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Big booty stripper caught selling fake vaccine cards

Jasmine Clifford got busted/YouTube

Stripper caught sellin’ vax cards.

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NEW YORK — Jasmine Clifford, a big booty stripper from New Jersey, was thrown in the slammer for selling counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards. Jasmine, who goes by the moniker “Anti-Vax Momma,” sold dozens of fake immunization cards for $450 apiece and, get this: Jasmine, 31, worked in cahoots with Nadayza Barkley, a doctor’s assistant, to gain confidential access to the official New York State Immunization database to produce genuine vaccine batch numbers. Nadayza was also given three hots and a cot. Jasmine sold the cards via Instagram and OnlyFans where she moonlights as a model. Had it not been for the heroics of a bearded snitch who asked to remain anonymous, the ladies would’ve got away with it. “This is potentially extremely dangerous,” the citizen sleuth told Inside Edition when asked why he felt the need to intervene. “I couldn’t sit by and watch that happen.”

Jasmine and Nadayza are facing a million years in prison.

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  1. Here comes the MARK OF THE BEAST. They now give want real proof you got the Jab

  2. She’s finished NY courts are going to make an example out of her. She’s playing with health and her partner was manipulating data in the state database.

  3. What is the actual crime she is charged with? Is there an actual crime here? Especially if they are not filled out by her.

  4. I thought all the OnlyFans “Models” made $15K to $20K per Month, so why the need to Run Scam Businesses?



  5. She ain’t seeing the outside for a while probably for 10-20 years

  6. The real crime is putting more energy into making people take that poison in the arm than holding the country accountable for causing all this mess in the first place.

  7. I see nothing wrong with the hussle I mean the cdc and whoever else is involved with paying celebrities to promote these toxic vaccines to us are 1000 times worse than her selling blank vaccination cards.

  8. Someone told me that they could sell me a fake vax card. I thought about it 🤔 I’m not trying to get poked and clotted.

  9. Some of these models are gorgeous,but CROOKED AND TRIFLING AS HELL!

  10. When the Lord comes back he will show everyone how he feels about the worthless money. He will burn you and that money. Facts!

  11. this girl has been scamming her whole life. gotta remember, sex work is illegal in most places, and most strippers are also prostitutes. so, it’s no surprise that she was doing more illegal activity, they all are

  12. So they thought they’d get away with it while promoting the fake cards on IG with all of their information .. bruh are you kidding me lol

  13. This is why eventually they gon start sticking ‘potatochips in folks


  15. If a g0vernment is trying to FORCE an experimental substance in my body just to live my life (go to the gym restaurants, etc.) then I’d be grateful for this service. If it bothers you, I can dig it, but she’s a patriot to me cuz… Much love…

  16. This is just the beginning. There are far too many people including medical professionals, scientists and the average person that do not want an experimental jab. The reality is, the government is forcing this on folks and many will resist the best way they know how. My body, my choice right?

  17. Because of this they are going to say microchips will have to be installed into individuals. Perfect excuse to abuse more of their authority.

  18. I haven’t had a vaccination shot in almost 20 years and I DON’T plan on getting one anytime soon. Honest to God. I’ve been more than okay these pass two decades. Why now????

  19. Medical professionals sign off on the card after administering the vaccination and they do put you in the system for verification purposes if needed.

    This dumb@$$ racking up some serious charges so she can buy some more wigs, fake nails, lashes, and sandals. Lol

  20. Covid cards is the modern mark of the beast. Can’t fly with out them, can’t eat with out them, Cant go in places with out them…. 🤔🤔🤔

  21. If I saw a person selling vaccination cards, I’m not buying any of those. I mean, after you get the vaccine, don’t they give u one to show that ur vaccinated?

  22. Antivaxxers are a bunch of dumb cowardly sociopaths. If your petty principle is strict no vaccination then work around your life decisions. Leave jobs requiring vaccines, or avoid places that require the card. No one is forcing you to take the vaccine. just live with your dumbass decision.

  23. Seriously.. is there anything NOT messed up with republicans?? Why did Anti Vax Karen not think she would be found out and charged for this stupid stunt – she advertised it right out there on Instagram! LOL GENUIS!

  24. I’ve seen pictures of some of these fake “vaccine cards”. Some of the worst attempts at forging a document that I have ever seen. Some are so bad that on one quick glance you can tell its fake. Some were the wrong size, wrong layout and others had misspelled words. No good forger would be caught dead passing those cards.

  25. stripper anti-vax mom caught selling vaccine cards- now thats a headline no one was ever expecting

  26. CDC, FDA, Creepy Joementia’s cabinet, Charles M. Lieber, Pfizer, J&J, Moderna, Bill Gates. What a team.

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