Kansas high school students made racist homecoming sign about ‘picking cotton’

White students under fire/Daily Mail

Racist students concocted sign. 

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OLATHE — A pair of Caucasian high school students in Olathe, Kansas are under fire after they concocted a racist homecoming proposal placard that’s gone mad viral. One of the students attends Olathe South. The other belongs to St. James Academy — a private Catholic school that charges annual tuition in the amount of $11,600. According to multiple reports, all hell broke loose when the white boy wrote a sign that reads: “If I were black, I would be picking cotton. But I’m white so I’m picking you for HOCO?”

Rather than tell the dude to go to hell, the white girl crossed off the “Yes” box then took a picture next to the poster. Ain’t that a bitch? Twitter reaction was unforgiving. One user labeled their deportment “racist” and “disgusting.” Another user asked the insensitive lovebirds to “kill themselves.” Both schools issued an apology. The girl’s mother, Rhonda Windholz, claims an African American boy helped create the sign.

The Olathe chapter of the NAACP met with Johnson County superintendents seeking answers.

An investigation has been launched.

Because they’re juveniles, the students’ names will remain anonymous.

But rumor has it they’ve been banned from homecoming and prom.

Watch disturbing reports.

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  1. They took the vaccine.

  2. It’s called the 1st Amendment and it’s funny

  3. This is not funny and it is appalling that some people find it so.

  4. White people are devils. What yall expect?

  5. I love this sign it’s unique

  6. You cant beat K

    Why is this in the news?

  7. I’m so sick and tired of this 💩💩💩💩💩!!!!!

  8. I think it was funny, you black people don’t like it get over it.

  9. Gioquinte Blalock

    WTH is there to investigate that’s racism yall need to expel him

  10. This is what the liberals are raising in school

  11. If I was going to the school I would’ve beat his ass Oml

  12. I Love Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits

    @Gioquinte Blalock: She needs to be expelled too. She said yes.

  13. The history of this country is full of evil, hate, racism, murder, thief when it comes to POC and really nothing has changed in almost 400 years.
    There is something deeply wrong with many white people and the lie they tell themselves of their humanity – history speaks differently…and that is just documented facts.

  14. @Peggy Salano: I’ve noticed a lot of black people have a strong hatred for white people now adays

  15. Publish the fuckwad’s name.

  16. It was actually kind of creative, and not really that big of a deal.

  17. @Moon Man: Your white…. I get it…. so stfu

  18. @Fast Freddie: You sir are a racist asshole

  19. Am I the only black girl who laughed?

    Good gosh people have different senses of humor get over it.

  20. I feel like everyone blew this out of proportion and made a bigger deal out of it than it was. Banned from homecoming and prom?! Wow!

  21. Wth is there to “investigate?” The sign is right there, in black and white (pun definitely intended), it’s a done deal. The claim that they’re “investigating” this is nothing but pathetic pandering.

  22. As a black girl I thought it was pretty funny

  23. Look im black and the only problem i have with this is the fact he thought it was a good idea to let someone take a picture of thiz in the first place. Like COME ON you know how sensitive people are you cant do something like that and not expect hate mr white boy lol.

  24. If i was black i would knock your ass out well.. i am black so ill still prob beat yo ass

  25. Elżbieta Anna Józefina

    I thought it was hilarious.

  26. Given what black rappers say about whites … about women…about the police…about other blacks…this white kid’s sign is offensive? Really?….really?…yeah…give us a break

  27. Why is every body so soft all of a sudden man im Mexican and Asian and I use the n word all the time and no body gives a shit

  28. Everyone just SHUT UP
    All the people who are acting all PC just shut the hell up.

    We do not live in a PC society.
    We can NOT live in a PC society.
    Because that is not how things work…

    Besides, everyone has been politically incorrect in at least one point in our lives.
    And faking being a good person doesn’t get you anywhere closer to God.

    So shut up
    and move on…

  29. LRY On the Come Up

    Thats fucked up. It doesnt matter what race you are if you do this shit your fucked up, real talk.

  30. I’m not laughing because it’s funny ( it absolutely isn’t) I just can’t understand after everything that’s going on why the hell would they do this? Like no one would speak about it ? Smh just stupid

  31. Yet BLM gets to say whatever racist BS they want to and the media doesn’t say a word

  32. White parents. What type of stupidity is being taught in your house? You do know that all the other normal people don’t do this

  33. This is not ok the school district should expel this kid, make him see a therapist. I am a graduate of this school and will not settle for a simple reprimand. How comfortable are you to even write this message? You should know better, be better and do better.

  34. Oxidizing Hazard

    White kid:
    >Makes racist joke about black people
    >Swarms of online threats, released personal information, name-calling, and hate speech

    Black kid:
    >Makes racist joke about white people
    >white people are snowflakes who can’t take a joke

  35. I wonder how this person was raised so he’d think that sign was okay.

  36. 330,000,000 people in the US and this makes the NEWS ! just a stupid kid making a mistake !

  37. shut down the school and award immediate reparations. it doesnt matter that they are kids and that word is in popular music

  38. I mean this is ignorant af but don’t let words get y’all down like that 💪🏾 we stronger than that if it really bothers you whoop em

  39. it is very racist. it was a joke but holy hell it was very evident it contained racism

  40. Everyone is too sensitive these days. I come from the inner city and my group of neighborhood friends grew up giving each other shit and roasting each other over our race. It was ok. All of you fucking people are such pussies. I’m embarrassed for all of you. You better pray you never have to fight or defend yourselves in a war or something similar. Toughen up or you’ll regret it. Soft ass sensitive teeny bops…

  41. The NAACP is trying to get the school district to ban him from all schools in Johnson County… he broke no rules according to school rules. His girlfriend did. She’s the one who made the post.

  42. @sammy4187: How is that a mistake? He intentionally wrote that you dumbfuck.

  43. The Feral Child

    She’s so pretty 😍

  44. This is not the first time this has happened. It happened several years ago and the students were both expelled for school and was not allowed to march in their own graduate classes that same year. As a black woman if my non-black skinned date would have approached me like that!
    He would have gotten his ass whipped! Not by my 4 brothers but by me. Saying things like this is not funny or cute. With all the BS that’s going on in our country today everyone needs to think before you say something stupid or racist!

  45. It’s an overreaction until these kids grow into adults with an ignorant and discriminatory mindset. We don’t need to overlook situations like this when it can become an opportunity to teach kids valuable lessons – like how your actions have consequences and that it’s not cool to use terms that degrade other human beings. This kind of behavior is also seen in kids that grow up to be terrorists – and you don’t have to be a person of color to be a terrorist. We have enough hatred in this world, so let’s raise our children to stop the cycle.

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