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Tom MacDonald release anti-woke song for USA

MacDonald says we’re brainwashed/YouTube

Tom MacDonald attacks COVID-19.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

VANCOUVER — Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald is trending worldwide after the 32-year-old lyricist released his new music video “Brainwashed.” In the anti-Woke conception, MacDonald excoriates the COVID vaccine while illuminating the government’s smokescreen agenda relative to racism and television. “Half the country fell asleep but they scream ‘Woke!’ We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows. Politics, celebrity gossip, popular neat quotes. Black lives, White lives, which lives mean most?” he raps. “The Government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors cuz they know that if we get along we’ll probably go against them.” MacDonald also drew an eye-opening juxtaposition between military service and homosexuality. “We only dedicate one day to remember our fallen soldiers. The men and women who died young,” he bemoans. “But if you come out the closet as Caitlyn Jenner, you’re a hero and you get a whole Pride Month.”

MacDonald’s hook appears to insinuate a civil war is imminent. “They can’t stop us cuz we’re ready to fight,” he warns. “Try to brainwash us, but we won’t let freedom die. The whole world’s brainwashed. Everybody pick a team. Start a riot in the streets. The whole world’s brainwashed. It’s us against them. It ain’t you against me.”

Do you share MacDonald’s sentiment?

Are we a society of brainwashed sheep?

Watch the explosive video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The first time I heard this dude… I thought he was all hype… trying too hard… but the consistency and thought in his messages… this is not music, this is a red pill, swallow.

  2. I’ll sat it AGAIN! This man is a GENIUS! PERIOD! I LOVE IT…..He speaks the TRUTH NO matter who he upsets! Wanna see a real PATRIOT, WATCH THIS! ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸!

  3. Everyone needs to listen to what he is saying because it’s true there was no racism before the government created it again(ok there are some that will always be racist). If people would just stop and think before they listen and believe the crap on TV things would never have gotten the way they are now

  4. Too bad this couldn’t be played on every tv across the world at 8pm

  5. Scares me because he legit has the ability to unite us michael jackson tried and they murdered him tom trust yourself and nova NOT A SINGLE OTHER SOUL with your life they will come be ready

  6. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who see’s our world this way.

  7. Most people can’t stomach the truth like all the Afghanistan people who just died at the gates with the soldiers. Truth hurts it creates a wound but heals and you become stronger. Truth makes you stronger.

  8. LOVE THE TRUTH IN THIS VIDEO!!!! ❤️❤️🤩🤩😇😇 Daaaaaang amazing!! BEST damn song I’ve Ever heard.. and I used to mainstream pro. Used to be, Fck Hollywood!!

  9. F&ck this is awesome, 💯💯somemore truth,, ♥️love it, nova you cracked it again 💯♥️WOW 🙏

  10. I’ve had friends from all walks of life. Was at Shitmart (Walmart) yesterday and I was in the clothes section. You know how there’s different sides of the rack, I was on one side and a Black woman was on the other. The next thing I new she took a shirt that didn’t even belong on the rack and put it right in front of the item I had my hand on, was looking at on the other side of the rack where she wasn’t shopping. She said something that I didn’t catch then walked away. Um, I said aloud what the*uck just happened??? What the*uck! Same Walmart a couple months ago, I was walking through minding my own and this Black lady stopped my carriage mid-stroll and acting like she was about to get in. Made a comment like a was to chauffer her around, I told her I charged. Just bizarre, arrogant behavior and they picked the wrong White chick to test. Let alone that I can’t even apply to certain programs now because the color of my skin. MAIP, One School, Blac Internships and how Walmart, Target, Amazon and Starbucks to name a few are donating billions to everybody but White people in the middle of an economic epidemic that existed prior to COVID. Never in all my life!

  11. Stupid. Ok let’s have the conversation. Why did humans form a government in the first place?

  12. You notice unvaxed people tend to see what’s going on…..look up percentage of vaccinated and go inside any store every person seems can’t do the simplistic task of anything and shitty attitudes vs normal people but it’s reducing actual free thinkers are a rare breed now.

  13. I was only saying yesterday that rap needed to get back into the fight. Any musicians whose views echo those of the mainstream media and mainstream politics are phoney. Eminem rapping about Trump and not Biden just makes him seem like a dickhead. Well done! Making Rap Great Again.


  15. A must! he’s the voice for those to afraid to speak up!
    Keep screaming till the elite world listens!!

  16. I’m not into rap but full credit to the guy for telling it how it is…how refreshing not to hear the current media bullshit

  17. People speak that much truth usually don’t stay around long God bless Tom MacDonald and the message that he puts out because it doesn’t segregate or nullify the rights that are God-given it’s like I’m proud to say someone of that age group was not saying he’s young but I feel like really the generation is some of the last to actually hang on to really the American values the values that our forefathers started with this constitution in which theyFor saw the future so well and knew that I tyrannical government at some point will happen which is why if the first amendment doesn’t work the second will


  19. The truest truth I’d heard in a long long time.
    LOCK TARGET!!!!@!!

  20. Great song! Now is when we need to be united as one. To my brothers and sisters; white, black and all shades in between..I’ve got your back✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  21. As someone who got COVID in 2020 and got vaccinated this year…fuck this shit. Illness comes and goes, open everything and let’s start fixing shit. Everyone has an opinion and I want the corruption gone. Government, military, police, corporations and work. Every level is horrible, we all just want to live and be happy. Open everything and live as we always have. I want my adult hood back as I was 18 and in college before this

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