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Shemeka Michelle wants Mandingo over pink penis

Shemeka joined Jason’s show/YouTube

Shemeka Michelle joined “Fearless.” 

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NASHVILLE — “Keep It Naked” author Shemeka Michelle raised eyebrows on Tuesday when she said black men and black women should keep copulation in-house and cease interracial dating pronto. The whilom exotic dancer also excoriated homosexuals like Lil Nas X and Billy Porter, saying they’re undeserving of female status because they have dicks. Shemeka uttered the alarming remarks during an appearance on Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless” show via YouTube. It’s her assertion that single ladies should be more docile and feminine instead of exhibiting manly “dyke behavior.” When asked to give her two cents on swirling couples, Shemeka didn’t mince words. “I have white men ask me out all the time,” she explained. “But I can’t imagine riding a pink penis.” Shemeka believes the key to rescuing faltered relationships starts with men emulating Django versus acting like Kunta Kinte.

“I think the solution is really just men standing up and being men,” she said. “You don’t need to bend to our will. If you look at what has happened in society we are a bunch of sissies now because of men trying to bend to the will of women and appease women. We need to stop doing that.”

“Again, women need to get on board with what’s happening or they need to get out the way and it’s really just that simple,” Shemeka continued. “You don’t need to bend to our will any longer. A woman wants a man who is stern, who is firm, who is comfortable in his authority. That’s what we really want deep down. Sometimes women choose a man who is incompetent to make herself seem more competent. But a real woman, or a woman that’s worth your time and energy, wants you to walk in that authority.”

Shemeka, a quondam minister, also said women “were put here for men, not the other way around.”

Do you share her sentiment?

Is it bad to date outside the race?

Watch the show.

Shemeka joins the broadcast at the 1:05:00 mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Suitable, responsible black men, date African descent women from elsewhere, that’s just it.

  2. Who is this female? What credentials does she bring outside of another black woman just talking… SMH

  3. 👏🏿👏🏿Thank you my sister you get a round of applause for that cuz you spoke the truth about so-called black women

  4. Thank you and the problem is with a lot of so-called black women they’re very narcissistic materialistic and they love to downplay a good man sometimes I get sick of so-called black women but I love them too

  5. The problem is women live based on the opinions of other women. They get in these social media groups that are nothing but echo chambers and negatively influence each other. It’s rare that I don’t hear a woman regurgitating the talking points of other man hating women.

  6. What she said about riding a pink penis was dumb. I’m black and married an Italian man – born in Italy. Anyway, if you’re focused on race or who others are dating, you’re misfocused. Live your life on your own terms.

  7. Is Shemeka married? She has 3 kids and speaking with a lot of conviction. I hope she lives it.

  8. How do you destroy the culture….you destroy the community
    How do you destroy the community…you destroy the family
    How do you destroy the family.. you destroy the black man

    D*mn!😮😮😮..preach sista… PREACH! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Feminist killing the masculine man. Watch what your sons watch they are attacking our young mens minds. Hulu, Disney + for sure have feminist women in charge pushing the Agenda.

  10. God bless America.
    How hard it must be for a woman with this conviction on her heart to succeed in modern America.. I will be buying her book.
    What a wife and mother she must be.
    America would be wise to embrace her intestinal fortitude if nothing else.

  11. If the black community had more women like Shameka, we’ll be alot further along than further backwards from the time we had more marriages than whites.

  12. Bring that woman on permanently! She says everything I say watching the show

  13. Wow! I love this woman. She is the real deal. Women stay in your lane. Men man up and stop trying to be women.

  14. The left and the democRAT party does not approve approve Shemeka’s message. A happy black family with a mother and a father living in the same house and raising their kids together just might make the black community strong. The RATS want you married to the government and begging for handouts so you keep on voting for your slaveholders…the DEMONcrats.

  15. I love this woman. She’s also witty and very funny. She’d make a great school teacher. Also very gorgeous, if I’m allowed to say that.

  16. Shemeka is a star. What a strong woman. It’s so refreshing to hear a woman with traditional values!

  17. If I believed in women being President, I’d vote for Shemeka…finally, a woman who understands that Daddy heard you the first 7 times!

  18. duuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!

    Men have been screaming this for DECADES….they see it now?!?!

  19. I mean she went in and started throwing flames from start to finish💯. Whitlock had to stop her. She was just gonna keep going 🤣

  20. Jason, don’t nobody wanna hear your bull Fat Boy that’s why Fox let you go remember

  21. It’s not just black women, some Hispanic women are the same way. Especially the ones from the Caribbean. It’s sad but the families are falling apart because people don’t follow the laws of God. I think men are very basic and simple. When they get married they just want a companion for life. Women want someone to lean on. Men need women just as much as we need men. The problem is so many women today don’t like to admit that. They hate someone telling them that they have a role that they must fulfill. There is nothing wrong with a woman being married being LOYAL to her husband. So many today just Shack up with each other and never get legally married. They just wanna live in fornication so the moment something bad comes along that back door is open so they can bolt and go find another man to suck him dry of all his resources. And it’s true, I have 1 black friend from childhood who always said it was hard finding a good black man. I had to tell her the truth…. there are LOTS of good black men in America. Why do you think all the Hispanics and Blacks are intermarrying?? Because the Hispanic women are filling a need that those black men need and they are enjoying being part of a family unit with aunts, uncles, and grandfather’s who are godly men giving support to these young black men. I am Hispanic and have cousins marrying men from all over the world and some have married black men. This is not just a problem in America, the blacks in Europe are having the same problem with their women and the family breaking down as we do over here. It’s a CULTURAL problem that used to not be. In the 50s and 60s all black people were legally married and the kids had fathers. By the 70s that was getting less and less. Now, it’s soo rare. I have many neighbors with black children running around who have mothers and grandmother’s all living together but no fathers. So many have 3 or 4 siblings all with different fathers. It’s soo sad. I live in an area with apartments so we are talking about at least 100 kids that are black and maybe 20 of them have a father at home waiting for them.

  22. I’m usually pretty sexist but that’s because modern women are terrible but shameka is the total opposite of these women. I actually respect her and what she says! Good job finding her jason!

  23. I Stop dating when I was 24 I’m 50 now I really think it’s liberal women black or white that will keep on bitching and bitching
    keep an argument going for attention day and night it’s allways something😳😳😳

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