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Schoolhouse Video: Black bullies assault Hispanic kid, White teacher says ‘N*gga’

Latino teen assaulted/Forbes Alert

Bullies attack kid, Teacher flips out.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOUSTON — Here’s two more reasons to defund and extirpate public schools. 1) Administrators in Houston, Texas are catching hell after two black bullies pummeled a Latino student in the school cafeteria. The beatdown transpired at Ross Shaw Sterling Aviation High School. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the masked ruffians confronting the Hispanic teen while he was busy ingesting his sustenance. Seconds later, they unloaded on the poor kid — thwacking him repeatedly in the countenance before stomping him unconscious. Man, they beat his ass Rodney King-style.

Parents concocted a petition to coerce school officials to take action.

And, 2) A white teacher in Atlanta, Georgia is under fire for calling her black students the N-Word in class. The incident transpired on the first day of school. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the blonde educator spewing negro jargon while addressing her pupils. She told the kids she can use the N-Word whenever she feels like it because she’s dating a black man. “I got a n*gga,” she said.


Public schools have gone to hell in a handbasket.

Watch disturbing footage of both incidents.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Nihggers call nihggers nihgger all day long except online. Online, nihggers call nihgger the N word. I will never stop calling nihggers what they are. Nihggers will never be higher than the nihgger word they use on themselves. Always a nihgger

  2. This is beyond sad. Where was the school resource officer, administration, teachers, or some adult that works at the school? This falls on the school for lack of supervision of the students.

  3. I’m sorry but if you have to jump someone you definitely a bytch in my opinion!!

  4. The teachers outrageous claims is that she “dates a Black guy” and so she is allowed to call Black people the N word because she has “a n*gg*.”

    is this part of the perks of dating a person of color? Free use of the n word? LOL
    I dated some white girls before and never did I knight them the privilege of using the n word. As an educated woman, why would you even want to use that word? Makes you look ignorant.

  5. This sort of thing is one of the reasons why a certain faction (Republicans) want to defund and do away with a public schools.

  6. Where was the school administration or a security guard? Not one in sight! When these schools begin to get sued, they start doing something about these degenerates. Immediate expulsion from the entire district and if they want to go to school, do that ish in juvie.

  7. These trash boys have no home training. This violence is so unnecessary and sad. The boy was eating his lunch and got beat up like that for no reason smh

  8. If I catch any woman with no black man say the N word, I’m gonna beat the sh!t out of her. You ain’t allowed to say the word if you ain’t got a black man. That goes for you too black women.

  9. 15 years in jail seems about right for these two wonderful people. For fifteen years they can think about how tough they were and how they threw 15 years of the best part of the lives away for some incomprehensible reason.

    These thugs are criminals. Criminals belong in hard lock up. Not to punish but to keep away from the rest of us. No one in our society should have to worry about getting violently attacked by people like this while eating lunch.

  10. @Negrologist: And whites are the ones that shoot up the schools. So what’s your point????

  11. This is fucked up once you see someone has no fight in them then it’s over

  12. Losers. The greatest threat to black community, democrats and angry black teens.

  13. Wow this is sad but some white people hate black people and only use them as a fetish. The teacher boyfriend probably don’t care anyway that she use that word. Some black men and other men of color literally chase after white women and some get their life ruin trying to get with a Becky. But it’s some black people who are into se*ual race play fun I didn’t even know that’s an fetish but it’s sick and disgusting when they know that’s how black people were really treated during s*x in slavery

  14. When he comes back to school and guns them down one day, we’ll know WHY..

  15. Would be funny if his family were members of the cartel and they got revenge on these two bullies 👍🏼

  16. 2 more thugs for society to deal with. such a disgrace to decent blacks and the rest of the country. i bet they can’t count to 10. Why don’t you thugs leave this country. We are sick and tired of this. I don’t give a F what police do to you and don’t come on tv crying when the unthinkable happens. I don’t give 2 F

  17. @Redheaddread: Talk about the black women who write N!GGER on their chest and participate in slave play with these white men in pornos. It goes for both sides

  18. 😒I hope those little muthaphukers get A LOT of jail time!!!!! For the rest of yall, if this happens to you, don’t wait to for the first punch. Throw the first punch and focus on one of them. Try to k*ll that fool because that other one gonna be on you but stay focused!!!

  19. Black youth are out of control. A predominantly black school is the last place I would send my kid and I’m black.

  20. I’m telling y’all right now just so we’re clear. If this was to happen my son…. I will find out where you the parents are. At work or on welfare and I’m giving out slugs. I want your bloodline to cease existing.

    What kind of lunch table is that?! He gots No friends at all

  21. These two ignorant little monkeys will end up in prison I’m sure. They need to be black balled from the entire district and arrested. Let’s see if they can get em up in jail with some real ones. Hope this kid has a few uncles or cousins that can straighten that out on the low. That [email protected]@t would be handled immediately. Someone needs to teach that boy how to get em up.

  22. Black people when are you going to stop letting white people teach your children? No wonder you’re the laughing stock of the world. FOOLS

  23. He literally ate a knuckle sandwich for lunch but nah fareal that’s messed up jumping that cat like that and they should be punished. I remember this kid back in middle school that thought he was tough tried to bully me we tussled for about 10 mins straight before they broke us up. I caught him slipping during class exchange and rocked him upside the head with a smooth blind side punch I know it wasn’t straight up but hell I was just a kid. I almost choked his a ss to sleep. I wasn’t no bad a ss or nothing but I never had no problems from no one after that


  25. This idiot is trying it b/c she feels safe in a room full of kids… But if she said it to a class full of black kids when I was coming up, desk, chairs, books upside her head, and all coming in her direction. Including the desk she is seated on top of would be flipped or carried into the hall with her on it with the door closed in her face. That or someone would’ve pushed the emergency button and called the principal on her while she was talking, followed by a walk out. Yeah, she doesn’t care about her job and she will be gone in 5..4..3..2.. watch the news. If students show her little respect, it is b/c she earned it with stupidity.


  27. A lot of non-black women feel the same way as soon as they get a black bf and ESPECIALLY once they pop out some biracial kids.

    I stay far away from urbanized Becky with the black boyfriend ( notice it’s never a husband). I remember this type tried to befriend me at work, thinking I would like her because she’s black adjacent. WRONG BISH! I much prefer my Becky friends to be true Beckys, not ghetto at all. I hate wiggers just as much as niggggas.

  28. The kids belong in a juvenile detention center and the white teacher belong in an unemployment line

  29. This hoe is behaving the way she is because some Black Man allows her to. He thinks it’s cute but it may get her wig pushed back one day…

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