So [Americans are working] for China whether they know it or not. [China] is putting money into making sure that America is focused on race as they quietly attempt to take over the world.”

Candace said China is also hell-bent on turning the United States into a colony of fags and lesbians. That explains why COVID variants Delta and Lambda are named after Delta Lambda Phi — an international homosexual fraternity. “At the same time that America is saying that men need to act more feminine, China is putting together a pro-masculinity program,” she explained. “So America is trying to turn our men into women while China is trying to make their men more manly.”

More food for thought (no pun intended): Chinese officials and Microsoft’s Bill Gates have purchased roughly 460,000 acres of U.S. agricultural land. Rumor has it they’re planning to satiate groceries with estrogen. Not to mention side effects of the COVID vaccine include shrinking dicks and sterilization.

Do you smell treason?

Will you fall victim to China’s gay agenda?

Are we witnessing the cessation of macho Americans?

To descry the curriculum for China’s masculinity classes, CLICK HERE!

For more information on Delta Lambda Phi, visit

Watch the alarming video.

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  1. @Jacori Porter: A man shall not lie with a man as he does a women. Enough said.

  2. BLM is the biggest “gay agenda” there is… and they were the most violent of them all.

  3. The black church is the reason why it’s so many self hating DL black men.

  4. I remind all Christians of the ability to bind and loose things in heaven and on earth. Join a prayer group that does this every day.

  5. God bless Candace!!

  6. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. -Ephesians 6: 12

  7. Every new black show they pushing gay shit smh we can’t have a show

  8. I’m ready for war

  9. Isabel Rosario

    May God Almighty keep blessing, guiding, protecting and using your life for God’s honor and glory, and may your life be filled with joy, love, peace, good health and prosperity 🙏🤗😍

  10. TheRealAmenThefaceofthewordtherealword

    This judgment will take full effect over the entire US by sunrise all the Chinese judas bag of prizes being used for antichrist acts works deeds will be cursed that going to become funny money everywhere the ones who took it going want burn find ways to get rid of what payment they received that judas silver shackles bag of prizes no one will want it. The same judgment will strike CCP 100 times stronger at sunrise funny money curse begins

  11. Mr. Guillotine

    Gays are persecuted and beheaded by ISIS. That’s one way to get rid of em.

  12. All global RNMA vaccine companies will be cast into the pit of hell indefinitely. Midnight tonight these companies will go in for soul and spirit destruction at at the same time. The evil ones using this technology for evil will be cast down with them they will all fall on their faces.

  13. Gay agenda has been here since the beginning of time

  14. Pop Sugar Sprinkles

    I am terrified for my kids. The future looks bleak. It is so difficult to be a parent, especially a single parent.

  15. Adrienne Matthews

    That’s why they’re after Africa’s Ports. They also played our government officials like a deck of cards! Yes, they hate Muslims, however be that as it may. They forgot not all of us are afraid of them. We Muslims have been known to fight to the death. Bring it you may get some but you won’t take all. Our government has been compromised, China Joe and the most of the government officials are in deep with China They have to go, I pray that the Military does not have to take that killshot they call a vaccine. They will be done! We need our Men to protect us especially the Navy Seals! That’s why China wanted Trump out he is an Alpha Aloha Male!!!!!

  16. CANDACE is UNDEFEATED! 💪👊👋❤️🇺🇲❤️💯🌼💗🌸💕🙏🌎🌍🕊️GOD BLESS!

  17. Not ashamed of food stamps

    Yall better stop eating that chinese food….. aint no tellin what they put in that shit

  18. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    China will turn America into fag nation then take it over.

  19. China and the Middle East own majority of America and there is no stopping it. China owns Walmart HEB Harbor Freight Autozone Oreillys and majority of America’s food and crop fields.White People or anyone else don’t own America.

  20. Ian Dropsyface

    Can you trust a country that eats dogs

  21. I personally think it’s too late, just like a snake China is eating the world inch by inch…If you look everywhere in the world the same stratrgy applies! Chinese don’t think in years but in generations to achieve their goal.

  22. China is the Dragon that brings in the enforcement of the mark of the Beast or technology.

  23. We’re almost 30 Trillion dollars in debt and the country that owns that debt is China. Meanwhile, establishment politicians sell more U.S. bonds to China to raise money to give to countries that hate us. So Americans get a bigger debt and NOTHING to show for that debt.

  24. alayna . sleep

    Pro LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈

  25. Candace Owens. WOW . Very intelligent, poised, hardworking, and always does her research. She will be vice president for Donald Trump in 2024 and President of The United States of America in 2028.
    Thank you Candace Owens for your contribution and hard work to help America move forward. Thank You.

  26. Hey Candace Girl, when you want to help people of your color and not tap dance for massa let us know. Because you should know the story of being kidnapped from your family and getting on a boat to America where you are strapped and chained onto a floor and above you is another floor and food is passed around among seasick people vomiting and evacuating while you ride in darkness to America so you can be a field or household servant and then see the man that is your master and he looks like your husband.

  27. Candice exudes truth with concise clarity, Our nation desperately needs her and others like her before this psychological warfare Against humanity cannot be reversed.


  29. 911, what’s the emergency ??? My vaccine won’t work
    Unless everyone else gets it 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  30. No weapon formed against you Candice Owens, in a Mighty name of Jesus every word every word that is spoken against you we condemn ,a seed that has been planted we uproot, every assignment that has been assigned we canceled it and everything that we destroy all evil ,against you. your job and your mission to do what is right. to uncover the evilness and the wickedness and the schemes of the devil .we come against it in Jesus name we decree in heaven and we decree on Earth that it is surely done .all doors are open unto you this day all stations are open until you this day and the Gates of hell cannot prevail against you in the media or anywhere else .because God, has giving you a message ,Jesus sent you on this mission , and the Holy Spirit ,is speaking ,and the people are going to listen. whether they sit up high, in high principality places or they sit down low in the lowest part of hell they’re going to listen because God i,s speaking. and you doing what He,told you to do, it’s for Him . Fear not Ms Owens ,what they say or what they can do because if God is with you H,e surely is who can be against you not all the devils all the devils or demons in hell can stop what God is doing through you ,in Jesus name amen God will get the last laugh promise ,rejoice because that devil don’t like you but girl, forgiving anyway . that devil is your enemy and all them little demons forgive them anyway .Jesus said forgive those who trespass against you .forgive them watch and see what God does Jesus name amen and then say hallelujah

  31. Bill Gates said there shouldn’t be more than 50,000 people on the planet. 🤔

  32. mark von behren

    Wow I love Candace see is so on it, does any one remember why we had the Civil War the GOP wanted to end slavery and the “DEMOCRATS” wanted to keep it, And now the DEMs want communism it’s not going to happen

  33. Candace has done more good for this country in two years than all three branches of government over the last 50 years. Keep up the good work, Candace!

  34. Bill Gates cares so much about our health that he invests in lots of coca cola stocks. Cares so much about climate change that he has invested in many fossil fuel stocks. And he loves vaccines as he was videoed telling a reporter he makes 20 to 1 investment and 200 to 1 when he reinvests in it.

  35. The vaccine is a microchip. Im not taking it.

  36. Ok you morons it’s not a microchip, it’s a digital identity for every person on earth with a quantam dot invisible ink tattoo to go with it. The propoganda machine that is the news and fact checkers simply find the most outrageous theory on the internet and use that as an example.
    Fact is Bill Gates without a doubt is a member of the digital identity alliance and without a doubt is working on digital certificates with quantam dot ink tattoos under the skin that can be seen with a smartphone app.

    They are all banding together billionaires and tech giants to get us all tracked for sure it doesn’t matter whether it’s a chip ur wallet ur sin number , what matters is we stop these lunatics.

    Anyone who even thinks otherwise is now labelled a conspiracy theorist or a criminal. These democrats and tech giants are tyrants and they are using the news to spread propoganda and make us hate each other just like Hitler did

  37. Dirty Chinese government! They have blood on their hands and anyone else who is helping the cover up. They will ALL be going to hell! It was obvious from the beginning.

  38. I got the vaccine. Don’t take it.

  39. China already infiltrated the world with their Trojan Horse ( technology in the form of huawei and other seemingly innocent devices) and it willl not surprise me if the ccp is behind it

  40. COVID = Chinese bioweapon

  41. Donald Savannah

    Black people can easily, clearly see through this woman. Oh my god, she wants white skin so bad.

  42. May God bless y’all in Jesus Christ name

  43. This world is absolutely disgusting

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