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Melee Video: Chiefs fans, Coach Reid hospitalized

Chiefs fans exchanged haymakers/YouTube

Chiefs fan suffers knuckle sandwich. 

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KANSAS CITY — So this is what last place feels like. Law enforcement officials in the American Heartland are investigating after fans of the Kansas City Chiefs beat the hell outta each other in the stands. The sanguinary ordeal went down Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium following KC’s 30-24 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a middle-aged white man with a gray goatee getting pummeled unconscious. A black chick then stomped his countenance as he laid motionless. Moments later, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was expedited to the hospital after getting dehydrated. Temperature was in the 90s and Andy’s a corpulent dude. EMTs were busy as hell after the game. Chiefs safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu tweeted: “I’m praying for my Head Coach & I’m hoping you can send up prayers with me!! One of the best men & teachers I’ve been around!!! GOD please show us your mercy!”

Sunday’s free-for-all was merely the latest fan-related melee that’s taken place this season. If you recall, a big brawl broke out week one at SoFi Stadium where several fans of the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears exchanged haymakers on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” Very embarrassing. NFL fans really need to lighten up. It’s only a game, jeez.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. The one knocked out was there to help a girl that was being hit and beat up by male thug. He was coming to her aid while everyone else was videoing with there phones. He will probably never come to the aid of anyone again. The truth about this needs yo be known. Media had yet asked his family about the altercation. He has had major surgery on his jaw
    With steel plate and screws and will have to have major dental work all for just trying to be a good samaritan
    Go figure

  2. What world am I living in right now? Chief’s fans acting like Raiders fans and the Raiders sitting atop the division?

  3. Save your energy for the real war against the communists in this country. Its coming.

  4. Just wait until they turn on the 5G for the vaccinated. You haven’t seen anything yet.

  5. This is just one reason that I’d never attend an NFL game. This seems to be way to common as far as I’m concerned and I have not desire to be associated with all these idiots.

  6. Too much alcohol. One of the main reasons I won’t go to professional sports. Additionally, why would I fork over close the $100 per ticket to just watch on the jumbotron because I would be in the nose bleed section. Finally, I would be there to watch the sport and not have “social justice” rhetoric slammed in my face.

  7. I don’t go to any professional sporting event because of this type of behavior, besides, it’s much more comfortable to sit im my favorite recliner, drink a beer that is really cold and doesn’t cost $10, and eat anything I want.

  8. Veterans must feel so empty looking at the country today and what they fought for. Sad.

  9. So these are the “woke” people that still go to NFL games. They can’t go anywhere without rioting.

  10. Only racists and people that hate America care about the NFL- I haven’t watched since the players took a knee and I don’t miss it at all!

  11. Liberals claim that segregation was evil and done to keep the black man down. The truth is that segregation was really a defense mechanism implemented to keep American society safe and the American culture rich and valid. Just compare desegregated modern American society and 50s segregated American culture to see how much that protection was necessary. Crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancies, cheap vulgar culture… All of those have invaded the mainstream. Segregation kept them in the ghettos but now without the barrier of segregation they have been unleashed on the whole society.

  12. The NFL has run off all rational thinking people with kneeling and black national anthems. All that’s left are those void of intelligence and the 13%ers.

  13. Pony tail dude is a bitch. Would love to see him actually square up with someone. I’m available.

  14. People are crazy. Not worth it, no matter what your favorite team is and who wins or loses. All those people fighting are losers too.

  15. The fans and players have ruined the NFL. Can’t go to a game due to the violence can’t watch it at home due to the woke players. RIP NFL

  16. I thought the experts said the chiefs would go undefeated this year.

  17. Can anyone remember when they started talking about Brady being the GOAT? Was it in his first 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? No, it wasn’t until he was 15 years in and amassing records and rings. So now the Chief’s “fans” are mad because Mahomes is pulling the usual running QB stunt. Great for 2 or 3 years but then starts losing his ability, especially after being paid far more than he should per year. So now everyone is upset instead of waiting until Mahomes is in 10 years they all know he will never be the GOAT and will be lucky if he sees his 10th year in the league! Cold hard facts if you look at those who came before him….RGIII. Kaepernick, etc, etc, etc, etc. Running QBs never make it the long haul.

  18. I live in KC. People skip their mortgage payments and child support payments to buy tickets to see the Chiefs. 2 loses in a row and their lives are ruined. Lol.

  19. My immediate thought was did Andy suffer a heart attack or high blood pressure. Because he’s a big man old and has a high stress job.

  20. After week one’s squeaker win Andy said: I am getting too old for this. Perhaps the universe was listening. Andy put in a lot of years before he won the big one. He probably got the jab which does not help any.

  21. @stevee c: Lol you can’t pull a gun out and shoot at a football stadium idiot

  22. As a chargers fan I’m LMAO 🤣 chiefs HC Andy went to hospital and chiefs fans fight each other’s wow chargers is that good!!!!🤭🤣🤣🤣

  23. Can’t stand when a bitch be screaming loud as hell when shit pop off, just making shit worse.

  24. @Johnny Tsunami: Oh mai gawd stopp it! Stop it” *scuffle continues*

  25. He prolly deserve that shit. Women don’t kick people in the face for nuthing.

  26. Kicking the man in the head when he’s already sleep is some coward type of shit. These new nigga’s got no morals or respect.

  27. ABSOLUTELY sad to see these dudes do this.. i’m no wuss but this is so wrong on many levels..i hope the man with the gray beard hunts down whoever hit him and KILLS them.

  28. @spikedwk: Fine.. I’ll entertain this logic. In a report from Reuters found in a quick google search says 90% or 2.2 million of the 2.5 million deaths from covid were in countries with high levels of obesity. So if anything fat people should be a priority if we are taking covid seriously. I mean, if that is who is actually dying from it.

  29. I don’t care who started the fight, if the dudes knocked out you don’t keep coming back for more especially kicking him in the head when he’s already unconscious over a FOOTBALL GAME. POS should be thrown in prison for attempted murder.

  30. Let me get this right. These guys are fighting over a team of dudes, while wearing their name on the back of their jerseys? LOL GAYYYYYYYYY

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