President Joe Biden urges companies to vaccinate employees or fire their asses

Biden says get the jab/EVAN VUCCI

President Biden orders mandate.

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden pissed-off anti-vaxxers Thursday when he announced a new order that requires larger U.S. businesses to mandate COVID vaccinations for employees, saying, “many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are not fully vaccinated.” In other words… no jab, no job. The authoritarian policy figures to impact more than 100 million Americans. Look, politicians and celebrities aren’t doctors. Yet, they coerce immunizations 24/7.

Conversely, licensed physicians (like Dr. Sean Brooks) have testified publicly about the ill effects of the vaccine at School Board Meetings, Board of Supervisors Meetings, etc. There’s also the issue of natural immunity. Todd Zywicki, a law professor at George Mason, sued the university over its vaccine mandate and won. Zywicki told the court his immune system produced antibodies against COVID.

Therefore, he doesn’t need the vax.

Natural immunity be damned, companies like Walmart, CVS and United Airlines already require employee vaccinations. Just understand, getting the jab doesn’t guarantee remuneration. You could get vaxxed on Monday and your employer can still fire your ass on Tuesday. Not to mention most people hate their job.

So they sure as hell won’t get inoculated for a boss.

The United States is the only industrialized country without universal healthcare for its citizens. Politicians won’t give you a medical card but they’ll mandate a free, experimental vaccine that doesn’t always work. Vaccinated people test positive for COVID daily. Dr. Anthony Fauci even called ’em “Superspreaders.” 

Here’s 5 things we know so far:

1) Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan said coronavirus was concocted in a Wuhan lab. So why blame the unvaxxed?

2) Pharmaceutical companies aren’t liable for vaccine damages.

3) Doctors and nurses have eschewed the jab.

4) Hospitals are empty, but media outlets claim they’re full.


5) Rumor has it the United States is working in cahoots with China to get syringes in your arms.

Telling you dawg, something reeks of treason. President Donald Trump believes the miasma starts with his successor and, if he gets the chance, he’s gonna kick Biden’s ass. “I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden because I think he’d go down very, very quickly,” Trump said in a press conference to promote the Triller Fight Club’s Legends II event. “Biden would go down in the first few seconds.”

Stay on your toes America!

All hell is about to break loose.

Watch the presidential address.

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  1. Don’t let them turn us Americans against each other… their nightmare is that we set aside our differences and join hands. 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇳🇿🇲🇽🇮🇪

  2. This is depopulation. Mass genocide. Biden is just a puppet. Those who willingly took the jab are the walking dead.

  3. Calling it a “Pandemic of unvaccinated” isn’t right. It’s like looking for someone to blame for the pandemic. Right now vaccinated and unvaccinated people are getting sick. I’m vaccinated and understand that I can get infected and I’m not blaming unvaccinated people for it. That would be childish from my part. But I respect everyones decision about what to do with their lives because I believe in the freedom that every individual is entitled to. I still know that I need to take care of myself (using mask, avoid crowd places, social distancing, etc) but that’s my choice. Right now the problem is the D-variant. And like the D-variant there are many variants because this virus has mutated many times already. And this variant originated in another country. So a new variant from another country can come knocking your door in the next second. And what, we are going to say that is beca unvaccinated people? Viruses mutate constantly. Dividing the nation between “vaccinated” and “not vaccinated” is not right. You know what happens when the people of a country or nation are divided. I think being clear and educate people about the real situation with the virus, the disease and the vaccines would be better. But right now it feels like there’s a very dense fog between what’s real and what’s not. Obviously this cause distrust in the people.

  4. just found out why the homeless people so healthy and not bothered by it

  5. This man is a liar he has lied his whole life the media is not talking about the new study out of Israel natural immunity is far better 13 times better than the vaccine herd immunity I believe at least half of the country of us already been exposed these are communists in the Democrat party they are marxists they have a agenda remember what the Marxist Obama said don’t let no crisis go to waste Marxism came into Russia on the Spanish flu they had lockdowns just like this people better wake up or you’re not going to have acountry anymore it will be a socialist Communist Marxist dictatorship watch the whole speech with Joe Biden he threatened governor’s that he will come after them he thinks he’s a dictator he can sit on a cactus and rotate that’s what I think about Biden’s vaccine they keep on pushing the whole Democrat left and they are going to have something far worse than the civil war how come they are putting up around the capitol visits the people’s house but the borders are wide open these cockroaches coming in here from all over the third world from the southern border bringing in fentanyl killing the population with their poison just look at YouTube videos of Kensington avenue Philadelphiathat shows what kind of drugs is coming in here it’s zombieland they are bringing covid-19 measles tuberculosis aids smallpoxand some known terrorists have been coming across the border one of the Afghans that was on one of the planes had explosives on him I guess the media won’t talk about that this man is a joke he’s a traitor and he needs the firing squadalong with the rest of the Democrat party they are communistthey sold our country down the river they were working with the Chinese government developing covid-19 dr. Fauci is in charge of it all he needs to be hung he’s a traitor

  6. I don’t understand why people won’t just get vaccinated. They say they care about their health but continue to eat fast food, drink alcohol, smoke pot/cigs. Go get the Vax because its Fax. You’ll start valuing your rights and freedom if you ever end up getting stuck in North Korea. SMH🤦‍♂️👎💯

  7. If you think these are legal actions then you do not understand the constitution

  8. michelle grinder

    better stock up on everything folks cuz if this dont get stopped the nation is about to see a total shutdown..civilization wont operate long if half the workforce is out of work…that will affect the vaccinated workers that still get to work..think your jobs hard now, wait till u have to work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week to make up for the lost labor force, and guess what, you still wont be able to take up the slack even doing more work and more hours

  9. Why don’t they Mandate exercises, boost our immune system, Why don’t they take your license away when deadly car crashes are high every year. Why aren’t cigarettes banned ? Second hand smoke alone kills many.

  10. Trying to force us all to take the shots. It is not the ones who have not had the shot that is causing the spread. It’s all these genius that know more. Stay home. I will not be a part of this. You can’t even stop the flu , unwear doesn’t stop a fart .

  11. Biden can stick the jab in his one brain cell which is in his hemmeroidal ass period . All this is about is controll so what’s next ? Having my breathing controlled by mandated oxygen tanks & mask more gun control, more & higher taxes more American rights taken away by this POS tyrant ? Oh this is already happening . This is nothing but control & fear mongering to scare people . This damn crap isn’t going away because it’s like the flu so quit being scared that your going to die because more don’t than do & all you are doing is worrying yourself to a point that you are taking years off of your life so put it this way everyone dies because we aren’t getting out of this alive no one . I feel like if I die from it is what it is because nothing is garenteed in this world nothing so quit worrying & listening to this POS !

  12. Chuck "Andril" Onassis

    I fully agree as a federal employee – it’s part of our duty. I personally did it to protect myself, family and respect my coworkers. Much better option to tubes and worse.

  13. Land of the free where? This is why I don’t vote

  14. Fascist dictator much?

  15. The FDA approved the vaccine so shut up and take it

  16. @Teddy: FDA can’t be trusted ! They do not test anything ! They allow corn to be added to everything you eat and it’s killing you !

  17. James Hamilton

    blaming unvax’d is just to redirect away from the fact that the vax isn”t a cure-all. This all started in a lab in China. Blame the creators of this virus. not innocent people who don’t trust lying corrupt politicians.

  18. For all you brainwashed lefties out there, this is what a dictator looks like. Enjoy the communist regime.


  20. Go ahead, lay off 500,000 unvaccinated federal employees. You will be the greatest president in history 😂

  21. Nurses are not getting it. Doctors are getting it. I want to know what pharmacists are doing.

  22. Within 5 years I may lose my sons and their wives. My brother and his entire family. Aunts uncles and cousins. I am so depressed over this crime against humanity. The public is lied to by the very people they trusted.

  23. Trump vs. Biden? I’d pay $99.99 for that one. Sign me up!

  24. Trump already had a fight with Biden on November 3rd, 2020. And Biden kicked his butt in a landslide. That’s the only fight that matters.
    Trump is clearly a super sore loser, which is why he’s still lying about the election to this day.

  25. I dont have much of an opinion lol
    However let me make a joke…
    In the next few months when many quit their jobs bc they don’t want to get vaccinated, Biden is going to say “Even now I’m still creating more jobs, with 500k new jobs last month”

  26. Perceville Smithers

    Trump would get his a whooped!

  27. OUR GOVERNMENT IS FUCKING THREATENING US! sign me up i’m willing to join a legitimate group to fight them



  29. Does this fucking guy not understand there are so many vaccinated people in the hospitals what a clown 🤡

  30. Good job Mr. President. A bunch of morons screaming about their “freedom” have been keeping the country sick. Someone needed to remind them that freedoms come with responsibilities… such as not killing your fellow Americans with a preventable illness.

  31. Deborah Salomon

    BULLSHIT!!! Federal Government does NOT make MY Educated Descisions!!!!

  32. James Son of Mary

    If it’s the unvaccinated people that are dying, let us die in peace!

  33. Hahahaha… A distraction from the Afghan FIASCO

  34. It’s going to backfire. Workers will quit, just like the nurses, healthcare workers and firefighters and around 40% of the military.

  35. When the government is now magically PAYING EVERYONE within selected states cash to take the vaccine, yet keep INSULIN AT $6/800?, Sell cigarettes, etc. Then something is wrong. Bidens is talking fine in these longer interviews, but talks gibberish on news feeds and press events. His acting is divine due to his puppet handlers, he’s literally “all eyes on me” while we blindly miss the big events.we need to know who this man’s handlers are, and who he’s getting in trouble with?! He can’t possibly have been within the Senate for over 50 years only for him to be forced into office due to bullshit vote numbers, and selectively destroy America from the within, basically turning it into a business run by Chinese propaganda. He’s being told to act fucking pathetic, sloppy, and stutter because he never gets in trouble for that yet he’s always saying he’d get in trouble for questions simply about what he’s doing because he knows the true agenda.

  36. Jesus is sure soon to come! Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready, GET READYYYYY!

  37. Let me make it clear…I am in charge of what goes in my body…I don’t give 1 fck what you say…the fact that you believe YOU are making progress in this country…just shows me how disconnected from reality you are…You can do and say whatever you want…you’re a liar…a thief…and not my president…I miss Donald J. Trump…our TRUE president

  38. Next will be a mandate to take your firearms just wait. However if you got the jab this would of never happened

  39. Joe and the HO must go.

  40. ConcernedCitizen

    I want Trump to fight Biden too. Heck, I want anybody to fight Biden. That man needs to be dragged up and down every street, tarred, and feathered. He’s a traitor.

  41. Daemonelix 666

    Worst US President EVER!

  42. Vaccine development generally takes 3-5 years for research purposes, even
    times up to 10 years before it’s ready for the public. The COVID vaccine hasn’t even been around a year. Yet like sheep many Americans took a big risk, knowing they cannot sue in the event of death or side-effects. I am shocked at the stupidity of millions of people who truly don’t read nor have common-sense. 45% of firefighters refuse to take that vaccine with offers of free alarm systems, trips, and more, WOW! There are offers of gift cards, weed, free Lyft, and more, This never happened for Cancer, Herpes, Lupus, and many other diseases. This is s sinister plot to control your life. Those courageous medical doctors who spoke against Dr.Doom Fauci lies are being called conspiracy theorists just to be silenced. Mark My Words when Americans wake up it will be too late. “There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’”— Dr. Anthony Fauci predict a pandemic under the Trump administration back in 2017” WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  43. Live Free or Die

    This only solidifies my position on not taking the mark of the beast. You will NEVER force me to take that shot. F**k you!

  44. Biden last year: The vaccine won’t be mandatory
    Biden now: MY patience is wearing thin. You take the shot or you’re in the pot

  45. Matthew Takahashi

    Biden is losing his patience he wants to strangulate the unvaccinated to save them, evidence these mandates and regulations can be demonstrated to originate from Satan,
    Just take the vaccine, just take the vaccine, like a drug dealer trying to give away bunk dope at the crack scene,
    Their insistence is suspicious, like a liquor store saying you need more because sobriety is not in your best interest.
    Jesus has interest in your soul, his investment, eternal, like the potter the clay to mold, as paper in exchange for gold, this deal is eternal, with joys untold.

  46. Socialism at it’s best! The President works for “We The People” not the other way around! All Americans must rebel against this fake president and resist the vaccine at all costs!! The government is trying to push this vaccine on all people and not because the virus is dangerous like they claim, but rather to control people and to condition Americans to be submissive to government rather than government to be submissive to “We The People” as outlined in our constitution! They are trying to destroy our democracy! All Doctors, nurse practitioner’s, and nurses need to walk off the job! Truck drivers need to park their vehicles! All Contractor’s need to stop working! All schools need to go on strike, All businesses with more than 100 employees should lay-off their employees temporarily and close their doors until this president learns a lesson! Mandating Vaccine requirements violates our constitution and must be stopped at all costs! Come on America get tough and let’s fight and take our country back from these left wing liberals who are trying to take away our freedoms!!

  47. A pandemic of the UNVAXED?


    IT is YOU that is unacceptable

  48. I’ve been off work for 9 months. Biden just keeps paying me so why go back? Hey you guys voted him in, just enjoying the policy! Your hard earned tax dollars right down the drain, well I did enjoy ever last penny of it though

    If you don’t like it, don’t vote Biden

  49. Amazing how many people whine in these comments. Get vaccinated. Stop whining.

  50. Screw him. He means nothing

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