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Subway employee pistol-whipped an armed robber

Araceli Sotelo kicked some ass/TikTok

Subway worker pummels robber.

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ROCKFORD — Authorities in Illinois are investigating after a Subway employee pistol-whipped a robbery suspect. The ass-whuppin’ took place September 5th inside the deli in Rockford. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Araceli Sotelo wrestling with the hooded robber as she screamed for help. “He kind of just showed me his gun, and I was like freaking out,” she told WTVO. “[He said] ‘give me all the money … give me everything before I hurt you.’” Araceli then grabbed the scrawny malefactor and put him in a headlock. The corpulent damsel used her big tits to subdue him. “He was smaller than me, so I have that advantage,” she explained. “I could at least put my weight on him, push him, or something.” During the scuffle, the assailant’s gun fell to the floor.

That’s when Araceli picked it up and beat him with it.

“He dropped it trying to hold onto my purse and I end up pulling his sweatshirt off him,” she recounted. “He wanted me to give him back his gun and his clothes. [Instead] I just hit him on the head with it, [because] that is what he was doing to me.”

Araceli posted leaked footage of the encounter on her TikTok page and fans absolutely love it. The video has already drawn millions of views. But management ain’t amused. Araceli was suspended indefinitely. Her boss told her, “If every one of these videos are not taken offline, you will be suspended.”

Ain’t that a bitch?

Araceli laid her life on the line for the restaurant and this is how they treat her?

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Good ol corporate america!!
    Get hired to make somebody else rich.
    You work for them until they figure out a way to fire you and keep you from any life long benefits…..smh!!

  2. That poor criminal was only trying to get his next drug fix. That woman was wrong for defending herself. How dare she stands up for herself instead of protecting the criminal like the politicians do. They have more rights and privileges than law abiding people.

  3. subway owner must be a democrat cause he cares more about criminals then he does the employees, im sure the owner will have a statement calling the guy a victim and he had no choice to steal , america is going to the drain real fast

  4. Stores don’t want your to fight back because if you end up getting killed your family will more than likely sue. Should’ve just gave the little money in the register and offered him a free sammich. Clearly he’s broke

  5. Let’s go Rob this subway atleast we know the employees won’t fight back anymore 🙂 and the manager will side with us instead of their employees.

  6. She’s lucky. You can tell that dude wasn’t a real hardened criminal, just from the way he let her bum-rush him while he’s holding a gun in his hand. I have a feeling the gun was either fake, or didn’t have any bullets in it.
    Either way, good for her. She gets to move on and start fresh somewhere else. Probably didn’t need to be in that type of job environment anyway.

  7. Sue them!!! Call an attorney. If you are reading this Please DO NOT SUPPORT Subway. Obviously money is more important than this womans life, so hit them where it hurts and don’t give them your money. Only then will they change or go out of business. Great move Rockford Illinois Subway Franchise Owner giving corporate bad PR. I hope corporate cancels you like you did to this victim who gets paid nothing to make you rich.

  8. I’d have done the same who wants to die for trash sandwiches, she didn’t and I’m glad she survived they lucky she didn’t jack a round in the head and dump on him cause had she had a bit more melanin he woulda gotta stretched out like a lawn chair. Subway got some nerve.

  9. She’s up there trying to protect Subway’s money, and ended up getting HER money stole. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. I can’t believe you can get suspended or fired from work by just defending your self. What is this world coming to

  11. “He wanted me to give back his gun, I just hit him in the head with it.”
    Give her back her job! She’s a bad ass!!!

  12. My goodness. Please fact check. She was suspended for not following policy which states that if the establishment is robbed not to engage in any physical contact with the robber. But corporate messed up royally because at no point during opening or closing no employees should be alone. It should have been at least 2 people in the store but it was just her because companies are severely short staffed because of the pandemic.

  13. Risk your life for a minimum wage job only to get sacked. If she was protecting herself, go for yours. Some robber, the woman took him down, he couldn’t even do that right. Walk away, that line of business is not for you.

  14. Where’s her gofundme I hope she gets enough for a new phone + enough to take off work for a few months, fuck subway n their mid ass sandwiches

  15. 🖕🏿Subway .. she was fighting to save her life stupid asses .. let me find out they hired this punk to rob her and it didn’t go as planned because why fire her what did she do wrong I tell ya these restaurants don’t give a damn they easily would replace in a blink of an eye

  16. She got Fired for Defending Her Life America gives More Rights to the Criminals then the Victims –

    i would Hire Her in a Heartbeat if i had it like that

  17. I would have been like… here’s the money and would you like a sub with that? Just let me know which toppings. Hell, here… take a cookie too!

  18. @Starrr: “What do you want on your sub” while my toe dials 911…

  19. Meanwhile dusty old suits claiming welfare is the reason these businesses are short staffed and facing closure. NO, it’s things like this that make people say not even for a raise would i put up with this treatment.

  20. Subway is shit product and management. Never again will I defile my mouth giving them money.

  21. The firing had more to do with her posting the actual security footage to the internet and not the attack. She was justified in whooping his azzzz though. I don’t understand why she posted it and felt the world needed to see it.

  22. Total bullshit. The company should have stood up for her. Her life was in danger and they threw her under the bus. Thank goodness she was able to defend herself, since her company wimped out…..

  23. It’s so sad because people can say that Subway has policies and she knew that. But because she was at work, self defense should not apply to this matter ? So throw away her will to stay alive, because she clocked into work ? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m Happy and proud of her that she fought because we could be saying RIP or get better..

  24. There’s no way she wins a lawsuit here. Subway has there policy’s and you have to follow them. Emotions don’t count in court

  25. Fuck Subway, they’re sandwiches are trash anyway. I think this woman deserves a better job.

  26. I will no longer go to Subway.
    I can’t believe they suspended her for simply posting the video. I don’t care what their excuse is.
    Here you have this brave young woman trying to defend herself and keep this robber from robbing subway and all they can do is SUSPEND her???!!! THATS MESSED UP.
    No way will I ever eat there again.

  27. She said he is littler than me. I can take him lol. How tf u go in to rob a girl and she bullies the fuck out of you? Just wait til the boys hear what he’s in jail for

  28. This is the America we live in now. Punished for saving your own life. Profits over people I guess. Fucking SAD!!!

  29. I’ll remember this story every time I think of eating at a Subway….No thanks!!! You go girl! Greater is on its way…screw subway and their overpriced sammiches!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they have life insurance policies on all of the employees…. sounds like they mad she survived and messed up their bag. Shame on You Subway!!!! That’s some evil and vindictive shishhhh….I smell a trail to the LOVE of Money! 🤔

  30. The only thing she did wrong was she didn’t shoot him after she got his gun.

  31. They should take some kind of punishment themselves for making a women work alone then for punishing her for something out of her control 😒 man FUCK SUBWAY

  32. The owners are cowards. I would give her a bonus and buy her a firearm and pay her to go take gun safety classes and get CWP. Have a big sign on the front door that says, “Caution, all employees are strapped.”

  33. Just hand over the money, drawer, and entire register if you have to. Most big corps don’t give a shit about the ground floor worker so why should people try and keep others from robbing the store?

  34. she straight up pistol whipped him with his own gun! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! personally i would have shot him.. to pistol whip him instead is SAVAGE

  35. I’m dying laughing. This robber needs to find a new profession. What a fail.

  36. I can not believe that the manager would in these circumstances suspend Ariceli after the bravery she showed, she should not only be promptly reinstated but for her gallantry should be promoted to a much higher position and the one that should be fired is the one that made the decision to suspend her, she put her life on the line for this company and look at the way they rewarded her, WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS, Point of interest to SUBWAY, she does not get reinstated immediately we won’t buy your product, now put that in your pipe and smoke it, THIS IS THE LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE………………………………

  37. I’m not buying Subway anymore. I buy a sandwich at least once a wk.

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