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“Family Guy” characters promote COVID vaccine

Family Guy urges vaccinations/Fox

Family Guy joins vaccine campaign.

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HOLLYWOOD — First the Simpsons. Now this. “Family Guy” patriarch Peter Griffin, his son Stewie and their dog Brian released a public service announcement in support of the COVID vaccine. Produced by Seth Macfarlane, the 3-minute cartoon shows Peter complaining about immunizations during a doctor’s appointment. “God, I hate getting shots,” he said. “Why do I gotta get this stupid COVID vaccine anyway?” After Peter asked the physician how vaccines work, Stewie intervened with a scientific tutorial from inside Peter’s anatomy. To pull off the feat, he and Brian effectuated a microscopic ingress. “Vaccines protect us from illnesses by activating our immune response without the danger of actual infection, thereby training the body to fight off the real thing,” Stewie explains. “Some of the COVID vaccines work by exposing your immune system to proteins, which resemble the spike proteins of the virus but cannot infect you.” 

The PSA was concocted in partnership with the Ad Council’s “It’s Up To You” COVID vaccine initiative. “With millions of Americans still unsure about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we have smart, informative and entertaining messages like this that will boost confidence in the vaccines,” said Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council.

“Family Guy” executives echoed a homogeneous sentiment. “We were proud to work with some of the nation’s leading immunologists and epidemiologists on this PSA.” said executive producer Rich Appel. “And while we never understood a single note they gave us, we took them all.”

Has “Family Guy” sold out?

Will you get the vaccine?

Watch the PSA.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If no one ever took Family Guy seriously, why would they take the Wuhan coronavirus and the vaccine seriously?

  2. There would be mutations even if we had everyone vaccinated. The vaccine efficacy will also continue to dwindle as we see these new mutations. This virus is not going away. On another note, remember when Fauci said we would reach herd immunity with 70% of the population vaccinated? ‘America’s Doctor’ seems to keep changing his tune…

  3. Trust me. Get the vaccine and take Tylenol. I was scared to death when I got my first shot. Anxiety was out of control.Not knowing what would happen or if I’d end up in the hospital knocking at deaths door. But, I said enough was enough. I’m not gonna let fear control me. I highly doubt nothing will happen to us all. You see how quick they pulled the Johnson&Johnson vaccine. And Pfizer is FDA approved. It’ll make everything go back to normal much quicker if people understood that this has happened every time a vaccine came out. Like the diseases that were mentioned in this video. They have practically been eradicated because of vaccines. And take in mine COVID was a thing in the early 2000s so we’ve had time to form a vaccine, granted this new Covid changed priorities. But nevertheless there the same. Call me a shield, I don’t care. I just want life to go back to normal. So I won’t be scared to walk in a store and get it even though I’m vaccinated, I don’t want to take that chance and give it to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated because of actual medical reasons where the literally can’t. Because there immune system isn’t working properly. And I’d be the reason that said person dies. I couldn’t live with myself and, I’m sure you wouldn’t be either. Especially if it was a loved one or a close friend. So just get it. For the sake of the human race just get the 2 shots and be done with it. (Also probably gonna get hate… i don’t care. Just wanted to get my opinion out there.)

  4. @iTz JohnnyGat: So you’re basically saying the only way the vaccine will work is if everybody’s takes it? You’re a dumbass.

  5. False information, the vaxx doesn’t stop a fully vacated person from spreading it…..they just become asymptomatic carriers….witch is worse. This makes me want to go out a lick door handles

  6. I am all for people getting vaccinated, but it is cringe that Family Guy did this.
    It is the same as that cartoon they made for black people to get vaccinated.

  7. If the vaccinated are protected, why should I get vaccinated? And even if you get it, you still have a 99.9 percent survival rate if you have gotten vaccinated. You are more likely to die in a car accident, or getting robbed, than you are of covid. Even biden said if you get the vaccine you are protected, and then he said in the same speech, that those who have not gotten the vaccine are still a threat, and I’m like, ummmmmmm yeeaaah, sure, okay, we’ll go with that. Oh, and I refuse to take any medical advice from a cartoon who can’t even get real science right. Just sayin’🤷

  8. This was one of my favorite shows that I can no longer stand 😒😖

  9. “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” — (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

  10. @letmepicyou only: how the f**k did you decipher all that from a family guy psa?

  11. Never before, in the history of medicine
    Have the people that haven’t taken a medication
    Been blamed for it not working in the people that have.

    This is what you gypsies call “science” huh?
    Even the mental giants on the other “side” can’t be fooled by this FOREVER.

  12. -If you have to be persuaded, reminded, bullied, pressured, incentivised, lied to, guilt tripped, coerced, socially shame,, censored, threatened, paid, punished, and criminalised, to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain what’s is being promoted is not in your best interest. Pfizer CEO wouldn’t get his own jab…

  13. Don’t forget to take your infinite booster shots the rest of your life Peter

  14. Family guy said vaccines can cause paralysis and death. Why should I listen to the cartoon that can’t even stick to 1 point. Are they safe or not? I’m gonna take medical advice from the cartoon and NOT get it

  15. Only a fool does anything because a celebrity or a show says something. Do your own homework and come to a conclusion for yourself. Be it for or against. People are sheep.

  16. To protect yourself and others, close the gyms so you can’t keep yourself fit, all while keeping the cannabis and liquor stores open, isolate yourself, don’t travel, go see your family nor do any of the other things you enjoy, close your business so that you can’t earn a living and are stuck at home beating your wife and kids… for your protection and theirs! Now do everything a talking dog and baby drawn by a devil worshiper tell you to do!

  17. How dumb do they think we are? this is to clearly manipulate those who have trouble with critical thought or those overly trusting on what they see on TV

  18. When family guy has to tell your dumbass to get the vaccine then you really gotta get it

  19. Society is owned by 🦎👽🛸🥒💦💁‍♀️✨. Also family guy basically copied Simpsons and isn’t really funny.

  20. What a sell out.. pretty sad the vaccine companies are asking CARTOONS to convince us to go get vaccinated

  21. Surprised Family Guy would promote propaganda. Studies have shown it’s the vaccinated who produce variants not the unvacced… We know there are immediate side effects and NO ONE knows what long term effects they will suffer.

  22. I am certified with the USArmy to give vaccinations and certified with the federal government to give smallpox vaccines, these commercials are so full of lies and half truths as well as the fact you have POLITICIANS and PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES making false claims about medications that have been proven to work and are forcing pharmacists from giving out certain medications that actually suppress Covid. After being in the medical field for over a decade, I have a rule, unless you are a certified registered licensed and practicing medical doctor of physical medicine or a licensed virologist doctor (btw Dr Fauci is neither – he has not practiced in years) there is nothing you say that I will listen to. Do not trust journalists, news anchors, reporters, Hollywood actors, pharmaceutical companies, sports athletes, social media outlets, or anyone not in the medical field – they are not qualified to say ANYTHING about medicine.

  23. I just got my vaccine. I feel fine. My arm hurts a little bit but im doing good

  24. @Darth Nater: It’s already too late. In time, you will realize what a tremendous mistake you have made.

  25. Memory cells for years to come? They’re pushing for a third dose and the vaccines have been out less than one year.

    How many booster shots of the smallpox or polio vaccines were given exactly?

  26. Wow the things they’re doing to try to get me and the others who aren’t vaccinated. No thank you.

  27. Remember “listen to the experts” they say. So who are the experts exactly, Joe Biden Bill Gates and Family Guy! 🖕😂🖕

  28. “ The world today has 6.8 billion people .Now, if we do a really “great job” on ”NEW VACCINE”, “HEALTH CARE” and “REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH” services, *WE COULD LOWER THAT THAT BY PERHAPS 10 or 15 PERCENT*….”

    ~ Author : BILL GATE

  29. Luke 17:33
    [33]Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

  30. I was on the fence before, but when I saw that cartoon dog and cartoon baby open their mouths, golly gee! you bet I got right in that line up!

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