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Black-eye vaccine babies resemble aliens, manikins

Pandemic babies resemble aliens.

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MEXICO — A video has gone viral that shows the ill effects of the COVID vaccine on infants. The parents were inoculated between December 2020 and January 2021. Many of the “black-eyed babies” have dilated pupils coupled with premature aging. The tots resemble an admixture of aliens and manikins. The video shows a baby sitting up at 4 months old. It also shows an infant crawling at 2 months, a baby walking at 3 months and a crumb snatcher saying “mama” at 4 months. Not to mention a neonate grew a damn tooth. Man, it’s one of the creepiest videos you’ll ever see. Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “No easy way to say it. It’s some no soul having horror show sh*t.” Another added, “They were given super powers! The age of the X-babies is at hand.”

Are parents to blame?

Is it time to recall and re-examine the vaccine?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. @Hey Jessie: Bullshit. Babies are not crawling around and walking at that young an age.

  2. Plain child abuse. Kids have more risk from the jab than they do the virus.

  3. What about the baby who did the Pfizer vaccine trial and was paralyzed from the neck down 13 days later?

  4. The real protection against virus is natural immunity. Covid vax it’s a joke!

  5. Fear will make parents do this all it takes is fear once in fear your decision making is in the hands of others

  6. Not only sick, but illegal; these injections are still under clinical trials – which, if there were any point, should be for at least fifteen years. Roll on the next Nuremburg-type trials. Heads must roll.

  7. This is disgusting ! Poor children ! The scared sheep 🐑 parents killing they’re children 😞

  8. This is a whole new breed of half human and half artificial intelligence babies that will take over the world. Mark my word. This is the Great Reset.

  9. Don’t you care about our future? Haven’t you learned anything? Wake up!!!! Why are you donating your children to science to trial medicine…what’s in it for you? What if your child changes forever or you can’t have grandchildren or normal grandchildren because you did this when Covid has 99.8% survival rate. why are you subjecting these children to this when there are so many adverse reactions in adults, even ONE should be enough they didn’t change the ingredients they only changed the dose. Call me crazy but we are at chemical spiritual war rn this chemical is no good choose God

  10. If these kids become crippled or something gone wrong with their body in the future, you can’t blame anybody but the parents to let this happen.

  11. Who in the hell would do this to their child…my God these kids are going to have serious problems in the future…Damn!

  12. This world is fucking screwed I’m so fucking mad and upset at humanity fucking sheep

  13. This looks like something u see in a horror movie. Little children of the corn.

  14. Imagine an evil so great that it mandated the injection of every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine with a vaccine that contained a token amount covid vaccine, but more importantly, a virus so deadly that death would occur within 24 hours, if it were “activated”. This activation could occur by radiation or exposure to some other form of energy. Surely, this type of evil doesn’t exist. This is the type of evil that would drone strike a carload of children to divert attention away from their incompetence in allowing 13 Marines and a Corpsman to be blown up by a medieval cave-man.

  15. Jesus saves! Trust in Him today! He lived, died, shed His blood, and rose again after 3 days for your sins to be forever forgotten and forgiven! Trust in Him today and Heaven will be your glorious home with God the Father! Be blessed!

  16. If you believe that the people who want to depopulate the earth by 90% and have killed over 1.6 billion babies since 1980 actually love you and want to lock you down and strip you of your rights in order to save every life possible, then good luck with that. This has all clearly been planned. They have told us for decades.

  17. There is a logic to mammals being active very soon after the birth process: foals are on their legs almost immediately…
    humans are a life form created in the image of Holy God who us a living Holy Spirit -and also created of the earth. So we are neither merely mammals nor ever angeks, but our informed and developed free will can be taught to channel Heavenly realities.
    These young lives with the large black eyes (lives that age more quickly, which means they are dying more rapidly) may have inherited the mammalian and synthetic DNA only…
    As “transhumans” they may not be spiritually human….Holy God will know how to care for them, but they may have a very very difficult life on planet earth – is my concern🙏🏼

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