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Security guard jailed for thwacking a 7th-grader

Antwan Ruffin punched a kid/YouTube

Security guard punched a child.

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MIAMI — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to 40-year-old security guard Antwan Ruffin who was fired for punching a 7th grade student. The assault went down Thursday at Horace Mann Middle School in Miami, Florida. It was also captured on video. Instagram Live footage shows Ruffin, who stands 6-foot-7, cussin’ out the 11-year-old in the hallway in front of other students. “Let me tell you something. This hallway, I run,” Ruffin yelled. “When that bell ring, you in my hallway!” After the kid fanned his own countenance to imply Ruffin had bad breath, their contretemps took a turn for the worse. The little boy vowed to sic his family members on Ruffin who retaliated by thwacking him in the torso. “I’m going to the office,” the little boy said. “Go! I’ll walk you to the office,” Ruffin replied.

Police officers showed up moments later.

Ruffin was arrested and charged with child abuse.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. If both of y’all had been wearing your masks properly, you wouldn’t know what his breath smells like. Do Floridians not realize that people are dropping like flies in the state?

    Oh, and fire the security guard and sue the school. That man is abusive and got control issues.

  2. You give a nikka an authority position and he’ll go after the weak. Remember the movie The Experiment with Forest Whitaker?

  3. The brother checked the smart mouth boy.
    Much ado about nothing.

  4. Is he really Punching a child in the chest?? If you can’t handle the mouths and attitudes of kids without laying a hand on them, then you’re better off not working with them . He seems unhinged and should be no were near a school. It would be on sight if anybody ever did that to either of my boys .. most ppl don’t play about their kids. I know I sure don’t.

  5. @Donell: Lol I’m sure he did but this is soft America now the kids run the adults these days

  6. Candace Owens said pull your kids out of public schools. Now I see why.

  7. Omg this is absolutely horrible I feel so sorry for that poor boy. Somebody needs to kick his big grown a for hurting that baby. 😡😡

  8. This overgrown ape…

    Aypes r just aypes!!!

    U monkees always have a chip on your shoulder. I am tired of u blaming everything on white people. This was black on black. No whites involved, yet u still acting like monkees

    # ehNIGGERr Lives SUPPOSEDLY Matter

  9. You have to give respect to get respect, even with the most challenging kids!

    This bully said bring your squad.
    Be careful what you ask for! 😱

    Hope he has that same energy in jail! 🤦🏽

  10. WTH!!! If I was the parent, I’m suing the school as well. They need to give these security guards a psychological assessment test!

  11. He went way too far. You can’t punch people. If I was that kids dad it would be hard not to go fight that security guard if you saw that video

  12. I read alot of comments on here, yeah security guard couldve address it different. But hardly no one is talking about this boy attitude which lead to the result he got. So what I’am acknowledging it’s OK to have disrespectful kids, who don’t respect grown ups and don’t listen to rules. That’s how kids suppose to be raised now days spare the rod and spoil the child! And you wonder why so many kids, using drugs, killing people and have no respect!

  13. This is how I felt today after I had an encounter with a rude as s 10-12 year old. Had to remind him in front of his mama that just because he probably has no manners at home, doesn’t mean he needs to behave like that in public.

  14. So most likely nothing’s going to be done about it, just like every other school. They claim they are 100% against bullying where they are 100% all about hiding it and in this case actually employed people to do it.

  15. He should not have hit that kid but these damn kids bad as hell, not all but damn. Some of y’all know y’all kids bad and then when somebody lose it on your kid then you want to sue or fight or maybe even shoot somebody. Put all that energy into raising your child to respect rules and regulations and maybe even adults and stop having random dudes around your kids, have a good day

  16. If joggers aren’t attacking Asians, they are attacking little children. Bunch of cowards.

  17. That punch in his chest might of saved his life! You can see the child was playing around with a grown man.

  18. My kids take self defense classes they would have dropped him with a kick to the family jewels

  19. I know kids can be more than a handful and working with them can be overwhelming. However you just can’t punch a child in the chest. I don’t think he cudnt handle his emotions. In my opinion, he strikes as the type that uses bullying as a tactic to get kids to act right and that’s not acceptable

  20. The moron who hired that vile sub-human creature and allowed him to be around kids should be fired as well.

  21. This is what happens when you don’t have a father in the house… That man was giving a kid a reality check….before the cops put their hands on him or put a bullet in his head!

  22. 🗣🗣🗣ouchhhhh, my God. He has a temper. Anger management won’t help him because he believed he owned the hallway. Smh.

  23. Everyone can’t work in the school system. And he Certainly can’t. Kids are not scared of No one any more…. l know he didn’t want to go to class. And he mentioned dragon 🐲 breath. But you can’t punch people kid’s. Smh!

  24. He thought the faculty was going to take his side so He was joyfully rushing the kid to the office bcz he didn’t know he was being recorded!!!

    Jokes on you jack!!!

  25. During a pandemic, this coward spitting all over his face?? I don’t find that disrespectful, he was just reminding the coward he has to keep his mask on. How many more children has he punched, like a man, in this way? Which is why he was recorded this time. To back up these kids’ complaints. Now, let’s see if he can “run” the halls in JAIL. SMDH.

  26. First of all that was not his child to put hands on him secondly this whole incident could of went went deadly if that child family member came up there and killed him

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