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Bloody Video: Chiefs fans & Coach Reid hospitalized following ugly donnybrook

Chiefs fans exchanged haymakers/YouTube

Chiefs fan suffers knuckle sandwich. 

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KANSAS CITY — So this is what last place feels like. Law enforcement officials in the American Heartland are investigating after fans of the Kansas City Chiefs beat the hell outta each other in the stands. The sanguinary ordeal went down Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium following KC’s 30-24 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a middle-aged white man with a gray goatee getting pummeled unconscious.

A black chick then stomped his countenance as he laid motionless.

Moments later, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was expedited to the hospital after getting dehydrated. Temperature was in the 90s and Andy’s a corpulent dude. So, as you can see, EMTs were busy postgame. Chiefs safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu tweeted: “I’m praying for my Head Coach & I’m hoping you can send up prayers with me!! One of the best men & teachers I’ve been around!!! GOD please show us your mercy!”

Sunday’s free-for-all was merely the latest fan-related melee that’s taken place this season. If you recall, a big brawl broke out week one at SoFi Stadium where several fans of the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears exchanged haymakers on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” Very embarrassing.

NFL fans need to lighten up.

It’s only a game, jeez.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. vax be makin’ folks crazy. remember to vax up fools. And its two vax shots, a booster shot, then a flu shot. That’s a lot of poison for the fools in one year.

  2. Notice the coward kicking the old guy who was already knocked out? That’s called felony assault.

  3. Why are people worrying about making sure to catch this shit on their phones to upload to Twitter and not trying to defuse this before it gets out of control.

  4. that is nuts. we don’t need to fight with our own fans. wonder what is really happening here.

  5. I very much doubt that the brawl had much to do with the outcome of the game. Bunch of drunk assholes is all. Embarrassing for a KC native.

  6. @Frank Time: A black woman kicked him. It’s clear as day in the video.

  7. Ashamed of those fellow fans acting like hot garbage! Go Chiefs. Fair Weather Johnson’s can kiss my ass!

  8. I am ashamed of my fellow Chiefs fans. It happened because many Chiefs fan thought thier team would go 17-0 and walked on water…..they got hit in the face by reality. It takes more then one over paid quarterback, one wide reciever and a tight end (lets call him Hollywood) to win…..

    Wishing the best for Andy.

  9. Not worth it. Football is just a game of a bunch of overpaid people we don’t even know.

  10. Classic female kicking the unconscious man in his face after her boyfriend knocked him out.

  11. Kansas City really needs to learn how to handle a loss. Some of these IDIOTS should be in jail. The thug beating a man that was already asleep and the little thug with his underwear hanging out kicking the sleeping guy in the face need to go to prison with the big dogs. THUGS SUCK !!!

  12. If you still knocking dudes in the face after they’re out cold especially with your foot then you’re a fucking coward and you get ALL of karmas smoke coming your way. Pathetic.

  13. Chiefs won’t make the playoffs.

    Mahomes is the most overrated athlete of all time.

    The magic is gone.

  14. All over fixed sports when fans are more emotional over the outcome than the players going home to millions

  15. All of the idiots supporting the woke NFL by attending games and giving them your hard earned dollars deserve to be beaten like that by one another. What a bunch of Fkn clowns!! LMAO

  16. What it didn’t show is a what started all of this for real was a man shoved an older lady and a younger lady down the stairs and the guy in the white Jersey jumped to there defense and then the cameras started rolling after that

  17. looks like what cnn wants… division even amongst people who have similar interests

  18. A bunch of fat, outta- shape wannabe-ex high school “football players”; trying to hold on to their glory days; who don’t know s$&! about the game ; but, who have an opinion… lol.

  19. do you know why so many fights like this happen? Adults never learned that assualt is criminal . grade school rewards them by giving them days off from school versus criminal charges. however, commit vandalism on school property and authorities are called in. Most people don’t expect to go to jail for fighting

  20. They ain’t getting shit for Christmas 🎄 smh they did it to themselves tho

  21. Pathetic people grown men wearing jerseys with another man’s name on it , these scum that go to the game probably are living pay check to pay check spending money they don’t have to watch a bunch of millioniaires play football who really don’t care if they win or lose.

  22. I hope Andy Reid is OK but fat people are very unhealthy on purpose, i dont think that he should be able to even go to a hospital when we have actual healthy people who need those hospital beds because of covid. It’s unfortunate but he should have been turned away from the hospital and seen his own doctor.

  23. Bitches and their annoying high pitched voices are the worst. She is straight drama. And the chiefs suck anyways just like their whack ass fans.

  24. That nappy hair guy was doing nothing but sucker punching ppl actually thought it was a woman at first

  25. Why don’t people ever have the balls to fight a trained martial artist? Hitting and kicking a dude knocked out? If I would’ve been there I would’ve knocked both of them out if they where lucky enough not to get broken limbs first

  26. Humans are vile , My German Shepherds are my best friends.
    Humans ⚠️ get ready it’s coming ⚡️👹 most deserve what’s around the corner .

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