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Gay rapper Lil Nas X told parents “F*ck your kids!”

Lil Nas X kisses football player/YouTube

Lil Nas X debut album is trash.

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NEW YORK — Lil Nas X’s debut album, “Montero,” came out Friday morning but his new music video“That’s What I Want” — stole the show. The lewd conception shows the homosexual rapper tongue-kissing a football player before ripping off his uniform for mo’ gridiron foreplay coupled with locker room copulation. But Nas certainly deserves credit for at least using a condom. The 22-year-old artist appeared on “The Breakfast Club” earlier this week to promote the album and DJ Envy asked him to respond to pissed-off parents who want him censored for promulgating a “gay agenda” to kids. Nas didn’t bite his tongue. The way he sees it, he’s not responsible for raising your bad ass children. “F*ck your kids!” he fumed. “We really get one chance to do this [life] at least to my knowledge, I don’t know what, like, happens when we die or whatnot. So it’s like — I’m not about to pander to your kids or you. Or, like, anybody.”

“I even have to do this with my family members,” Nas continued. “You know, like, ’cause my family members may not always agree with what I’m doing. Or whoever I’m dating, they may not agree, but it’s like, I honestly, really, truly wanna live by, you know, this is our life we get. We have to do this sh*t, so f*ck what anybody else has to really say about it, I guess.”

You heard the man… er… woman.

He said “f*ck your kids!”

Prior to giving Satan a lap dance, Nas was exalted as being a child-friendly rapper.

That’s obviously no longer the case.

Watch the interview and new music video.

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  1. He’s not going to be around long. Look for him working at your local car wash soon. Disgusting! 😑

  2. This is not normal and neither is he.. demonic to say the least👿👿👿👿☢️

  3. He’s such a nasty vile person but just know that kids become the adults u damage them to b or nurture them to be this dude and the men who do him are an abomination ughhh

  4. I’m not a fan of his, however what he said is not as bad as children actually singing the “throat baby” song!! Like children are actually singing this song…. Which means 🗣🗣🗣🗣 sorry parents are letting their young children listen to this explicit adult content, or not explaining to them why they can’t or shouldn’t listen to it. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. As a child I didn’t want sexuality being forced on me or seen in television. I just wanted to be a child watching cartoons. As a woman I stil do not want to see sexual acts it’s explicit and disrespectful. Why do we see more sexuality everywhere but never see how to achieve academically, it’s a waste of time.

  6. Yo he’s right it’s not his job to raise your kids.. just like when sir Charles said it decades ago ” I am not a role model”. Raise your own kids..

  7. Notice: Those white parents have removed them out of their Country community. Only Black people accept this type of this stuff.

  8. I’m glad he said it, people need to wake up and realize what they’re giving their kids to ingest. It makes me sick to hear some of the lyrics I hear children repeating. Grown folks music should be for grown folks. He and every other artist shouldn’t have to censor themselves, because parental guardians, want him to babysit their kid!

  9. Naz X, wasn’t talking that crap when he was coming up!! He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing; as the saying goes. He needs to shut up & sit down!! 😒

  10. Personally, I would love to tell you The Truth from The Holy Bible about what is going on. However, I politely encourage you to read it for yourselves. By The Way, check out Truthunedited and Stephan Darby’s sermons to get a deeper understanding for The Life. May Yah bless you and PRAISE YAHAWASHI!

  11. They found the perfect “i’ll do it” black guy for their minstrel show….

  12. Gayer than the 1st Sunday in May

    What fool listens to his nonsense anyway?

  13. ” America eats it’ s babies” – Tupac Shakur
    If you wasn’t blk you would think the whole blk commuity in America was 🌈 when you watch tv its either us killing each other or us being real sassy
    They are killing the blk masculinity image .

  14. Man f#:&” liil nas x. Him and the alphabet community go against nature but nature will correct itself

  15. The man said F.. your kids. You all support this behavior so the man said what he said

  16. So it’s clear that black people have absolutely no power to shut this worm down.

  17. Good on you lil nas X! I support you 100% but I bet 99.9% of the people in the comment section are homophobes.

  18. he got popular through the kids going to schools and talking to children.

  19. Well it’s official, cut him loose. Don’t support this wicked devil. DO NOT ENTERTAIN HIM OR PUT ANY MORE MONEY IN HIS POCKETS! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. Lil Nas X is right, he is not responsible for raising y’all bad ass kids…Y’all the ones that was fucking & brought them into this world…Now raise them & stop blaming BET, Lil Nas X or anybody else for ur lack of parenting…

  21. Who really shock 😱 tho. He kept it 100. This what most of all if them say. They just don’t say it. They be politically correct about it. Which was his follow up. When he said u only get to do this once in a life time. Its his life. He not to blame its the machine behind him pushing this type of shyt. Coming from the hood growing up apart of gang culture then visiting my family down south seeing they was so lost and or so intrigued with 21 question to me about whats it really like and is what they heard true or false. Shiiid i Never agreed or like the facts rappers glorified it. I get it rep your hood but also explain why its not cool for those who not from it to start it. Well look how that all turned out. 50 states even over seas crips or bloods or something. 🤷🏽 it is what it is out here in life. Best thing u can do is be the best parents you can and pray 🙏 your kids aren’t followers.

  22. I personally think when he said it the way he said it, it was like he tired of ppl chastising him for them not parenting. At this point y’all seen montero 5-6 months ago, if you’re still following him that’s on you.

  23. That lil faagggggg lil nas x wouldn’t be able to breathe in the 90s he would have been run out of the industry. These goofies now embrace this queen smh.

  24. Myst be nice to be protected by the Gay Hollywood Mafia. And to all these so called gangsta rappers/trap house/drill/ etc, funny you can say anything negative about black people, and say you will kill, beat up sell drugs, and pimp, but you can’t say anything about gheys, j3ws. Lil Nas X just said phawk y’all kids. If that ain’t telling us he is giving ZERO phawks, I don’t know what to tell you. If you are a good parent y’all need to talk to your kids about this BS they trying to push on our kids.

  25. Parents are so entitled these days, no one gives a fuck about your kids, except for you. Y’all are really expecting celebrities to put your child’s interests in front of their own…give me a break LOL.

  26. “Lil [email protected] (se)X ” Is Indeed A Talentless,Walking Trash Can With Teeth,But In Fairness, If ANY PARENT Has Let Their Kids Listen To Or Watch Him Since He “Came Out” And Told(And Showed) EVERYONE Exactly What He’s On They Need Their Feet Held Over The Fire As Well. This Dude (And People Who Promote/Cosign Him) Disgusts Me.

  27. This man is not free. He is bound in the deception of Satan…. unless he knows that already and letting it happen

  28. I feel so sorry for him 😢 !!!!!!!!!!! Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. It IS the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids are watching, listening to, & who they’re around. Your kids are your kids not theirs. It’s not the artists fault you allow your kids to listen or idolize people that are negative influences. That would be your negligence as a parent.

  30. This fool here. What profits it a man to gain the world but lose his soul? Praying God reaches this perverter of children’s souls.🙏

  31. F*ck yo kids, it’s nobodies responsibility to protect your children but you as parents. Do your job as parents and maybe your children won’t grow up doing the wrong things. Half the people who criticize these artist and their music, curse, smoke, drink and do all kinds of crazy things around their children.. I don’t even think y’all care about your kids, you just want to judge and gossip.

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