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Vegan advocate smeared herself in menstrual blood

Tash staged a nude protest/YouTube

A Vegan activist protested naked.

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PERTH — Covid has everybody losing their damn mind. Tash Peterson, a vegan activist in Western Australia, was thrown in the slammer after she stormed a Louis Vuitton store naked while smeared with her own menstrual blood. Yuck! That’s disgusting! The nauseating ordeal went down August 21st in front of shoppers at the designer boutique in Perth. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Tash barge into the store holding a sign to protest what she calls the “animal holocaust.” There were ass and titties everywhere. The recalcitrant damsel yelled, “If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser.” Tash was covered with her own period discharge while wearing a thong only. The goal entailed raising awareness of animal abuse with a nude fulmination. Mission accomplished.

“I think it was my most powerful, disruptive protest yet,” she explained to the Daily Mail. “It’s important for me to be as creative as possible so more people see my message — the moment my clothes come off, I get more attention.”

Tash, who goes by the moniker “Vegan Booty,” was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct which makes her a repeat offender. If you recall, the bolshie chick once poured blood on the floor in KFC.

Do you agree with Tash’s stance?

Is it time to give up hamburgers and fried chicken?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She thinks that she is doing the right thing for the animals but she is actually being a useless disgusting human being like wtf

  2. There is nothing better in this world than a nice double cheeseburger

  3. Imagine the horrible stench of period blood that would’ve polluted the air of that Louis Vuitton store. The store looks poorly ventilated.

  4. why would u do that little jimmy could be watching plus ur ABSOLUTELY INSANE AND ABSURD

  5. Seriously, girl, stop being a jerk. You aren’t doing yourself or Veganism a favor here…

  6. my mom is making chicken should she make fried chicken or make chicken curry

  7. I support vegans and stuff but I’m not vegan.

    I eat meat to survive I’m sorry

  8. People who buy unethical designer brands like Luis Vuitton are just repulsive & disgusting! Expensive crap don’t make you beautiful, in fact it makes your soul black, especially when other humans, animals and our earth have to pay for your fashion! Power to ya gal, all the animals that were murdered for fashion applaud you.


  10. This chick is disgusting. Period blood is even worse that regular blood. This woman needs to be in jail. This sounds like some weird sexual fetish she has.

  11. When vegans compare the Holocaust to animals makes me feel horrible to think that they compare the victims to pigs. So many victims were killed in the chambers and family’s were torn from each other and never seen again. If they keep comparing the victims to pigs I’m sorry I won’t support the movement

  12. Love how she can walk naked in the streets but as soon as I do it I’m registered as a sex offender

  13. She’s crazy. Just stop. What if there are children in the store? This will scar them for life.

  14. I comment from both sides of me – my darker side (carnal male) says I eat meat please come and protest on my doorstep. My more dominant side (christian) says God wants us to regard our bodies as sacred and not to expose them to anyone other than my spouse or when necessary medical professionals, so for your own sake please cover up. He also says it’s ok to eat meat (animals) but to do so sparingly. At the same time the animals should be looked after properly and prepared for meals as respectfully as possible. Perhaps your message should be tempered along those lines and given in a way that doesn’t detract from the message ie respectfully dressed. There’s no future in disagreeing with God. David.

  15. Guys I have terrible news……………. I’m out of chicken, bacon, beef, and fish 😭 Help me!!

  16. If you eat meat you are supporting this holocaust, it is true. If you love animals you don’t fuckin do this. If you eat meat you are an animal abuser and torturer and killer. Biggest truth ever. Wake up people

  17. I hate animal rights activists. You cant save animals by protest. That just makes them mad and will sell more meat. And we humans will continue eating meat. OUR BODY OUR CHOICE. YOUR MAKING ME CRAVE MEAT WHEN YOU STRIKE

  18. It’s women like her, that make people hate vegans.
    I think the way that she promote veganism is disgusting and disrespectful.
    The only reason people give her any attention is because she is half naked/naked all the time and that’s what people are focusing on.
    I find it fascinating that she’s vegan, when she is in the porn industry. (Onlyfans)
    The pornography Industry makes millions of dollars in child pornography each year and are responsible for human trafficking which includes children.
    So she doesn’t eat meat, milk or eggs because it’s abuse against animals, including rape.
    But she supports an industry that abuses women and children and rapes them.
    She is a walking contradiction.
    She should take her own advice and do more research, but on the porn industry.

  19. Question:
    Why won’t Vegans moan during sex?

    Because they refuse to admit that a piece of meat makes them happy!

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