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Mahomes is NFL’s No. 1 player, peers agree 100%

Patrick Mahomes on top/Clutchpoints

Mahomes is No. 1, Kelce finishes 5th.

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KANSAS CITY — The NFL released its player-generated ‘Top 100’ list over the weekend and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came out on top for the first time. “This thing is heavy man,” he joked after accepting his trophy. “This is sweet, dude. A lot of hard work. It takes teammates, everybody, not just me.” Mahomes was inexplicably ranked fourth the past two seasons. For that, you have to blame his peers because they’re 100% responsible for how the list is arranged. CTE must’ve impacted past votes. em>”It’s really cool because it’s voted by a lot of your peers,” Mahomes said. “For those guys to vote for me to be the number one player it’s definitely an honor.” The 25-year-old wunderkind is running out of cabinet space. Since becoming a starter in 2018, Mahomes has earned league MVP and Super Bowl MVP honors.

He also led his team to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

Mahomes ain’t the only Chief to crack the list. His favorite target, Travis Kelce, came in at No. 5 overall — the highest ranking ever for a tight end. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill is 15th. Defensive lineman Chris Jones is 34th and safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu is 58th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady finished 7th despite leading his team to a dominant Super Bowl victory over Mahomes & Company.

Last season’s MVP, Aaron Rodgers, came in 3rd.

Do you agree with the rankings?

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  1. NFL been doubting Tom from the beginning..from Pick 199 until now..and that man still F them up all the time..nothing new here.

  2. I mean you could honestly put Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers in any order and have a good case for being right. Brady is the greatest pre snap QB in NFL history, his knowledge of defenses and game planning on top of his accuracy and arm ability to shine in big moments(SB) is why hes a #1. Mahomes athletic ability and being able to throw on the run off script on broken down plays plus his accuracy along with making it to the superbowl the past 2 years makes him a #1. Rodgers just won MVP by throwing 48 TDs and only 5 INTs which is just insane numbers which puts him at a #1. At the end of the day just be happy we get to witness such great talents in the NFL at the same time.

  3. Congrats Patrick, you well deserved it., next mvp hands down. KC KINGDOM!! 💯 all the way!!

  4. Obviously this list is very confusing how is Pat number 1 but Tom is number 7 , pat wins a sb and sb mvp last year number 4 but now when he loses he’s number 1 wdf is this list and for those who believe he’s number 1 y’all are very idiotic to think he is bro, this list in itself is very controversial

  5. Patrick mahomes 2020-2021 stats
    2020-2021 stats:
    Games played:15
    Throwing yards:4740
    Completion %:66.3
    Longest throw:75
    Rush attempt:62
    Longest run:24

  6. This is a player voted ranking…the guys that actually have to face everyone…I dont think anyone denies Brady’s greatness or accomplishments…but it’s not Brady hating to say Mahomes is more ‘talented’. Brady is a different animal…he became the GOAT with less overall physical talent than a lot of guys honestly…and every great had a great team around him. Football is a hard sport to judge individuals…but I’ve seen more ‘wow’ and ‘holy shit nobody does that’ moments in 3 yrs of Mahomes than ever with Brady, or anyone for that matter. And the consistency of OMG moments is the kicker. It’s not flukes…its not like he has ups and downs even….the SB was a first in many instances for Pat….literally no Oline…against the best D in the league…SB record 29 pressures…etc..and they were still 16-2 if you throw out that wk 17 Chargers game. This year is gonna be something special for KC if the injury bug doesn’t bite too hard…

  7. Aaron Rodgers is the League MVP for a reason. Beat Mahomes in every major category.

  8. These top 100’s are a bunch of rubbish. It is like when Tiger was in his prime and all the media was going on and on about these other golfers who stayed in the top 10 were just as important. Yet he has 15 majors and Jack Nicholas has 18 majors. It is those 2 and then the rest. In NFL it is Brady then the rest.

  9. Well deserved!! Mahomes is the best to ever do it at his position and at such an early time in his career!! 💯 He’s done things we’ve never seen in football! MVP first year as a starter, Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP on his second year as starter and Super Bowl finalist in his third starting year!!👌🏼 Boy is a BEAST!! 🔥🔥

  10. He is the best/most valuable NFL player today, undeniably.
    If you’re gonna start a new team, you want to start with Mahomes.

  11. the league: “OK guys, pick 99 players. We’re automatically gonna put Mahomes at #1 no matter who you vote for…because Lamar Hunt is making us.”

  12. maholmes…as great as he is…and how well he has sructured his contract, and that contract is a real gift with the roster bonous set up….will never win another SB…..not with andy reid thinking about two lost sons….time management…..and legacy

  13. What Patrick Mahomes has brought to the NFL is crazy. He brought a new wave and a little bit if spice to it. The way he plays is ridiculous like the time he threw with his left hand was nuts but accurate. Hes a all around QB who can run the ball and throw on the run. All in all hes gonna be the next best QB in the league once Tom brady and Aaron Rogers retire. Mahomes also brought a new style of playing the QB position.

  14. As a chiefs fan this is probably biased but Mahomes is literally the goat! Like when he threw the ball while falling…..oh wait he’s done that multiple times! I’m so happy for Mahomes he really deserves this!! ❤️💛❤️💛

  15. Tom Brady is not better than Patrick Mahomes period. If you watched the Top 100 show all of the bucs played acknowledge Mahomes is the best. Mahomes ran for almost 500 yds in the pocket getting terrorized by that defensive front of the bucs. The NFL is politically driven more than anyone is willing to admit. They will never let Mahomes get 7 rings but will put TB in Tampa with 3 All-Pro receivers and a loaded roster. Mahomes, if it wasn’t for that dumb ass DE lining up offsides in the AFC championship would have been in 3 straight SB’s. Mahomes is the most talented QB ever.. Denial is a river in Egypt.

  16. @a a: The top 100 list isn’t about who had the best season last year, its called “Top 100 players of 2021” not “top 100 of 2020” Yes Rodgers had slightly better stats than Mahomes last year but overall Mahomes has been better over these last three seasons. Ask any head coach any GM if they could pick one player to start a new franchise with all of them would pick Mahomes. And obviously the players feel that Mahomes is the best in the league right now.

  17. @Brendan Lake: Its not called “Top 100 players of 2019-2021”, its called “Top 100 players of 2021”. Stop looking for reasons to rank Mahomes over Rodgers when he clearly didn’t deserve it this year.

  18. How does Brady obliterate Brees, Roger’s. Mahomes and they rank ahead? Trust me, the GOAT is watching this!

  19. Patrick Mahomes is an amazing athlete and I think he’ll be the best QB for a long time, but I mean…Rodgers was robbed on this list.

  20. Tom Brady will never get the respect he deserves Tom could win 10 Super Bowls and still won’t be 1. I hope he gets a perfect season and even then they’ll say Patrick is # 1

  21. Take away Hill or Kelce and Mahomes looks human. Hes a good QB but if you take his best player out of the game he looks very average at times. Tom Brady and the greats throw it to anybody. Hes got work to do

  22. Mahomes is trash. Way overrated on this list. Dude gets a whole ass system built ahead of his draft JUST FOR HIM and people want to say he’s the GOAT. FOH with that noise. Doesn’t help that his whole offensive line and their defense constantly holds without the refs getting on them for it – 2021 SB being the sole exception.

  23. Gotta love Pat, just an absolute gem when it comes to playing QB. It’s like everyone forgot that as long as the ball gets to your guy, you can make plays, and it’s something that comes so innately to him.

  24. Coming from a Texas Tech Fan, I am so happy mahomes is getting the recognition he deserves! Go Chiefs!

  25. Patrick is the best QB in the league, no doubt. However, we have yet to see him play without the league’s fastest receiver and an all time great pass catching tight end, maybe the best pass catching tight end ever. So, the best deep threat in the league and one of the best deep threats ever, and one of the best red zone targets in the league. I am much more interested in seeing him down the road when he doesn’t have either of those weapons at his arsenal. Then we will see how truly great Patrick Mahomes. And I don’t believe he will disappoint.

  26. With all the respect and love I have for Patrick Mahomes, I think Aaron Donald was supposed to be number 1.

  27. I hate Mahomes, he always gets his guys open or takes it himself for a first down somehow

  28. Patrick so far is the epitome of team 1st with insane talent. I’m biased as hell though. Born and raised about 20 minutes from Arrowhead. My team and my hometown has a great young man who just happens to be a generational athlete that plays quarterback. I’m going to enjoy these next 10 years hopefully more. He’s got alot of ups and downs ahead of him. I just want him to stay healthy and humble. My prayers have already been ansewerd from a football perspective. I just want his future to be special now. Go for it Patrick. Set the bar higher than anyone before you. I think I can speak for almost everyone. Most of us love watching you play football. Your that child in all of us. We want to root for you. Win or lose we all know you did your best. We know you’ll cheer for all of your teammates when success comes their way. We know you’ll blame yourself 1st when it doesn’t. We know you pick yourself up when you’re beaten. We know you’re never going to let failure win the day. Patrick your competitive confidence never sleeps. That’s why so many of us congratulate you and Thank you for just being a great young man.

  29. So Rodgers has more TD and more Passing Yards + better YPP + he is the MVP.
    And Patrick is above him ? I smell PR

  30. Mahomes has set the standard for league dual-threat quarterbacks at the elite level.

  31. Idk what we did in KC to deserve to have such an amazing person as Mahomes, not only to carry our team to victory, but to just be a good person for the community. Love this guy and I hope to see him in KC for the forseeable future, even after his contract ends

  32. If you don’t think Mahomes is the best player in the league you’re crazy…

  33. If you put mahomes on the teams brady has had for the past 21 seasons it would be a very safe bet to say he’d have between 10-15 rings.. he’s made 2 Super Bowls in 3 seasons with a horrible defense, no great running backs and a terrible O-line.. kelce and hill are his only help. 🤯

  34. I’ve been a KC fan since Steve DeBerg was QB. I am so happy to have #15 as a Chief for LIFE!!!!

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