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Gay Netflix show ‘Q-Force’ garners negative reviews

Q-Force full of stereotypes/Netflix

Netflix’s Q-Force super duper gay.

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HOLLYWOOD — Netflix released season one of the gay superspy series “Q-Force” and, so far, it’s garnered negative reviews. The adult cartoon received a lowly score of 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. LGBTQ Twitter called it “offensive.” Tariq Raouf of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote: “A more captivating choice would have been to spend more time letting viewers get to know the show’s groundbreaking crew of LGBTQ heroes, and less on landing half-baked jokes about their culture.” Created by Gabe Liedman, “Q-Force” chronicles the Woke adventures of homo secret agent Mary and his motley crew of LGBTQ superspies. Lesbian comedienne Wanda Sykes (Deb) headlines a gay cast that includes Sean Hayes (Mary), Matt Rogers (Twink), Patti Harrison (Stat) and David Harbour (Buck). In case you didn’t know, “Q” stands for queer and the animated installment is satiated with a plethora of homosexual stereotypes. There’s also nudity and stripteases galore.

“Q-Force” is available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer.

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  1. I have to give this series the credit it deserves;
    As cringe as it is, it is ORIGINAL; they didn’t butcher another series for this, which is rare nowadays.

  2. its from that guy from Will and Grace and we are suprised that the show is bad? Have you ever seen him in Will and Grace, he’s the reason why i tuned out on the show after 1 episode. He suuuuuucksssss !

  3. “Q-FORCE?” How can Netflix use this title? I mean that was a name INSOMNIAC Games used in there Ratchet & Clank games for Captain Quark’s elite forces. Isn’t there some kind of copyright infringement deal here? Ok sure in later Ratchet & Clank games Quark’s special forces wer called “Rangers,” but still.

  4. Q-force did the impossible, united Homosexuals and Homophobics into hating the same thing

  5. Anytime anything is derived due to sexual orientation, it’s gonna fail

  6. Awesome. I’m no longer offended by their madness. This is a crazy form of comedy. When all this mental illness implodes into itself and goes away forever, there will be nothing to talk about and the internet will die.

  7. The worst part is some people have the incredibly irritating personality these characters have. There’s one at my college and I can’t even talk to the guy (It’s a guy) because his personality is so irritating. Incredibly effeminate (behavior and dress) and incredibly hard to be around.

  8. The funny part about this is that the creator of the show is a gay man. Also, I would guess that the problem is not necessarily the stereotypes, since stereotypes can be used in a humorous way- such as in the rom com In and Out. The fact that the stereotypes in this show come across as offensive instead of funny indicates that this is just not a good show.

  9. Only Q-Force I wanna remember is the Q-Force from Ratchet and Clank

  10. I’m SO confused. This looks like a gay show, so why aren’t gays and other people of the alphabet community getting behind this idea? Because it’s “stereotyping?” What does that even mean anymore?
    There is something about every culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or what have you that has something specifically known for that group. I agree certain stereotyping is unacceptable, but when there are no special traits making a certain group stand out (like Chinese people eating with chopsticks or black people in a rap video, for example) then what’s the point? No “stereotyping,” or what ever reason people these days choose to be offended over, means that everyone is just melted together into one big splurge of nothingness where no one is special or has anything that makes them unique.
    If I’m no different than you, than what’s the point? Of course, we should be treated as equals, but like it or not, our abilities, ethnic backgrounds, family or cultural upbringing are different, thus making us completely unique from each other. And TV shows exaggerate that because it’s NOT REAL.
    So, the point I’m trying to make is, how is an LGBT-whatever person supposed to act like that won’t “offend” these marshmallows? I’ve seen people complain about characters not being “gay enough,” and when they are “exaggeratedly gay,” they get offended. Make up your mind!

  11. Next time a proposed LGBT project is presented to Netflix, scrap it. Most people are sick of it.

  12. Netflix thought they were being supportive to LGBTQ+ people by making stereotypes. This is like if someone decided to donate KFC, grape soda, Nike shoes, basketballs and rap music to a black neighborhood, while telling the inhabitants they were just trying to be helpful.

  13. I, a gay person, watched the entire first season. It was fantastic. The people hating on Q-force are the same people who would cancel The Boondocks for making fun of black stereotypes. The Boondocks was great, and so is Q-force. Who thinks Wanda Sykes and all the other big name gays they have on the cast would legit sign up for a project that’s actually “problematic” or “homophobic” or any of that other BS? The problem isn’t the show, the problem is the oversensitive vocal minority trashing it. The same people who couldn’t handle Insatiable because the lead actress had to put on a fat suit to perform the backstory for the character and claimed it was “fat shaming.”

  14. I just finished watching it. I loved it. I’m an older gay and it actually tackles real issues. It’s made FOR the community. It’s gay. It’s got the old jokes, the old references. You kids may not get it, but my husband and I loved it.

  15. I’ve seen every episode of the show already. It only has 4 or 5 offensive jokes the rest of it is funny and has a good action spy story.

  16. i binged all 10 episodes last night, and honestly it isn’t that bad. It’s definitely not for everyone, but there were multiple times i laughed out loud at the jokes. i’d give it a 6.5/10

  17. I accidentally clicked this on Netflix. Animation looked so cool thought it was like a more grown up Kim possible/totally spies.. I WAS SO WRONG LMAOOOO COULDN’T FINISH THE FIRST EPISODE AND I REALLY TRIED TOO

  18. The show actually wasnt bad. It gives me gay Totally Spies vibe if Totally Spies went full rated R. Clear stereotypes are shown which makes the content for non-gay people, easy to digest but are also made fun of so you realize that thats not how people actually act.

    Nudity is welcome as I believe nudity should be normalized because it has such a negative light on it for no reason.

  19. Its actually good if yall would stfu and stop being butt hurt about everything. Laugh and chill or make your own content or just dont watch it. But if youve never seen it then stfu

  20. Personally I love every episode. Feels slowly in the two first episodes but the show gets a essence till episode 3 and gets better with the plots and the missions. The characters, god, they’re good and get a decent character development throw the show, everyone of them. Hopefully I’ll wait for season 2

  21. Gay guy here—I like simply watching a show for the sake of enjoyment, so, I watched this show. And you know what? I enjoyed it. Watched the whole season in 3 days.


  23. I think most of y’all hating this outright are just afraid to see a show about gay ppl

  24. this show is just immediately alienating to any lgbt people who don’t identify as queer. personally, i hugely dislike the word queer and i straight up hate the recent framing of it as an appropriate word to call any lgbt person, without even asking them. reclaiming slurs is wonderful, for those who choose it, but im absolutely not about to let straight people be out here calling me a queer.

  25. Honestly I liked the show and how I see it anyways is this is how homophopics see the lgbtq community bc throughout the show the q force is discrimanated by their agency but they want to prove to them they are more than just gay people because they all have their own amazing talents proving them wrong
    I want a season 2 tho so I hope it continues bc i want to see Mary and his bf get back together 🥺🥺🥺

  26. I did watch it the day it came out, I’m a bi woman myself so I was intrigued and decided to watch it even if for the cringe factor while drinking and smoking the herb but I absolutely loved it, love the character, the story, watched it in one day loves how some of the jokes were used to actually lead into the plot or the next screen like the lesbians and trivia joke actually helped the plot to progress just absolutely loved it and referring it to all my friends just a great show

  27. i’m gay, but this show made me homophobic, oh god please get it out of my eyes.

  28. Oh Steve Marryweather! My favorite gay star. He is so handsome and fit. I want a gay boyfriend like him ….. I love Q force

  29. Omg y’all are such hypocrites this shit is FUNNY AS HELL!!!
    If this was straight stereotypes you’d shut your mouth lol
    Grow up and learn what comedy is you oversensitive, easily triggered muppets!
    Btw I’m bi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. I am seriously about to cancel my Netflix subscription because I can’t do this. This world is wicked and people who like this shit is just as wicked

  31. I am part of this community, I liked the series, maybe it is not that good, but I think it does not deserve so much hate, it’s just another series for adults, which despite its premise has characters that are more than just stereotypes, it is easy to become fond of all and with all my heart I hope it is not canceled.

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