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Tom MacDonald release anti-woke song for USA

MacDonald says we’re brainwashed/YouTube

Tom MacDonald attacks COVID-19.

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VANCOUVER — Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald is trending worldwide after the 32-year-old lyricist released his new music video “Brainwashed.” In the anti-Woke conception, MacDonald excoriates the COVID vaccine while illuminating the government’s smokescreen agenda relative to racism and television. “Half the country fell asleep but they scream ‘Woke!’ We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows. Politics, celebrity gossip, popular neat quotes. Black lives, White lives, which lives mean most?” he raps. “The Government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors cuz they know that if we get along we’ll probably go against them.” MacDonald also drew an eye-opening juxtaposition between military service and homosexuality. “We only dedicate one day to remember our fallen soldiers. The men and women who died young,” he bemoans. “But if you come out the closet as Caitlyn Jenner, you’re a hero and you get a whole Pride Month.”

MacDonald’s hook appears to insinuate a civil war is imminent. “They can’t stop us cuz we’re ready to fight,” he warns. “Try to brainwash us, but we won’t let freedom die. The whole world’s brainwashed. Everybody pick a team. Start a riot in the streets. The whole world’s brainwashed. It’s us against them. It ain’t you against me.”

Do you share MacDonald’s sentiment?

Are we a society of brainwashed sheep?

Watch the explosive video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Exposing the truths… truth hurts demons so of course they wont listen and go against the truth

  2. The government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors, cause they know if we all got along, We’d probably go against them!!” DAAM RIGHTS. This will remain my favorite song till death!! Love Tom MacDonald’s Truth raps more than any”one” from the Hollywood scum!!!!

  3. That’s part of their agenda…divide,and conquer…theres truth to this vid.

  4. Speaking the words that those of us who see what’s truly going on completely understand

  5. One upon a time there was unicorn , rainbows and some Skittles until Facts fucked it all up!!! Lol!

  6. He’s just brainwashing y’all into being angry and letting them call Martial Law sooner. #Destiny👁 Christ is King of Kings ✝️

  7. Johnson and johnson ruined my life with there ciprofloxin antibiotic made with fluoride. Fluoride kills you. It changes your dna.

  8. Well tom macdonald might piss off the government enough to “die from an overdose”.

  9. I’m a metalhead, but Tom MacDonald is hitting every single nail on the head with some of his songs.

  10. This song is legit and is the best song I have ever heard and this is my new best favorite song forever

  11. WOW!!!! Tom could not have spelled this out better. I am actually having chills by the truths he spells out in this song. I am glad there are people like this who are willing to scream at those who are doing exactly what he lays out. If he runs for President, my vote is his.

  12. Everyone who likes this song is either on crystal meth or a bot. This is some of the worst shit I’ve ever heard. Gotta love that old rap trope of being pro police.

  13. Sending LOve, Health and PROTECTION in abundance to Tom and Nova from God and the Holy spirit for making such amazing Art with Truth in order to wake up the youth and people! Tom is a Prophet of God and he is educating the youth…we need more Poet Rapper Prophets like Tom….i love his flow and energy it gives me goose bumps every time i listen to his music..he is my one of my main inspirations next to Dax and Hopsin..but Tom is hard core sharp=charisma…👊🏻👊🏿

  14. Hearts of men are cold in the last days,turn now.⌚ For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul ❗wake up💤💯💉🧬☠🕳

  15. Everyone watching this should know by now the government was only put in place to control the masses…and by now u should know we need to stop the government and make this a truly free country

  16. None of us matter. Only elites matter. They want all of us to hate each other , suffer and die.

  17. Our society is brainwashed. There are those of us, Black or White, that see thru this crap

  18. Damn he better be careful because you know the government is planning his suicide

  19. This is more than music. This is history. This is redemption. This is HOPE

  20. Fuck… I hate rap, but shit this should scare them for we are the people, not them

  21. Us AMERICANS need to stand together and show this corrupt government that WE are their bosses. THEY WORK FOR US!!!!

  22. If you don’t see the BIG man is making us fight against each other so we don’t focus on His actions then you’re BLIND. Media, Gov and social only want to control us so they can profit and make are decision for us. Its clear as day for me, but most of you just find it easy to be sheep and never question WHY. Wake up little sheepies no more sleeping. THINK, ASK, and DEMAND! We as a Nation to be good, kind and compassionate to are fellow neighbors. Don’t allow politicians to make are decisions. Vote evil out bring in Good ones that care about people and NOT CONTROL! We’re losing the battle but we can win the war! Stop hating because the gov wants you to hate. They want us to be BLACK VS WHITE. BIDEN VS TRUMP. They are deciding what you think. 2 sides. and its working. STOP letting them control you. we are all Americans! we should not fight each other but fight to BE ONE!. Fight to take back control!!!

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