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Pat Bowlen’s son slams general manager Paton

Johnny Bowlen (left) slams George Paton/Getty

Johnny rips GM Paton.

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DENVER — Now we know why the Denver Broncos are in such bad shape. A video has gone viral that shows owner Johnny Bowlen, son of late Broncos proprietor Pat Bowlen, lambasting general manager George Paton. The diatribe was disseminated via Instagram Live. “This is the last video coming out of the true ownership of the Denver Broncos,” Johnny said. “George Paton sucks f*cking flamingo balls through a f*cking hose. He is a f*cking loser, bro. I personally as the person who should be the GM of the Broncos hates Paton… Georgie, suck my cock!” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Touche! I love this guy and oh by the way, totally Agree that Georgio does indeed suck flamingo balls through a garden hose.” Another viewer added, “Classless, his father is rolling in his grave. RIP Mr. Bowlen glad your not here to see this idiot.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. He’s just upset the Broncos will be sold and he will no longer be the blood of the city. Fortunately one bad apple does not ruin the whole bunch. Bowlens have 6 upstanding children.

  2. What a disgrace to the Bowlen and the Broncos name Man facepalming

  3. So glad that there will be a new owner soon and this loser won’t be anywhere in the picture.

  4. Funny coming from a guy who’s not qualified to run a hot dog stand…

  5. Oh wow! I had to Google who George Paton is. But after finding out, damn!

  6. Is Johnny hanging out with Donald Trump Jr? They seem to be on the same meth.

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