Dr. Martin said Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates had coronavirus patented for depopulation

Dr. Martin put Dr. Fauci on blast/YouTube

Dr. Martin unveils ‘coronavirus plot.’ 

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LONDON — When it rains, it pours. An explosive video titled “London Real: Transform Yourself” has gone viral and it shows Dr. David E. Martin — founder of IQ100 Index (NYSE) — explaining how Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Ralph Baric and Bill Gates established a patent on coronavirus to proscribe scientific access and research. In other words, ain’t no tellin’ what they put in the vaccine. Dr. Martin also believes the United States and China are working in cahoots to get everybody vaccinated. In the 7-minute clip, the National Intelligence Analyst elucidated the timeline.

“In 1999, patents on coronavirus started showing up and thus began the rabbit trail,” Dr. Martin said. “In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control saw the possibility of a gold strike and that was the coronavirus outbreak that happened in Asia. They saw that a virus they knew could be easily manipulated was something that was very valuable and in 2003 they sought to patent it and they made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease, to the virus and to its detection and all of the measurement of it.”

“We know that Anthony Fauci, that Ralph Baric, that the Centers for Disease Control and the laundry list of people who wanted to take credit for inventing coronavirus were at the hub of this story,” Dr. Martin continued. “From 2003 to 2018, they controlled 100 percent of the cash flow that built the empire around the industry complex of coronavirus.”


Is it time to handcuff Dr. Fauci and all involved?

Has the United States sold out to China?

Watch the video.

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  1. This is false and proven false. Another stupid conspiracy. Random politicians creating some elite empire lol… fkn fantasies by people
    Who are bored with life.

  2. Walmart Cashier

    All of those bastards should be in jail

  3. Margaret Lecuyer

    Why Why Why hasn’t there been charges against all involved ..

  4. Numberofthings

    Money isn’t the motivation. It’s control and power, and pure evil.

  5. Holy shit, this is smoking gun.

  6. Fauci LIES, The Left LIES, they used this to Win an election. My personal Position.

  7. Evil in this world..God will judge them.all

  8. Silas Brandner

    These assholes need to go to jail and be tried for treason and crimes against humanity and then capital punishment death is the punishment they should be punished!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. G l o b a l I s t s at work

  10. I am depressed beyond words now, and I feel powerless. Each time I repost one of these facts, I am called a murderer, killer, inconsiderate. I am not anti-vaccine, I simply want the facts before putting an unresearched substance in my body. Next moment, I am a conspiracy freak. Even our family doctor is threatening us. How come? Vaxxers are getting so furious and they can’t and refuse to see anything else. We really need to stand strong and hold our ground. How come all the possible cures are removed from the internet? Who is the conspiracy freak now? Does FEAR always win? Apparently, it has for eons. I welcome any info, facts, cures.

  11. Why is this not breaking news ! O yea it goes against the agenda! The people need to unite against the machine !

  12. “The LOVE of money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL”

  13. Conspiracy theory junk……

  14. I’ve been saying this practically since day 1.

  15. flyingfishsurf

    What’s this guy talking about? Patenting THE coronavirus??? There are many coronaviruses. I’m not well versed in this field, but he sounds a little flaky. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is certainly a gain of function escapee, but this ‘doctor’ is not being very clear. It sounds like he’s “almost” telling the truth.

  16. Sounds like another conspiracy to me.

  17. Every day that goes by proves more and more that Trump was right about this the whole time. The virus WAS created in the lab, the US (NIAID and NIH) and Fauci WERE funding it, hydroxycholoroquine, AZT, and zinc WERE effective in treating convid19, masks and lockdowns did almost nothing to stop the spread, and now, the very people behind this crap are profiting from it.

  18. This brilliant man is the most powerful voice in the resistance movement against the covid scamdemic.
    He has the evidence on his files that it was planned patented and released deliberately.

  19. The CDC patented SARS not to restrict scientific access but to ensure it would belong to the whole scientific world. If they hadn’t done it, a private entity might have. This is exactly the kind of fact that the COVID-19 conspiracy theorists/hoaxere/deniers like to twist and misrepresent. Through their paranoid lens, anything the public health agencies do in service of their mission to protect public health can be twisted into something evil.

  20. JESUS SAVES! Vaccines kill! NASA lies ! Hard for a rich man to get into heaven! Wake up folks ! PLANdemic! Masks are about control, not about our health! Thank God for savior JESUS on flat earth !

  21. Art Vandelay007

    Also called gain-of-function research by proxy…

  22. stephen santoro


  23. I now really question getting the vaccine and wish I had not. It boils my blood knowing the Fauci is behind this sinister plot to exploit and help engineer this Plandemic!!! I want him in prison with his accomplices…

  24. When you look at the food industry in the country and the chemicals they allow in foods, the environmental crap we’re exposed to daily via air and water supply, the issues caused by this and the chemicals they approve for treatment, I never understood how anyone could have easily trusted the government. The government creates problems and then try to present themselves as savior, while setting up the population for the next problem they will cause. It’s crazy.


  26. WOW!

    Crazy and sinister AF!

  27. Never trust a man in a bow tie……like Tucker Carlson.

  28. This video is so much b and s. Viral engineers patent viruses defensively in order to keep greedy sociopaths from locking away access to them. This is something that a patent chasing conspiracy nut like Martin would not understand. I wager I’ll get a lot of hate from spreading truth but so be it. I’d rather try and educate people and get hate then to stand idle and watch misinformation go without counter.

  29. Robert Villarreal

    I already knew it was set up. They wanted population control. They just wanted to do it differently to make people like us that has been talking about population control look crazy so they made it look like it was some natural crap that happened

  30. The truth is when citizens get tired of corporate power and we have a civil war because of that, these corporate leaders and politicians are going to suffer greatly.

  31. Share with your friends…If they call you an idiot, it is time for you to dump them and move on. This has to become common knowledge for us to have any chance to end this criminal bullshit.

  32. Nelson Moutinho

    Bill gates and fauci predicted a pandemic so its obvious who created covid its fauci and gates without a shadow of a doubt

  33. The vaccine is the sign of the beast…the elite wana take as many souls as the can to hell with them

  34. Jacobus Joe James

    Who do you trust with your immune system? The Most High, or Billy Gates and his cronies?

    Can the real doctors 🥼 please stand up!!!!!!!

  36. Creepy Joe Biden

    Look up Doctor Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA based vaccines

  37. Fauci and Bill should be arrested
    Bill created a vaccine and Fauci the virus
    The vaccine was not brought in for the virus 🦠 the virus was brought in for the the vaccine 💉

  38. Lies, lies and more lies. Plandemic conspiracy: Event 201! PCR tests with false positives. MSM manipulation and propaganda. Organized censorship of not pre-approved narrative. Banning medicines like hydroqroliqueen or Amantadine to treat covid patients… Forcing on population this program of mass vaccination. What about countries or USA states that did not went to lockdowns – not much infections there!!! All this made me fairly sure this is a set-up by the “elite” of psychopaths.

  39. Millionaires who think the world is overpopulated told me to take the shot! Yeah….NEVER!!!

  40. One question for everyone : do you really think these lizard people wake up everyday and think what i’m gonna do with all this money ! Wait, let’s save the poor people. If that’s what you think you have no idea of what’s going on in this world.

    Bill Gates have been investing heavily in medical, pharmaceutical the past months, PCR test company all that stuff. He donated big money to mainstream media all over the world, explain me why he is financing medias in Europe ? In France he donated 1.9 M€!! Give me a break. Everybody sees the game that they are playing

  41. For everyone suffering from COVert19 PLANdemic vax choices, the planned Afghanistan fiasco, and the multitude of other dire things going on in this fallen world…

    Everything is gonna be alright…He’s got the whole world in His hand. 🙏✝️

    Father, you say everything is going to be alright…
    But my circumstances say I won’t last through the night…
    I need your word to hold me now, need You to pull me through…
    I need a miracle, a breakthrough, I need YOU .

    If you are in Christ, He will never leave you.

  42. Crystallizer Ultimate

    I was coerced into getting an mrna vaccine today. I took anti-clotting agents and will not get the second dose no matter what. Any other advice for me to protect myself against harm?

  43. Try them and convict them, there’s no shortage of evidence now

  44. Fauci and Gates engineered a monster, and now nature will mutate US to death (while our owners’ media makes US feel good about it)…Thank you media!!!

  45. Why are there %300 more cases of COVID-19 now then before the vaccine came out? Why is the government pushing a vaccine which they’ve admitted doesn’t work with the new Delta variant causing the increase. Why are double vaccinated people in ICU ex. Rev Jackson. Why are double vaccinated people able to spread COVID-19. Finally if you’re double vaccinated aren’t you protected from the unvaccinated so why be concerned 🤔

  46. Robert Villarreal

    I already knew it was set up. They wanted population control. They just wanted to do it differently to make people like us that has been talking about population control look crazy so they made it look like it was some natural crap that happened

  47. Dr. Fauci funded gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (mutating bat coronaviruses so they could infect human tissue) via sub-grants directed to Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance. This man has been appearing on television and doing magazine interviews every day since the start of the pandemic and not once mentioned research he is intimately familiar with that could have caused it. Fauci has written articles supporting GOF, so there is no way he would forget about the subject or neglect to mention it. Instead, he made statements dismissive of the lab leak theory while pushing natural emergence to intentionally misdirect people. This resulted in a media hostile to open discussion and a public left even more confused about the origins of Covid-19.

    His actions and words were never those of an honest person seeking the truth. From the beginning, Dr. Fauci has been a lying scumbag who contributed to a massive coverup attempt.

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