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Anti-Vax Hate Radio: Howard Stern says unvaccinated folks deserve COVID death

Howard and Robin say get the jab/Getty

Howard and Robin hammer unvaxxed. 

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NEW YORK — It’s open season on unvaccinated Americans and Howard Stern has anti-vaxxers lined up within the crosshairs of his media rifle. The 67-year-old radio personality spewed a profanity-laced diatribe Tuesday morning, saying those who eschew Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine deserve to die. Howard, an advocate of involuntary inoculations, said he knows a quartet of DJs who perished from COVID-19 because they refused to get immunized. The shock jock basically said ‘good riddance.’ 

“Their dying words were ‘I wish I would’ve been more into the vaccine,'” he recounted. “I wish I had taken it.” Howard’s negro co-host, Robin Quivers, chimed in with, “You know, I have trouble drumming up compassion for people that stupid.” Huh? Robin is a cancer survivor. Now she lacks compassion?

Are Howard and Robin licensed physicians?

Howard even had the audacity to say getting the COVID shot is no different than getting immunized for the measles, mumps and polio. Um… Howard… there’s a big difference. For starters, the COVID vax is based on mRNA microchips that alter DNA. Vaccines for the measles, mumps and polio don’t do that.

Secondly, there’s natural immunity.

Thirdly, all things coronavirus are patented (060606) by Satanists like Mr. Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci which brings religion into the equation. Many Christians equate the vax to Lucifer’s “Mark of the Beast.”

Still, Howard doesn’t give a damn. Freedom of choice no longer exists. The way he sees it, if you don’t get the jab you’re a detriment to civilization. “When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country,” he fumed. “F*ck ’em. F*ck their freedom. I wanna be free to live.”

Howard, you’re 67. You’re going to die anyway.

The COVID vaccine doesn’t suppress mortality.

Besides, why do you care if anti-vaxxers live or die?

Anyway, do you share Howard’s sentiment?

Do anti-vaxxers deserve to die?

Listen to Howard’s rant.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I mean I wouldn’t go that far. Just get the damn shot already. You morons are being petty af. Cowards

  2. Stern was born an asshole and just grew bigger!! I really Don t understand why people even listening to him

  3. He’s entitled to his opinion and it’s his show. You crybabies bitching about Howard is ridiculous. Bunch of snowflakes crying because he doesn’t agree with you. Guess what? He’s right. Quit your crying and get your damn shots.

  4. Taking medical information from Howard Stern is akin to taking dating advice from Harvey Weinstein

  5. Why would anybody listen to that pelican he does not have a moral back bone in his body he just goes the opposite of whatever is popular to get his name out there because he’s very Irrelevant

  6. He sure changed with that huge SiriusXM contract. All of a sudden, he answers to the people that he used to rail against. Big phony. (Metallica was on his show the other day. Huge fan of them but I skipped it cause of Howard)

  7. It shows how stupid he is. Millions have got covid and beat it. And have natural immunity erred than the shot. They don’t need it morons.

  8. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  9. There is a group of people who are in that group not due to innate God-given characteristics but because they made a choice, or rather didn’t make a choice.

    This group of people is now (and has been for a long time) responsible for the majority of Covid serious illness and deaths.

    Because of this group of people, society has stayed locked down, irreparable harm has been caused, and many people who have made the choice to not be in that group have suffered and will continue to suffer.

    It’s quite possible that if this group of people were non-existent or certainly only a fraction of the current number the pandemic would have long been over.

    Should that group of people be condemned, be sent to the back of the line for care, be mandated to make different choices? (I don’t believe so.)

    In case you are wondering, there is a name given to that group of people….obese.

  10. STERN AS ALWAYS A MORON. And he is doing this for RATINGS that’s all this is….and it has been working for him all his life he figures out where people would freak out more and that’s the side he chooses….he says chit on purpose so he hears his name in the news. He can’t live with the fact he was DONE YEARS AGO…lol…

  11. You really believe their last words were “damn wish I woulda got that vax”? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Stern is crazy and has no compassion. We’re dealing with a Virus that is attacking us without reason.We all have a choice to vaccinate or not-vaccinate.

  13. to say that to people who have made their own personal choice, is insane, stupid, not based on science…period…this man is not anybody but a man with a lot ass mouth, who is TRASH…who care’s what Howard fucking Stern think’s?? I know I don’t give two shit’s…

  14. Over 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated. According to the CNN health article and the CDC (and they’re not talking about it too loudly… ) 80% of Americans between vaccinations and those who already had Covid, ARE immune. This is over, and the government won’t let it go.

  15. Howard Stern is a Complete Lucfreian and one of the most corrupt and evil creatures in the World. I heard that Howard Stern was going to die in a House fire, by someone who prophesied this. I would celebrate the death of Hitler and Lucfreians.

  16. There is no proof that the vaccine protects you from dying. In gave you may die from the vaccine and let’s get to the main point. There is 99.4 something that you will be just fine. So a bad flu season could be worse. 🤷‍♂️🙈

  17. Never take a man of that haircut seriously. He is clearly a clown.

  18. Howard just doesn’t get it. Many of the unvaccinated are black and Latina Americans. He just thinks there stupid. He’s so bright because hes so rich. And he thinks hes a genius because he had some radio show.

  19. One Good Thing. The President got so cocky that he inadvertently admitted the Truth to The Vaccinated Folks.
    Hey vaccinated American.
    That vaccine in you don’t work.
    We have to protect you from the unvaccinated.
    There it is. Finally the Truth.

  20. All 50 states require these vaccination for children going to public school: DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis), IPV (Polio), Varicella (Chickenpox) and MMR (Measles Mumps, Rubella). Why are people refusing the Covid vaccine? Because Joe Biden is a Democrat. I feel that’s a GOOD reason to die, so PLEASE, Republicans; DON’T GET VACCINATED.

  21. its simple if you come at me with a needle i will shoot you .. .. thats not a threat thats just telling you what will happin if you attack me.. welcome to america.. its called self defense..

  22. Howard….this is NOT just about freedom. The fact they are not looking at natural immunity from those who already had the jab. The fact they are holding proven, effective treatments- which would have prevented the EUA ever going into play for the vax. The fact they are silencing reputable, intelligent doctors from even asking questions or having an open forum makes me question things more. If the vax is so safe, why can’t you sue Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. I work in healthcare and see the adverse reactions to this jab. Biden allowed the borders to be open allowing thousands to come into our country during a pandemic, who which I might add DO NOT have to get the vax. The fact all deaths following the vax are counted as a result of their co morbidities- aren’t those the people we are supposed to be protecting- the elderly and vulnerable? I have taken every vax for my job as a respiratory therapist- but this one…… I can’t just yet with what I see with my own eyes. Falsified lab slips to boost the numbers of positive cases. Deaths that had NOTHING to do with Covid but counted as a Covid death. Tons of vaccinated patients coming in with Covid who had the vaccine. Everyone has to do what they believe is right for them- but to say this is just about freedom is not accurate. Talk to Eric Clapton. He was not anti vax, had an adverse reaction and they are censoring his discussion about it on certain platforms. People who have adverse reactions should NOT be silenced. It is wrong on many levels. People deserve the right to know the truth so they can make the best decision for their own body.

  23. Hey Stern. Maybe we should all get a tattoo proving we got it. Or we could get a tag on our clothes proving it…maybe in the shape of the star of david.

  24. Your individual liberties grant you the right to protect yourself as much as you deem fit, so long as it does not infringe upon the individual liberties of others. Any and all such government sanctioned guidelines, policies, regulations, etc., must be subservient to individual rights. Otherwise, they are unconstitutional. This is the essence of our US Constitution and is the cornerstone of our culture and life. For example, if you want to protect yourself by wearing a mask, then wear a mask. Wear ten masks! Wear a self-contained breathing apparatus. Wear an astronaut suit. Distance yourself from everyone. Stay home. Get a vaccine. Get 50 vaccines! You don’t have any need or right to tell me to wear masks and get vaccines.

    When the government violates this basic tenet, individual liberty, as they have been doing in CA and nationally, this is not Democrat or Republican. It is not liberal or conservative. It is Leftism. It is communism. It is pure, unadulterated tyranny.

    Stern is, and always has been, an idiot. He’s just a big mouth. An anti-human. When you get a vaccine it does not protect others, you idiot!

  25. Blame dems who have been moving the goal posts for the past 1.5 years, 2 weeks to slow the spread, first it was dont wear a mask, then wear a mask, its only a lock down, its only a few small business that went out of business, you have to wear a mask even after youre vaxxed even thought we said otherwise last week, listing cause of deaths as covid instead of with covid, cringe nurse tik toks while people are dying, biden “i wont make vaccination mandatory” then says otherwise last week, then democrat elites go maskless while peasants and kids at school have to wear them, WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS ABOUT CONTROL.

  26. I never knew that the Covid 19 shot is like these measles and polio? Last I checked flu and cold aka coronavirus will never stop. You will keep getting shots and boosters and flu shots for life every so other months. So enjoy your life of flu and cold shots that mutate for life. Cold and flue will never leave and even a fake vaccine will never stop the spread like polio and measles.

  27. 😂 how’s a walking, talking, breathing std virus 🦠 going to tell anyone about the vaccine
    With his nasty 🤮 self

  28. So there is a vaccine that allows you to get the virus? Imagine having a measles vaccine and then getting measles.
    Imagine you have the vaccine and you hate those that don’t because they can make you sick even though you have the vaccine.
    Howard Stern has lost all perspective.
    Howard Stern is a Globalist shill.

  29. The three major vaccine distributors should hold a question and answer session and answer the following questions:

    1. Why are there three vaccines? Do all three contain the same chemicals?
    2. How long does the vaccine protect you?
    3. Are there any long term side affects to your specific vaccine that can be identified?

    Start there….

    And if Howard stern wants to play chess with his neighbor and they are both vaccinated—go ahead. The unvaccinated are contracting the virus from vaccinated people who do not wear mask and take risk.

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