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Big booty stripper caught selling fake vaccine cards

Jasmine Clifford got busted/YouTube

Stripper caught sellin’ vax cards.

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NEW YORK — Jasmine Clifford, a big booty stripper from New Jersey, was thrown in the slammer for selling counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards. Jasmine, who goes by the moniker “Anti-Vax Momma,” sold dozens of fake immunization cards for $450 apiece and, get this: Jasmine, 31, worked in cahoots with Nadayza Barkley, a doctor’s assistant, to gain confidential access to the official New York State Immunization database to produce genuine vaccine batch numbers. Nadayza was also given three hots and a cot. Jasmine sold the cards via Instagram and OnlyFans where she moonlights as a model. Had it not been for the heroics of a bearded snitch who asked to remain anonymous, the ladies would’ve got away with it. “This is potentially extremely dangerous,” the citizen sleuth told Inside Edition when asked why he felt the need to intervene. “I couldn’t sit by and watch that happen.”

Jasmine and Nadayza are facing a million years in prison.

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  1. You can actually find print outs and do this yourself to get inside restaurants and such. They don’t write down your info and check to see if it’s real so it’s quite easy to fake if if you don’t wanna be vaccinated. I believe in choice not what this pig of an administration is doing.

  2. People say that getting the vaccine is good and I’m not saying that it’s not I just think it’s kind of weird after this pandemic first hit us that they immediately came out with a vaccine if they can do that why isn’t there a cure for cancer why isn’t there a cure for AIDS why isn’t there a cure for HIV

  3. Sick that people take advantage of anything! Greed is an evil drug! Kutos to the man that busted these scumbags!

  4. It’s a whole lot easier, and better for yours, and your community’s health, to just get vaccinated.

  5. People trying to keep their jobs? And eat in a restaurant?!? How is a segregated society being seen as acceptable???? You’ve all lost your minds!

  6. The infected unvaccinated will either contribute to herd immunity or die. Either way, society benefits.

  7. Phucking idiots. The vaccine is *FREE*. FREE! They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Pay the consequences of their action!

  8. Got to love the dodo birds who lined up for a experimental vaccine that has been proven not to work or even come close to immunization. I’m lucky when I got covid I was healthy and overcame it and now I can over come it again without a vaccine. Man it’s great to be healthy and not a day lazy slob.

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