Rihanna dropped Nicki Minaj from fashion extravaganza after she dissed the vaccine

Rihanna drops Nicki Minaj/Jasmine Brand

Nicki axed from Rihanna’s event.

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LOS ANGELES — Nicki Minaj dissed the COVID vaccine. Now she’s being blacklisted Mo’Nique style. If you recall, the 38-year-old artist tweeted the vax emasculated a family friend by making his penis diminutive and his balls distended. President Joe Biden called the accusation a goddamn lie. MSNBC’s Joy Reid spent a large portion of her show “The ReidOut” lambasting Nicki. The ladies of “The Real” interviewed Jennifer Hough — the woman who accused Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, of purloining her vulva nearly three decades ago.

Kenny pleaded guilty to rape in 1995 and served time for bangin’ Jennifer. But “The View” brought up the 26-year-old crime to make the “Beez in the Trap” rapper look bad. Now we’ve learned Rihanna has jettisoned Nicki from her upcoming “Savage X Fenty” fashion extravaganza. When it rains, it pours.

Rihanna didn’t want to ostracize her good friend. But the powers that be… ahem, Bill Gates… wanted Nicki eliminated. “Rihanna was cool, she wanted Nicki in the show,” said a close source. “But the powers that be are forcing her to cut Nicki out. There are powerful people out there trying to cancel Nicki.”

Are we witnessing the cessation of Nicki Minaj?

Is her métier damaged beyond repair?

Watch a preview of the show (minus Nicki of course) and Jennifer’s interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I_Don'tUnderstand

    I am not a powerful person, but I am happy to cancel her from my life also. An angry dummy spreading misinformation. We got one fool out of the White House for doing that now it’s her turn.

  2. Lexandria Niknar

    Tell you the TRUTH I believe this is more about what she did to that victim of her PEDOPHILE HUSBAND, the video just went viral, she had plenty of time to drop her sooner, but the combination of both just made things worse, but what I can say is Nikki didn’t really say anything that influence someone not to get vaccinated, she gave her own opinion and just told what somebody else told her about their experience,they just Twisted her words!!!!

  3. This woman’s story NEVER changed. SMH Nikki and her husband should be thoroughly prosecuted. Keeping this woman and her family in prayer. Also those fans of Nikki will get back what they put out. No doubt. Smh. Damn shame.

  4. Honestly Nicki Put Herself In This Position She Clearly Jeopardized Her Own Career By Marrying Kenneth Petty Idk was it in desperation to have a baby and a ring she gave the likes of Cardi B Power Over Her And Non existent Irrelevant chicks to disrespect her it’s her own fault she went into this mess wide eye open I don’t think anyone would be mad if she divorced Mr Petty

  5. Brittanya miller

    Ppl are just stupid and dump the fact that t Nicki said she just want to learn about the vax before she takes it and they turn it around to say she’s telling ppl not to take it how the hell did they kid read those tweets I wear glasses and I saw it all them mf’s need a pair

  6. I think it’s more about her husband than anything else

  7. He killed somebody too…. manslaughter is still murder….. then threatened to put money on her head……this is real wtf If you don’t believe her you are legitimate just a crusty eyelash and wig stan thats disgusting and delusional and by far not a real woman

  8. We all agree that Nicki is problematic. We dont need people like her in our society.

  9. Zahria Leo-Rhyne

    And this is why Nicki Minaj likes working with people who have total control over what they do. Rihanna doesn’t n will never have that. Rihanna the brand is a machine operated by too much people.

  10. Winter Nightsky

    When I was younger if someone claimed rape that i didn’t know I would automatically believe them because I thought why would someone lie like that. Then I thought all people in jail/or plead guilty actually did the crime.

    However, when i got older I realized there are real rape victims whose cases get delayed and pushed to the back because there are those that bank on people still automatically believing that if they claim rape they will be believed, so they lie for whatever reason and their cases go first. Then I realized people plead guilty because of fear for a lot of reasons or the police lied and said there was evidence when it really wasn’t. At this point i can only hope when someone claims something, that which every one is guilty pays for it but that’s not guaranteed.

    But Nikki and the rest of these celebrity women, prove you can be rich/famous and still go for the bad boy that will bring in the end destruction/madness to your life. I’m not publicly defending any mate for a situation I wasn’t even around at the time or witnessed. Hell these teens out here raping/or lying about being raped too.

  11. If Nicki was cut from the Savage Fenty show, it’s probably because of who she’s married to and not her stance on the vaccine , Rih people was probably in her ear like nah this ain’t it, Anyway y’all be safe ♥️

  12. I wholeheartedly believe this woman. Women get nothing out of making things like this up, there is no “clout” associated with being a rape victim/survivor trust me. Im so disgusting with Nicki because I remember her tweeting about this woman, swearing up and down that it was a girl he was dating and I remember thinking to myself “how tf would she even know? She wasn’t there 🤨”

  13. Maybe it’s because nicki loves to support women abusers?

  14. Wait wait wait… So Nicki Minaj is currently, like right now, married to this dude and making excuses and explanations for his actions 😐?!

  15. Jeremy Boluwatife

    All these rumors are just stupid TBH. Neither Rihanna nor Nicki confirmed that they’ll be collaborating for SavageXFenty. Now they’re trying to start a feud that doesn’t exist between these two. It’s ridiculous TBH.

  16. It is ok to not to get vaccinated. But putting anti-vaccine opinions on social media for millions of ppl to see is beyond irresponsible. Think abt all the ppl blindly following nicki and not taking vaccine and end up dead or spreading disease.

  17. @bitter queen: the vaccine doesnt work you idiot

  18. Shining starr Star

    This just goes to show you idc how much money & wealth a black person has…the Entertainment Industry is Very Evil Dark & Satanic….all these high profile celebrities are controlled by the white powers that be. Rihanna’s life & many others belong to them. She maybe worth 1.7 Billion but at what cost?

  19. What baffles me is seeing comments on social media, especially from women saying “why now”, “he served his time”, “this was so long ago” as if a person is just supposed to get over being raped. That stays with someone forever.

  20. Ruthless Lover

    @Gina Lewis: The man served time paid his debt to society. She need to let the shit go.

  21. Lizzy honey to the bee 🐝

    Blog King, you bloggers beginning to piss me off


    It’s a target on Nicki back frfr… dont get me wrong I love Nicki music but what her husband did to this lady was unacceptable… Nicki Girlllllll they trying to cancel cancel you 👀👀👀👀👀👀 and I can’t believe THE REAL!!!! They pretty much said fuck Nicki Minaj 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  23. Rihanna is the face of fenty but not owner of fenty. So riri and Nicki will remain friends

  24. You can’t publicly speak against the vaccine when you have a big platform like that. Even if you’re against it you kind of have to keep it to yourself… Nicki should know better…

  25. I just think it’s awful that we have “Freedom of SPEECH” but can’t SPEAK! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her idea to pull Nikki and it’s sad that she was put in the position to do so. Smh

  26. Its 4:20 somewhere Right Now

    Maybe she is out because she simply is not vaccinated. RiRi went to the Met, and EVERYONE that attended had to supposedly be vaccinated!💯💯

  27. They are all coming for Nicky. Let that be clear, Rihanna got a phone call.

  28. RIRI & Nicki know how the behind the scenes bullshit goes, their still cool I’m sure, #fakebeef 🐗


  30. That’s not fair. 🔊 Nikki

  31. Nikki wants him off the sex offender list so she doesn’t have to publicize her address. Sorry babe. You married a con. You’re in it with him. Leave that lady alone. You want to rewrite history for papa bear it’s gone take more than 25k

  32. So pretty much anyone who performed at the show has been bought and is owned …

  33. I am not a Nicki fan…but this shyt is ridiculous. WHATEVER HER REASONS ARE FOR NOT TAKING THE SHOT…SO BE IT!!!

  34. Sheryl Sutherland

    You don’t mess with somebody’s brand so she has to do what’s best for her business and if that’s what’s best you don’t f with people’s money simple as that

  35. honestly, I’m so disappointed rn, you never let anyone make you treat a friend poorly. rihanna clearly has the power to make her own decisions, I don’t believe for a second that with so much starpower and such a huge following, rihanna wasn’t in a position to decide to keep working with nicki. I hate to say this, cause I really like both of them, but rihanna wasn’t a good friend to nicki in this situation. I still hope these two ladies can resolve this peacefully and continue to work together in the future.

  36. I Think it’s a Big Bitch Called Karma 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿

  37. Leslie Anderson

    They aren’t friends!!! Nicki gets what she deserves!! Been shittin on women in the industry for years, now wants to act like she’s down with women empowerment🤣🤣 Don’t make me laugh. Nicki has no real industry friends, especially not females. Too bad for her, Don’t care.

  38. Nicki is cancelling herself, especially with that damn husband.

  39. Rihanna did ABSOLUTELY the right thing by dropping Nicki!! She made the choice to marry a rapiest!!BYE!!

  40. Sheila Robinson

    Nicki Minaj may have not been invited to participate in the Savage x Fenty Show because she’s apparently not vaccinated and New York City requires proof of vaccination for indoor events of this scale. It would not have been Rihanna’s call to make.

  41. Rihanna is a fool to drop Minaj over the jab drama. Minaj told the TRUTH! Screw Rihanna.

  42. Lucy Lamazares

    Maybe Rihanna saw the interview on the Real that shows Nicky Minaj has been harassing and threatening the woman who her husband was convicted for attempted rape.

  43. No she didn’t drop her ! Can we please get a blogger that post without trying to be in the drama and compete for web hits with other rumor blogs..I promise if you do the opposite of these other you will gain more success for being original, real, and different!

  44. Comments are so stupid and full of asshole opinions. Y’all don’t have anything better to do? How is it that your opinions overpower the truth. Nicki spoke out, higher powers pushing this Jab(mark of the beast) and now she’s cut. They will try to eliminate her and say she caught covid!

  45. Kourtney Newell

    I don’t think it was even Rihanna’s decision I think you had to be vaccinated to be in the show and we know nicki’s stance on that

  46. So what if she doesn’t want or agree with vaccine it should never be forced on anyone ever in a Any country and those so called powerful people don’t know power since when was it people thought it was okay to disagree and not be at peace and have love and respect ect unfortunately the current state of affairs is leading to a big wake up call I don’t care who hates her for whatever reason she probably a way better person than any side of the fence may know I really wish the sickness that’s come over this world comes to its end any one trying to oppress force and control people I pray know what they should really fear so the don’t suffer God will fight for and defend his children.

  47. Nicole Johnson

    The Queen is not losing no sleep over this Shit. Team Nicki

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