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Joy Reid: Gabby Petito garnered white privilege

Candace Owens vs Joy Reid/YouTube

Joy Reid versus Candace Owens.

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NEW YORK — Joy Reid is under fire again. But what else is new? The MSNBC host ruffled some feathers the other day when she said extensive media coverage was dedicated to Gabby Petito’s disappearance as a benefit of the “Missing White Woman Syndrome.” Gabby, a travel blogger from Florida, came up missing a few weeks ago while out on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie. Gabby, 22, was eventually found dead in Wyoming. Brian, who has a history of beating Gabby’s ass, is a person of interest. It’s Joy’s assertion that had Gabby been a negro, the media wouldn’t care. “The Petito family certainly deserve answers and justice,” Joy said. “But the way the story has captivated the nation has many wondering, ‘Why not the same media attention when people of color go missing?’ Well the answer actually has a name: Missing White Woman Syndrome. The term coined by the late and great Gwen Ifill to describe the media and public fascination with missing white women like Laci Peterson or Natalee Holloway while ignoring cases involving missing people of color.”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens wasted no time tweeting a clap back. “Yesterday, I learned about missing white woman syndrome,” she wrote. “Can someone let me know what syndrome it is that causes us to ignore every white person that is killed by a police officer but demands that we burn cities across the world to the ground for thugs like George Floyd?”


Candace also spent a large portion of her show lambasting Joy’s remarks.

Did Gabby’s skin pigmentation play a factor in media coverage?

Are people of color being shortchanged?

Watch Candace get in Joy’s ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Mic drops, kickflips the mic back into her hand, smacks woman in the forehead with it, mic drops again.

  2. This country is plagued with dead overdosed criminal crackhead Syndrome.

  3. Joy is a hateful person and I really hope she never experiences the pain of losing a child. I lost my 29 year old daughter 3 years ago and as any mother can imagine, it’s the most unnatural feeling in the world. It’s the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before my brain finally turns itself off. The weight of grief from such a loss is like being tethered down by massive boulders, then being pushed overboard into the deepest of oceans and getting sucked down into an abyss. I couldn’t see her body until that Thursday yet she died on Monday morning just past midnight. I planned a funeral, cooked food, picked music, selected photos, picked out her outfit, talked to people but it’s all blurry. I had to tell my grandchildren that their mother was gone. I went everyday for a week to sit with her at the funeral home and wrote her eulogy. I had to tell her brother and sister. My youngest is a makeup artist and she did her sister’s makeup one last time while I put flowers in her hair. Joy will never see this but if I could say something to her it would simply be this. Do not speak on something you know nothing of or haven’t experienced. Our dead children are off limits to you. Rather than being so hateful and speaking with a forked tongue, count your blessings. But most importantly, hug your babies tightly everyday because you do not want to belong in the club I belong to.

  4. The people complaining about this really just hate coverage of white victims in general. I wonder when the last time any of these groups hashtagged a white victim of police brutality.

  5. So she names white peoples names but can’t name one missing black women missing ?

  6. Let a white guy be the main suspect in a missing woman of color case. CNN and MSNBC will give it non stop coverage.

  7. But what Joy did with Gabby Petition is exactly what Candace did when George Floyd was killed. Joy made this about color, attempting to minimize the gravity of the situation; Candace also attempted to minimize the outrage of George’s death by putting focus on his criminal record. So which is which, Candace? I think, Candace, that you do cherry pick and hold double standards just as much as the people you criticise do. 🙄I think we should still be able to look at all.

  8. I’m sorry for the family and their loss. But idk why this got so much coverage

  9. Oh so now we can’t look for white girls, I do not see black people searching for anyone, usually always white people looking for and footing the bill so kiss it liars

  10. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CANDACE OWENS…….💪💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Hmm 🤔 maybe that gabby case got a lot of attention because it seemed like foul play from the beginning, and had a lot of clues and evidence people could research. I don’t think skin color mattered much

  12. For me the reason this case has exploded is mainly due to the sheer bizarreness of what has happened from day 1. Come on, a guy comes home in his partners van and he and his family say nothing to her parents who then need to report her missing 10 days later and to make it worse the strangeness of the situation just gets even worse from there. How many missing person cases do you know of that have this level of bizarre going on? Also remember they were documenting their travels to a fairly large audience at the time which is not something you see in most cases of missing people.

  13. Joy’s point about black people not receiving the news coverage that white women get is true. When was the last time you saw a “black woman missing” national news headline?
    However, that being said, Candice’s point about Joy, (a black woman) complaining about the lack of news coverage of black people is spot on. BAAM! Did not think about that!

  14. Candace is my HERO!!! I want to be her lol! I look at her and I just swell with pride and respect and admiration!💕

  15. Joy triggers me like no other person, well may the other joy too…I get a rising ball of rage that is hard to contain …that women, mothers, can be so vile in the name of politics or career..I can smell the garbage as if she were yelling in my face…isn’t that weird …perhaps there is some fancy name for it…let’s ask Joy, shall we. I can only view these women in this context, where someone challenges it…thanks Candace ✌️❤️🌎

  16. Damn, Candace is savage. She slammed joy Reid upside the head with some facts. God bless you Candace.

  17. Gabby n her bf were posting their cross country trip visiting National Parks on social media … Cops post body cam footage of distraught girl. So the young smiling couple turned out to be troubled n fighting..then she “disappears”…? Social media finds the van. His family caught in lies and then he disappeared. Yeah, kinda more interesting than any anonymous adult female gone missing. Not cool but true.

  18. The real issue here, Joy, is Domestic violence. As a victim I’ve been waiting for more DV awareness. I don’t think anyone should make it political but realize DV can affect so many people including children and we need to keep fixing it to save all victims. I hope everyone uses their platforms to address this. Abusers can be very manipulative and trick a lot of people even the experts like police, etc. It’s very serious.. great points Candace as always.

  19. Ms Reid may be correct because dear Gabby was not a criminal – and most people of Christian European descent care very much about the misfortune that happens to Caucasians who are kind …. On the contrary, it does seem (to this old lady, anyway) that the communists active within the black community are only interested in misfortune (real and/or imagined) that happens to Black criminals – not to black Americans who are victims of crimes .(btw: How many names of murdered children of Chicago ever are remembered by BLM?)

  20. I was open to what Candace was saying until she mentioned police brutality amongst people of color… she just did what she accused Reid of doing… sometimes we can go overboard in the point we want to make that we messed our own selves up 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😳

  21. This white hating woman is so out of line she owes the potato family a huge apology how dare she inject race into this and instead of grieving the loss of Gabby she has to make this all about race taking all respect away from the loss in the morning of Gabby patino this woman needs to be fired and removed from the airwaves she is a hate-filled piece of garbage

  22. I’m sorry but aren’t you part of the media joy Reid? Maybe you could make it a priority to cover these stories? You literally said it multiple times that you hadn’t heard about the stories until someone brought it to your attention maybe you could be a real journalist and dedicate a little time to These missing people

  23. First off she should be addressed as Mrs.Reid.
    When she graduated University, candace was all of like a year old….have some damn respect for your elders! for starters.

    Second, it’s not about race it’s about FACTS!
    as a woman of color candace you should know this occurs.
    Black and Indigenous bodies go missing everyday and no one cares.

  24. Joy Reid is just another bigoted race baiting opportunist. A graduate of the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson institute for Racism

  25. Imagine being so self righteous that you don’t realize that you ARE the media of which you complain about. Bottom line, it’s about money, sadly.

    Gabby Petito was already a somewhat famous name. She had been chronicling her journey across the country for weeks and then disappeared off the radar. It’s a sensational story and as long as it gets them higher ratings they’re going to continue to cover it. Smh.

  26. Joy is just race baiting and causing division and bad feelings. That is what all the MSM does. They want us in conflict with each other. Thank you to Candace for shining a light on darkness.

  27. This is absolutely ridiculous. So, this racist broad talks about the white women, names them but, then proceeds to ignore black and indigenous people.

  28. What about all the other white girls that go missing that never get one second of media coverage????? You two faced dumb ass!!!

  29. Imagine if a white reporter made the comment of why aren’t more white guys reported being shot by police than black guy’s. He would be instantly fired. But for some reason the left wants to stoke racism against white Americans, why? I can’t believe she has a job.

  30. Question..why is this dumb b.*.* even on the news PERIOD. SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE

  31. The amount of coverage and interest the story got had absolutely nothing to do with this girl or the people involved skin color. It had everything to do with how crazy this story was and how mysterious it was and the twists and turns and nobody knew what was going to happen next. Had this happened to a black family and a nice sweet innocent black woman of the same age, this exact same story with the same plot and twists, I believe it would have gotten just as much attention as this one.

  32. Joy Reid is a hypocrite. First, she is mother of a daughter about Gabby’s age, so you would think that she would have sympathy for watching and listening to Gabby’s Mother weep and cry for her daughter while Joy felt nothing because Gabby was white. When you hear about the brutal horrible death of a young girl, you only want to talk about the color of her skin? 2nd, she’s upset that there is no media coverage of black missing girls. Joy IS the media. in the past 5 years of Joy’s program, she has not brought up a single case of a missing black girl to the fore front. Why not? Don’t depend on NBC, ABC, & Fox to do all the work, you have a massive national audience. Do your job Joy. Lastly, there have not been “many” missing white girls with media coverage aside from Natalie and Lacy and those were 15y ago or more. I researched and looked and that’s about it. Furthermore, what does Joy call when the media makes wall to wall coverage for every single black person that gets killed by Police when they fail to comply? What was it called when many major cities burned to ground for a year over George Floyd, Amad Arbery, Michael Brown, Brianna Taylor, and more; take your pick. And when corporations donate millions for statues and murals? Corporations bend over backwards and financially support each and every black person that is killed by a police. We don’t know the names of white people that die in same fashion — not one. Cut the crap Joy and give the Pettido family the respect and sympathy they deserve.

  33. Black people always have to revert back to the race thing. And they call white people racist. What she just said is as racist as it gets. I absolutely love love love Candace Owens. She is intelligent and so informed. She calls it as it really is. Black and White division has become worse under this current administration. Joe Biden said it ” you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me “. Black people in this country should be appalled by that statement. Joe Biden disrespected all people of color in this country and GOT AWAY WITH IT.

  34. The reason this case is so sensational is that Gabby was a Vlogger and people were following her. Then we had police cams on both her and Brian that were relevant. In other words, this case was “unfolding” and somewhat unique because of her vlog, whereas usually other missing cases don’t have nearly that much information for us to absorb. I looked up a few of the missing black women and there wasn’t much to go on outside of when they went missing and last saw here or there. Gabby’s situation had ALOT of information and happening in real time.

  35. If they started broadcasting all the missing black females like these stooges want to, within a month the woke brigade would be whining about how they are demonizing the black men responsible for most of the disappearances.

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