Big Brawl: Fans at Rams, Chargers game captured on video beating each other up

Big brawl at Rams game/TMZ

Big brawl Rams, Chargers game. 

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LOS ANGELES — Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are investigating after a massive brawl broke out in the stands of a preseason game between the Rams and Chargers. The donnybrook went down inside SoFi Stadium. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a pair of corpulent dudes beating the sh*t out of each other as season ticket holders jumped in to kick some ass. To add insult to injury, stadium security took their sweet time responding to the scene. Prior to the bout of fisticuffs, the two thugs reportedly had contretemps over the COVID vaccine and mask mandate.

Then when they tried to walk away to keep the peace, a porky woman threw beer on ’em.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

You can see their butt-cheeks and everything.

One man was escorted out the stadium shirtless with a sanguinary countenance. Investigators identified the fans involved and they’ve been banned. “SoFi Stadium does not tolerate violent behavior or harassment of any form,” SoFi officials said in a statement. “Some of the individuals involved in Saturday’s altercation have been identified, and they will be banned from attending events at SoFi Stadium.”

The Chargers beat the Rams 13-6.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. creekandseminole

    All that quarantine energy ready to be unleashed

  2. A woman has been the down fall of man since that first apple….lmao

  3. She started the whole thing doing unnecessary shit. Then buddy kicked him in the ass which set him up for failure. My guy was wronged in several ways.

  4. So there are fat people in LA….

  5. And they call black people animals, look at them, I’m so glad they are exposing those wanna be perfect pale face.

  6. lol at the guy in the Goff jersey…., couldn’t really find anything to hit, and wanted to join in so .just stood there wailing away on the guys

  7. Mark Kincannon

    The lady that threw the drink if you notice she slips out why the big fella is getting his ass whooped

  8. anderson cooper

    How often do women start fights?

  9. That silly woman who threw that drink needs to be charged because she started the fight instigating and throwing a drink

  10. Chick-fil-A XD

    It’s always the girl acting hard with her man smh

  11. Haymakers to ass cheeks 🤣

  12. I’m sorry but they’re all so weak. They look like teddy bears fighting sorry 😂😂😂😂

  13. Homeboy is punching him in the buttocks! Hahahahhhaaaaaaa

  14. I’m confused, why aren’t these people wearing masks?

  15. It’s always bitches. Oh and that guy with the Jared Goff shirt can’t fight

  16. JdaMoor Martinirossi

    Karens are dangerous.

  17. So embarrassed by my Hispanic community out there in Los Angeles but this shit won’t end because people don’t raise their kids right and those kids have kids and the cycle of ignorance continues. Doing exactly what they want us to do.

  18. This sht was crazy

  19. It was that fat white lady and the old white man kicking him that caused everything.

  20. She should be banned!

  21. Rockulus Hollywood

    Sofight stadium

  22. Thats why i don’t go to NFL games

  23. What a fkn disgrace. You cant take your family out to a sporting event anymore. This nonsense is hapoening from little League games into High School. Until these birdbrains are slapped with serious fines and jail time this will continue to happen.

  24. Latinos are asimulating well to American culture. Pretty soon they will have many offensive linemen in the NFL.

  25. All because of a bitch!!!! Fellas these bitches are getting us killed

  26. Danm they beat the brakes off that man

  27. David Newberry

    Love to see someone acting tough get their ass whipped haha

  28. Two NFL fights caused by women in the span of a week

  29. Lol sports fans are the worst. Yall fuccin suck just like your favorite teams 😂

  30. Tactical Mexican

    Black dude in the yellow with a nasty cold clock

  31. Everyone laughing and pulling out their phones to video…today’s world

  32. Yep, we’re back to normal!

  33. Unacceptable, they all should be charged and jailed. Smfh. Because of people like this any event is turned into a shitshow 😑

  34. J Styles - J 風格

    Sports is a very emotional game just cheer for your team cuz once you start talking 💩, some 💩 gonna happen.

  35. Ģhostrider Blaze

    lol, that shit was funny as hell

  36. YIKEYS ! ~ Who let Yolanda Saldivar out of jail ?!! … That circus tent moo moo wearin’ batch looks like Ursula the Sea Witch, too !! ….lolz.

  37. It was that fat white lady and the old white man kicking him that caused everything.

  38. sylvain mercier

    Just another white women that just can’t mind her own business. OH! What a surprise.

  39. Honestly he got what he deserved. He start punching everyone like 3 people in the face and don’t expect to get ganged up on ? Lol he acted big and tough so he gets that. 2nd that man kicked him over because he was just sitting there and he doesn’t want to get rumbled on by these dumb people getting into fights. If I was the man sitting there, I would probably do the same, kick him over so he can go deal with them on the other row rather than bumping into me and sitting on me while I’m sitting lol

  40. Sharon Greenwood

    What the hell is wrong with people? We are not a third world country for crying out loud. If you can’t act like a God damned adult stay the hell home. This isn’t funny it’s pathetic. It’s pathetic that people are laughing at this behavior. Geezer grow up.

  41. I didn’t realize chargers had any fans

  42. The lady in the white hat started this brawl. Her name is Jess Escobar Miller

  43. kellie pastellie

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty offended at all of them, not just the woman. They ALL need to be sentenced to at least 6 months in a 24hr fitness 😂

  44. This is what happens when you take the vaccine

  45. Big, fat, miscreant dopes from hell. Anyone ever heard of Covid protocols?

  46. Scuffy McTugboat

    Glad we fired half our Cops, I’m sure a social worker next time can prevent these things from happening. Fuck LA

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