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3 Black women beat up restaurant hostess in NY

Big brawl at Carmine’s restaurant/NY Post

Three black ladies attacked hostess. 

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NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in New York are investigating after a trio of black women beat the sh*t out of an Asian restaurant hostess when she asked to see proof of vaccination prior to ingress. The donnybrook transpired Thursday evening around 4:50 p.m. at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Broadway. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows 44-year-old Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 21-year-old Tyonnie Keshay Rankin and 49-year-old Sally Rechelle Lewis asking to be seated. When the 24-year-old hostess asked to see their immunization cards, all hell broke loose. The three women, who are tourists from Texas, pummeled the employee then ripped off her necklace. “She’s extremely shook up,” said Carmine’s owner Jeffrey Bank. “It’s inexcusable, ridiculous.”

The ladies were cited for assault but Kaeita denied any wrongdoing. She said the hostess called them the N-word. “I’m 100 per cent innocent,” she told reporters. “I’m going to talk to my lawyer and see what he allows me to say. But I can tell you It’s not true.”

New York has a mandate in place that requires getting the jab before participating in a number indoor activities that include dining at restaurants, dancing at nightclubs and watching movies. “Black Lives Matter” protesters are boycotting the restaurant.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. So they attacked / harmed someone and now claimed racism and also claimed that the Covid-19 vaccination proofs have been weaponized against them. I see how the games are played nowadays.

  2. [Alleged] name-calling (N-word included) does not justify criminal assault of another…period.

  3. Seems like name calling is a good reason to kill someone these days. Or at least beat them to a pulp!

  4. All I will say is that stereotypes exist for a reason. When there are way too many incidents of a particular race of people behaving like this, they will be stereotyped as such. So even if they were called the N word (which is very unlikely to have happened), that doesn’t means that gives them the right to act like an N.

  5. should these 3 ladies lose their jobs ????? where do they work ??? Sue all three in civil court 24 y/0 will have some dough then

  6. Well they weren’t white and don’t appear to be conservative, so yeah, all they get is a ticket.

  7. “Tourists from Texas” Trying to make them sound like white Republicans? Abhorrent. They were violent criminal enwrdz, just like all enwurdz.

  8. The hostess is lucky there are cameras there because it attackers would say she hit them first and use racial slurs (the argument would have been it was defensive). The reality is the hostess was assaulted and the excuse now is racial slurs were used. The very real problem is this has happened before many times and can happen to anyone.

    You’ll have a mob of supporters too against you when you were the one that was attacked. This is the world we now live in, it’s like you need to walk around with live video following you because you will automatically be assumed guilty when someone says you used racial slurs (instead it’s just an excuse to justify their actions, which in this case is assault).

  9. A racial slur was allegedly used. It doesn’t make sense that ppl would fight an employee for enforcing a visible rule. Be upset and make comments sure, but to commit battery, not these ppl, not in this context. Something else happened. Don’t let the media fool you.

  10. this is NOT the job of any hostess!! This is Diblasio’s fault with his Segregation mandates

  11. Some of the customers need a belt to keep the pants up. The sign out front says vaccination must be shown to get in. It seems so many African Americans are so quick to fight. Drive thru restaurants are not safe, upscale restaurants are not safe and the shootings start after midnight. It is high time to stop these assaults with stiff fines or jail time. These 3 of a sudden claim someone used the N word and that is so old. The place was serving African Americans already so it is not believable that the server called them anything. They were looking and hoping to get insulted for an easy pay day.

  12. Welcome to Woke America: you just have to play the “N word” card as a defense for your violent actions

  13. Sadly, NOBODY was surprised by the behavior in this video. What an embarrassment to civilization…

  14. I’m against having to prove vaccination.
    However that does not justify what this deranged person did.
    I’m hoping the Hostess is recovering well.

  15. Really time for businesses and individuals to fight back against this racist b.s. and sue for defamation and loss of business. Blacks have always been as racist as any other ethnic group and these days some blacks more racist because society looks the other way at their racism.

  16. Yeah, where are your papers….. I don’t have any….. THEN GET OUT… FIGHT!!!
    It’s like living in a Nazi regime!

  17. Joe Biden and the government is loving all this fighting and division.

  18. Wow, it’s crazy how civilized people got to tip toe around the problem, because they don’t want to seem racist. This is what happens when you take a particular race of people and empower the women, and disenfranchise the men. This is the reflection of the larger society. You know the whole feminism argument, but when the women were attacking men, and the men were being arrested for nothing, or even when they defended themselves, they were arrested, no one batted an eye or stood on fairness and equality. Now you have a group of women who feel they can assail even other women over differences in opinion or rules because you gave them immunity on the basic level of any society, family.

  19. No big loss! These violent individuals might have been cheap tippers or dine and dash type of customers.

  20. We need more of this. The vaccinated discriminated the unvaccinated but get so mad if they can’t enter a place saying no vaccinated allowed. Silly hypocritical sheep

  21. Predicted it, 🤣🤣🤣🤣 There’s so many Karen’s blowing their tops at restaurants, stores, post offices over vaccines and mask mandates.

  22. I thought New York City was cracking down on anti-Asian hate crimes.

  23. In accordance with Biden’s recent declaration of a hate crime law, why is this assault not considered a hate crime against an Asian American?

  24. why is this assault not considered a hate crime against an Asian American?

  25. When you mandate passports and act like a nazi, I don’t feel bad if you get your ass beat for discrimination.

  26. It’s a HIPPA violation to ask for proof of vaccine. No one can demand to see your medical records.

  27. Those three black females who attacked that Asian employee under the Asian hate Crime Bill may face the maximum sentence.

  28. Innocent? Putting your hands on someone without self-control? Keep dreaming…

  29. This is the way every American should be fighting back against these draconian measures. Do your part. Refuse to comply

  30. Not alright to attack anyone, but man people getting tired of this bullshit, pass for eating pass for shiting wtf. Hope all them restaurants and other businesses go bankrupt for fk’n listening to fk’n bullshit rules. Fk all.

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