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R. Kelly found guilty sex trafficking, racketeering

R. Kelly guilty/AP & Reuters

R. Kelly is guilty, facing hard time.

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NEW YORK — His attorney told him “no.” But a dozen jurors told him “yes.” R. Kelly is about to do some hard time. That’s because a New York jury (comprised of 7 men and 5 women) found his ass guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking on Monday. Kelly, 54, was convicted on all 9 counts — a significant victory for the Me Too movement. Now he’s facing life in prison. Fifty witnesses took the stand during the 5-week trial. One of ’em said Kelly forced her to ingest a bowl of feces. Another claimed she walked in and caught the “Bump N’ Grind” singer bangin’ R&B songstress Aaliyah who was only 13 at the time. If you recall, Kelly married the “Back & Forth” vocalist on August 31, 1994 when he was 27 and she was 15. But he had their marriage license doctored to show Aaliyah’s age as 18. Monday’s verdict comes 13 years after Kelly (né Robert Sylvester Kelly) was acquitted of child pornography charges in Illinois.

Do you agree with the conviction?

Should Kelly spend the rest of his life behind bars?

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  1. I can’t believe the morjority of u can’t c how this was RUSHED ONLY 2 CONVICT!!!
    So many hve brought R Kelly & his situation 2 the THRONE OF GRACE! Don’t wait until the BATTLE is over, we should be REJOICING NOW!!! YE OF LITTLE FAITH!!! ,”NOW” FAITH” IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR & THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.

  2. Where on earth was R Kelly ‘s witnesses and evidence to defend himself from these ridiculous claims!!!!

  3. What’s the old saying? It takes two to tangle. So it took the parents to supply the musician his fix, which was their kid. They should be arrested and charged with child neglect and child abuse, because not having a close eye on them, especially a young daughter is a lack of supervision and therefore indirect abuse.

  4. These women sold their souls and are accountable for their actions as well

  5. Let me say this people each and everyone is entitled to our own opinion , not neither one of us have any proof of R.kelly doing anything like this ,this man is a music writer ,producer hit maker , successful why would he want to mess with young girl making all this music for us and all of these beautiful grown sexy Nubian women out here in this world this man can have any woman that he want , why would he do this something like that,none of is true , now he won’t play the game now they about to kill the real R.kelly use the clone or just kill him , and on top of that no man of our culture or young men will retire clean from any Entertainment business

  6. 1st off.. I don’t condone wht R. Kelly been did, & I don’t condone snitch’n either.. there were soooo many young under age folk involved in this sht fest & these kids parents SHLD B brought 2 bare 4 they participation in the assaults of they kids, all the peeps tht wuz run’n wit Kelly B guilty as well, yet nobody else B caught up in this sht. It a damn shame these young ppl lives been jacked up, they minds tainted 2 life & it a damn shame tht Kelly lost his career cuz tho Kelly an apparent asshole, he a talented arranger & singer.. damn

  7. I think that’s bullshit that r Kelly got to spend life in prison for that shit put yourself in his shoes he was molested by his sister of course that would fuck your mind up

  8. The parents should be charged to because they sold their underage Children for the Benjamin’s….Money do Talk …everybody that was involved they should be in Lock up to …..

  9. Hell Elvis Presley married a 14 year girl as well and still they Glorified him.smh

  10. Men please , please keep these women at a standard, don’t spoil them , don’t have them where they can blackmail you in anything in anyway shape or form they will fuc!k up your life .

  11. You know l believe they already knew what the verdict was going to be from Day One.!!
    Before the trail started they had made up there mind he’s going Down.!
    All those people who took any Money from him and he can prove it they also need to be held Accountable for Agreeing To take Money from him for what ever reason.!
    It’s such a shame his life and career is all over l do believe he should be Reprimanded for his actions but this is just a bit much because they see it he acted alone without anyone’s help and he’s the only one who did Wrong No One Els Played a Part in This Mess.
    To me that’s so wrong even his Wife knew she try to act as if she didn’t know what was going on that house but l just don’t believe her whole story some part Yes but she’s Caught Up in this too.!
    They better watch him very closely l can see him trying to find away to kill himself then spend his life locked up for the Rest Of His Life In Jail.
    And who knows they may even care if he does kill himself because they basically just did that to him in this sentencing..
    I feel bad for him wish there would have been just One person with a firm grip that could have sat him down put that shit on Blast 💥 about his Relationship with Aaliyah and tell him You got off on that one you are extremely lucky.!
    if you Keep on mess around with these Young Girls Your Ass is Going To Jail Robert.!
    And You Will Lose Everything You Have Everything You Own Will Be Taken Away And Your Going Down,. But Man The Choice Is Your’s and You Better Think Long And Hard What It is You Have To Lose Messing With These Young Girls.!
    Because The Life You Save Maybe Your Own.
    Something My Mother use to Say and it’s The Gods Honest TRUTH..!!🙏🏽

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