Vaccine Rant: SNL alum Jim Breuer says mandatory vaccinations are segregation

Breuer is friends with Dave Chappelle/YouTube

Jim Breuer slams vaccine mandate.

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NEW YORK — “Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer ruffled some feathers the other day when he said he won’t perform at any venue that requires patrons to get doses of Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine. Many businesses require proof of vaccination prior to ingress. But Jim ain’t having it. In his mind, it’s segregation. The “Half Baked” star made the fiery announcement via Facebook Live. “Two quick updates on shows that you may think you may be getting tickets to or you already have tickets to: The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey — not doing it,” the 54-year-old comedian said in the video.

“Also the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan, due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccinations — to prove you’re vaccinated, to prove you’ve had a shot. I’m absolutely not doing those shows.”

Jim realizes he’s forfeiting a boatload of mazuma. But he don’t give a damn. It ain’t about the money, it’s the principle. “What these establishments are doing are wrong,” Jim fumed. “What this dictatorship is doing is wrong. … I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved by the system or by money, and nor should anyone that wants to laugh or be entertained.”

“I have to stick with my morals,” he continued. “I have to stick with what I know is right. As a human to another human, when you have to be forced, bribed, dictated — which is basically what is going on. … No matter what your feelings are in it — I don’t care if you’re vaccinated. That’s great. It’s a choice.”

Jim also said he’d rather “go bankrupt and make a stance and not segregate.”

Do you agree with his stance?

Is it time for American men to stop being bitches and fight for freedom?

Watch Jim’s epic rant.

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  1. Always loved Jim Breuer, he always came across to me as real and not full of shit like so many other celebrities. He’s the goatboy

  2. Good for you Jim👍. Glad to see people taking this step.

  3. Thomas Sterling

    Dude has Principle. Respect, and if he comes near my town ill come pay homage to this man. Loved him in half baked.

  4. Valerie Bledsoe

    We stand with you Jim and thank you for standing with us👍🙏

  5. You just found a way to give your career a shot in the arm. Bozo doing goat noises for other bozos.

  6. What a shitty unfunny pipsqueak will do for attention as his peers die like shitflys. Go get em Jim!

  7. Absolutely love this guy! Real comedians are our last bastion against silencing free speech.


  9. God bless you. Thank you for standing against this evil.

  10. Irepair of Pc /31 family kart racing

    Dude stays high all the time. Just look at his eyes. No wonder he can’t process rational thought. I’m sure he likes some things from big pharma from the looks of him.

  11. An snl reject whose career tanked 20 years ago is lecturing about public health?….funniest thing he’s done since goatboy

  12. Jim is legendary

  13. The Bewitching Hour

    I haven’t watched SNL in forever but I saw the headline on this story and had to search Jim out. Digging what he’s dishing out. We do not have to be enslaved to the government or money. God will provide.

  14. Spencer T Herren

    @Adam Frank: This isn’t for fame, money, or popularity. You missed the whole point. Sheep.

  15. They are getting ready to take my job in the public school system because I do not want the vaccine. Good for him!

  16. The vax is DEMONIC to the core

  17. Jim breuer is a fuggin legend! Teaching the other coward comedians lessons of life! Nuremberg #2 Hang every one of these pedophiles who orchestrated this scamdemic! Sometimes violence is the answer 1776

  18. SO SICK.OF MORONIC COVIDIOTS. No one is being forced to get vaccinated you BLITHERING IDIOT! What there is, are consequences for not getting vaccinated. People with working brains don’t want to be exposed to your dangerous idiot ass! F**k off.

  19. Their chickens are now marching home to roost, expect these slugs to get very desperate in the coming months when their lies and fraud collapses in all around themselves and God help them when it does. No army or police ” force ” will stand in the way of the people when it becomes so obvious what these disgusting slugs have done.

  20. Always loved Jim Breuer, he always came across to me as real and not full of shit like so many other celebrities. He’s the goatboy

  21. How fucking high on God is this dipshit? Love his comedy but his God talk is a JOKE. 90% of celebrities are SCUMBAGS.

  22. I’m pro vaccine generally speaking, I work in healthcare and have seen the positive effect it has had. But I am 100% against mandating the vaccine or restricting those who haven’t had the vaccine. People have legitimate reasons to question. There are people who have been advised by doctors to not have the vaccine at this time, such as those who have a history of anaphylaxis, or other medical condition where there just isn’t sufficient data yet. Others are just waiting for more clarification as there has been a lot of conflicting reports and misinformation from both sides. I am confident in my belief that the vast majority of those who aren’t vaccinated are those who are sitting there going “well, which is it then?”.
    By trying to force these people by mandate or restriction will only serve to decrease their trust and in my opinion will only cause more harm than good.

  23. My university just came out saying that you have to be vaccinated or you can’t attend school next semester. What would you say about that? School is important to me, and I don’t want to drop out because of a vaccination. I don’t have much against the vaccine…except that people who don’t want it are demonized and immediately seen as insane or ignorant. Even the before taking the vaccine, You’re told of the risks, what is so wrong with deciding that taking those risks are not of worth to you?

  24. Don'tBelieveTheHype IXXI

    Where I work, there’s always propaganda to read while on the toilet 🚽. The latest says there is no cure or treatment for COVID. Only a safe and effective vaccine. So if you get sick you’re supposed to go get vaccinated?? It’s all bullshit for the NWO. Depopulation and sterilization and mind control. The ‘new normal’.


  26. Cite a single example of one vaccine gone wrong and boom it’s an issue 🤯
    Plus … I guess Jim B never heard of polio or tetanus… but hey I agree 💉 should not be mandated
    Just understand the risk and the risk you present for your loved ones

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