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Shemeka Michelle wants Mandingo over pink penis

Shemeka joined Jason’s show/YouTube

Shemeka Michelle joined “Fearless.” 

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NASHVILLE — “Keep It Naked” author Shemeka Michelle raised eyebrows on Tuesday when she said black men and black women should keep copulation in-house and cease interracial dating pronto. The whilom exotic dancer also excoriated homosexuals like Lil Nas X and Billy Porter, saying they’re undeserving of female status because they have dicks. Shemeka uttered the alarming remarks during an appearance on Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless” show via YouTube. It’s her assertion that single ladies should be more docile and feminine instead of exhibiting manly “dyke behavior.” When asked to give her two cents on swirling couples, Shemeka didn’t mince words. “I have white men ask me out all the time,” she explained. “But I can’t imagine riding a pink penis.” Shemeka believes the key to rescuing faltered relationships starts with men emulating Django versus acting like Kunta Kinte.

“I think the solution is really just men standing up and being men,” she said. “You don’t need to bend to our will. If you look at what has happened in society we are a bunch of sissies now because of men trying to bend to the will of women and appease women. We need to stop doing that.”

“Again, women need to get on board with what’s happening or they need to get out the way and it’s really just that simple,” Shemeka continued. “You don’t need to bend to our will any longer. A woman wants a man who is stern, who is firm, who is comfortable in his authority. That’s what we really want deep down. Sometimes women choose a man who is incompetent to make herself seem more competent. But a real woman, or a woman that’s worth your time and energy, wants you to walk in that authority.”

Shemeka, a quondam minister, also said women “were put here for men, not the other way around.”

Do you share her sentiment?

Is it bad to date outside the race?

Watch the show.

Shemeka joins the broadcast at the 1:05:00 mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Well Shemecka does not mince words. Near the end she is asked about dating outside her race. She describes the color of some white males anatomy😱.

  2. Enjoyed Shemeka Michelle. A little too edgy and off the deep end with the language. But her thinking is quite good.

  3. @Darren Mahoney: Why is skin tone more important then chemistry between two people?

  4. “I can’t imagine riding a pink penis.” Hilarious!!!!😂😂😂😂

  5. Remember white girls….Once you go black…White boys dont want you back….

  6. Everyone is free to date who they want. For gods sake already.

  7. I date white!! and Dammit, I’m going to keep dating and having Great bedroom gymnastic sex with them with an occasional actual outing such as a restaurant or maybe the casino……FACTS!!!

  8. Black American women should NOT initially go for black American men. I strongly encourage young black women to check for men of other races/backgrounds before dating a black American man. A black American man should only be a black woman’s second or third choice. If Black American women want to date a black man, they should go for an African or an Islander first.

  9. Black men get married at a higher rate then black women. Black women talk to much.

  10. Shemeka said black women nag too much……. I agree😂😂😂


  12. 🛑🛑🛑ATTENTION BLACK WOMEN,! You are MOST better off FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY with a white man or no man of color, who genuinely adores you and appreciates you! A man who supports your well-being, your dreams, your goals, your aspirations, your inspirations, your health, your healthy mind, your security, your stability, your career goals, your passions, your hobbies, your good, bad and in between! Not saying that other races are perfect, BUT IT’S FOR DAMN SURE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH IN TIMES PAST AND IN TIMES PRESENT AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO IT WILL BE AND IT SHALL BE YOUR FUTURE! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️💯💯

  13. I like all women I don’t care what skin color they have because that’s all it is is color there all Human. To go for a Woman because of their skin color is shallow.

  14. When we make it to heaven is God going to see us as black, white, hispanic, asian, etc…? If God is not going to care who we are but what good have we done. Why should I? If a PERSON treats me right she is what I want to send the rest of life with.

  15. Most successful Black men I know and have seen in greater American society, by far prefer to date and marry Black women.

  16. Come on bruh this is bs. Almost 60% of marriages end in divorce and almost 80% are initiated by women. Second only 1 in 4 black women will marry in their life time. White women 2 in 4 will marry in their life time. The problem is their damn standards are to damn high. By the time they realize it they have already hit the wall. Men hit their financial peak around mid 40s early fifties so something has to give on their standards.

  17. ATTENTION BLACK WOMEN: Y’all have attitudes, can’t tell you anything, and no peace. Everyone is saying it. Y’all just not listening bc y’all don’t care about us. That’s why we “escape” from y’all. Real talk most of the other men DO NOT want y’all.

  18. Who is going to entertain a 400 year old enemy?
    Jews learn in 4 years! Black people can’t learn in 400 years??

  19. This is not just a blk woman problem white women do the same thing , never happy with their situation !

  20. Why does Jason Care? He spent all his time in Kansas City wobbling after blond white girls in strip clubs? Before FOX Sports told him to Fuck off, he was hopping in his car and running to Vegas to chase more white and Asian women. When he did refer to Black women it was in derogatory terms, like when he referred to Serena Williams as a BBW. Or when he excused the now rotting corpse (God is good) that is Don Imus for calling the Black women on the Rutgers basketball team “nappy headed hoes” and dismissed the protests of this racism by Black people as “playing the victim.” The only place he’ll be lauded is in spaces like this dominated by angry white males who worship the failed, one-term president that hopefully will be in the ground with Imus and rotting when it’s time to elect the next president.

  21. Shemeka Michelle is a former of everything who can’t remain or stay focused on anything…she’s all over the place, still trying to find herself and this is a role model who others should be following and listening to?

    She wasn’t called by God to be a minister, she called herself to be a minister, didn’t like it and got out of the ministry game…. the church hustle was not financially satisfying and financially productive enough.

    Her book cover, she’s completely naked, a completely naked former minister… once a stripper in mind, body and soul, always a stripper in mind, body and soul.

    That’s who she is….. her basic mental foundation and since Jason Whitlock has a obvious fetish for strippers and regularly attending strip clubs, that’s why he invited her on his show as a guest to talk about this particular subject and also to get himself, Uncle Jimmy and the other guest a cheap thrill.

  22. Oh my God, she is gorgeous. She would make a great sister – in – law for me. She would be good for my brother.

  23. She’s smart….
    Yet I’ll bet she still votes Democrat. So….
    Not that smart

  24. Man, I am a white dude, and I wish every white liberal woman could hear what Shemeka just said to see the scowl on ALL of those Karen’s faces. Priceless. Finally, a woman steps up in defense of MEN.

  25. She came with that unfiltered real shit. Respect to her. She sounds like she’s listened and/or read Thomas Sowell’s work. Nothing more important to black children is a stable black family with both parents. Again, respect to her

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