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Gay rapper Lil Nas X told parents “F*ck your kids!”

Lil Nas X kisses football player/YouTube

Lil Nas X debut album is trash.

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NEW YORK — Lil Nas X’s debut album, “Montero,” came out Friday morning but his new music video“That’s What I Want” — stole the show. The lewd conception shows the homosexual rapper tongue-kissing a football player before ripping off his uniform for mo’ gridiron foreplay coupled with locker room copulation. But Nas certainly deserves credit for at least using a condom. The 22-year-old artist appeared on “The Breakfast Club” earlier this week to promote the album and DJ Envy asked him to respond to pissed-off parents who want him censored for promulgating a “gay agenda” to kids. Nas didn’t bite his tongue. The way he sees it, he’s not responsible for raising your bad ass children. “F*ck your kids!” he fumed. “We really get one chance to do this [life] at least to my knowledge, I don’t know what, like, happens when we die or whatnot. So it’s like — I’m not about to pander to your kids or you. Or, like, anybody.”

“I even have to do this with my family members,” Nas continued. “You know, like, ’cause my family members may not always agree with what I’m doing. Or whoever I’m dating, they may not agree, but it’s like, I honestly, really, truly wanna live by, you know, this is our life we get. We have to do this sh*t, so f*ck what anybody else has to really say about it, I guess.”

You heard the man… er… woman.

He said “f*ck your kids!”

Prior to giving Satan a lap dance, Nas was exalted as being a child-friendly rapper.

That’s obviously no longer the case.

Watch the interview and new music video.

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  1. Who really cares what Nas x say when all the other rapper’s have a death rap coming out every damn day we as a culture still listen to learn how to kill each other now a days the people who shares your color is the opp let Nas x represent the kids that feel differently and hell most parents been saying FTK anyways

  2. What the hell is the 🌎 coming to🤦? Wait a minute; did I just answer my own question!?! It’s going to HELL👀


  4. He’s a sweet young intelligent black man. I wish him all the best in his career. He’s truly breaking so many barriers for other young LGBT people who really need a star that reflects them.

  5. The breakfast club is joke. They will try and check any masculinity… Wake-up people there is an agenda the powers that be are targeting our children.

  6. I really like this interview it shows who lil nas x is we all tell our kids they can be anything they want LETS LEARN TO RESPECT ✊🏾 WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO JUST BE FREE BEING THEIRSELVES GAY STRAIGHT TRANSGENDER listen you can’t be understood unless you understand PERIOD ! Be blessed show love 🙏✌️❤️

  7. He’s dishonest. He went on Sesame Street, went to the elementary schools, and then he wrote a damn kid’s book—then wanna talk about “It ain’t my fault your kids listen to me.” We see you, Nas. You can’t play everyone for a fool.

  8. First Covid-19 wiped out a lot of black people but this right here “ *#uck yo kids” mentality is far more lethal SAD 😢

  9. They pass this boy around in Hollywood. I feel sorry for his parents. He has no dignity or self worth. He’s a puppet with no brain.

  10. This dude has ZERO TALENT it doesn’t have shit to do with him being “Moist” black people accepted lil Richard luther vandross etc they had talent he doesn’t he just a white LGBT executive implant to push their agenda to the kids

  11. It’s amazing how the media is so slick with manipulation! It took them somewhat of 35 years and Obama to switch societies thinking! Back then being black, gay and Satanic wouldn’t have been career suicide! Lil Nas X would be under FBI investigation! Now being black, gay and satanic is so cool! Lil Nas X is the face of Hip Hop! Now because of Lil Nas X our toddler boys, Big Kid Boys and Teenage young men! Will have cross dressing options like nice skirts, dresses, lower cut v-necks, leggings with matching purses! Lil Nas X is Hip Hop! As Hip Hop goes does the fashion! Hop Hip sets the standard for generations to come!

  12. I’m surprised the Nation of Islam is not making him change his name, dropping the “X”. You know Malcolm x and then Louis X also now known as Louis Farrakhan. Just wondering, because Lil Nas is going after our children and the X is meant to blacken his non constructive behavior that is actually more destructive than any threat we face today. Respectfully just a thought.

  13. Lil Nas X discovered that you can ride on things other than horses

  14. I guess I just looked at this different. When I heard him say it, it was like he just told people actually what I been saying for years. Stop letting your kids worship, idolize, and make heroes out of people they just see on tv/internet. You should be your kids heroes, and who they want to mimic not some random dude people know nothing about. It’s like when the Roc first started the State Property stuff and all the younger cousin flew to buy their stuff, imitating them as if this was solely their way of life.

  15. I hate to quote movie quotes but “With great power comes great responsibilities” comes to mind in regards to this. I think it was Moranic for him to even say that but I really think that the whole purpose of his career was to influence and then corrupt the minds of the youths. It’s something more to Nas X that people are not realizing what’s going on with music today and how it is affecting the younger generation. That is why it is important, especially in the black community to monitor your children’s actions because back in the day this would not fly. It’s only 3 types of Rappers that are on Mainstream. Gangsta, Suicidal, or Gender. And they all influence the young minority Children. And we as a parent fail to teach our children how to tell this because we are blinded by the music and not hearing the Hidden messages in these songs.

  16. Lil Nas X, as trifling as he is, was just being honest and said what most of these entertainers feels about our kids…That it’s not their responsibility to be an example for anyone else’s but their own…In a way I can agree with that statement, although I don’t agree with Lil Nas X delivery methods…But I mean, that’s to be expected from an ugly mug, who just gotta do the most, in his mind…Cause, he knows that otherwise he wouldn’t have ever gotten a first look, much less a second glance if he wasn’t Lil Nas X..
    As parents of underaged children, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to monitor, and lay down the law on what it or isn’t appropriate for your kids to watch and/or listen to…As parents, we’re the ones who brought them into the world…Not the rappers, singers, and/or entertainers..

  17. This is today’s strong black man 😂 LOL ! He has a double advantage to getting his message across #1 he’s black so he can say whatever he wants to & get away with it and #2 he’s gay so he can say whatever he wants to & get away with it . NO one is going to speak out against him because NO one wants to get accused of being a racist or homophobic , after all you can get CANCELLED from social media , have people protesting at your house and or job & fired from your job for that . Look at the monster you have created & watch for the monsters yet to come who point to him as their inspiration !

  18. When God kicked Satan out of heaven. He let him roam the 4 corners of the earth to see who he can convince to follow him. This is no surprise at all this World promotes Sin. He’s a part of the World and not the Body of Christ he’s acting just like his leader THE DEVIL!

  19. @Bigsimpd H: Amen!!! He Will Live To Regret His Actions!!! But, This Is Him…He Doesn’t Know Who He Is … And YES!! It Is A PART Of This GREAT AGENDA!!..He Is LOST****But, He Knows What He Is Doing??Amen, It’s cUp To US. As PARENTS To Stay Away From This FREAK-SHOW… He Was A Kid… Once!!!STAY FAR-FAR AWAY from Him And His Likes!!! Let Him Keep His HANDS On The DEVIL, Who Welcomes Him..PEACE n FAITH!!!🙏🏾

  20. Honestly dude is not responsible for my kids. The fux your kids comment was wrong af but he is entitled to his opinion like anyone else. Be a parent and monitor your kids or someone else will 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. Lil nas X was that the same freak of nature that was advertising the nike satanic devil shoes ? Curse him, the devil is busy!!!.🙄😶😑 All praises and glory to the most high YAHWEH. 👑🙏

  22. He Is A Puppet..His Strings Are Being Pulled By Evil..But He Will Pay Heavily Come Judgement Day!!

  23. When I see him all I see is the face of a demonic spirit. People need to open their spiritual eyes.

  24. F**k the Breakfast Club!!! They are some complete sell outs! They were not bothered by his statement with their scart asses!

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