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Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins vax’d against will

Andrew Wiggins got the jab/Clutchpoints

Wiggins gets vax, admits caving in.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, who was against the COVID vaccine, took the jab against his own will after team officials threatened to cease remuneration. Yep, the former Kansas Jayhawk bent over like a lil bitch when the NBA denied his request for a religious exemption. “The only options were to get vaccinated or not play in the NBA,” Wiggins explained to reporters. “It was a tough decision. Hopefully, it works out in the long run and in 10 years I’m still healthy.” Somebody should tell Wiggins to read Mark 8:36. The emasculated baller also felt obligated to defend his employer. “They didn’t make the rule,” said Wiggins, 26. “But I guess to do certain stuff, to work, I guess you don’t own your body. That’s what it comes down to. If you want to work in society today, then I guess they made the rules of what goes in your body and what you do. Hopefully, there’s a lot of people out there that are stronger than me and keep fighting, stand for what they believe, and hopefully, it works out for them.”

Wiggins, a recipient of Johnson & Johnson’s panacea, is the only member of his family to get vaccinated.

Do you agree with his decision to cave in?

Should we feel sorry for him?

Did he take a placebo and/or purchase a pseudo vax card?

Watch Wiggins explain his decision to get the jab.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Wiggins could either take the vaccine or not play in the NBA. So he had the option, but has the nerve to say that he felt forced. He sounds so ignorant. Muhammad Ali was told to go to Vietnam or Prison, Ali stood his ground, because he choose his option. Wiggins sounds like a weak clown.

  2. I don’t blame players for taking the vaccine because of money but people need to realize it’s not these organizations that have the power. It’s really the people as a whole that does. If the majority of basket ball players refused to take the vaccine, the NBA would quickly change their policy!!

  3. Damn that’s phucked up. I feel bad for him. You can tell that he really didn’t want to get it but he wanted his job. This is so out of control.

  4. He didn’t want the vax, he can walk away from the NBA. He has a choice . Many people have walked away from jobs because they didn’t want the vax.

  5. @Lennon Jones: Exactly I dont feel sorry for this clown not one bit, just like my spouse I don’t feel sorry for them because they listen to humans knowing full damn well humans are evil

  6. Damn! So he caved in. I know a woman that lost her high paying nursing career, she was literally running a unit in a hospital for over 20 yrs an she decided to leave no vax for her! She was the best at what she did and the hospital was so regretful that they had to let her go, she was crying and everything bcuz she was so close to the ppl she worked with. F**kK the Jab man!!!!!

  7. If this wave or variation is so deadly, why haven’t we shut down like last year?

    Why are we allowing all these foreigners in the country? Last year we didn’t.
    If the pandemic is soooo deadly and worse than last year, why do we have more ‘freedom’ this year? How does that make sense?

    If the jab was created WAAAY before the Delta variant, and that’s the dominant variant infecting and killing people, then why are people taking and advocating for a jab that won’t work for Delta?

  8. Rich people killing off poor and middle class people. Yet the poor and middle class think the rich elites have their best interest. Look at the history of rich elites, death and destruction

  9. He’s a fake with no heart at all. I see why he got traded twice and never lived up to his potential or hype.

  10. There will be civil war before total dictatorship. If u wanna be a sheep, follow the herd but hope u on the right side of history 🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. Sucker. Black men dont ever be this weak. Stand for watcha believe in.

  12. Well blame y’all idiot President Biden who these idiots voted for in droves
    .Then he added fake black woman Kamala to entice the dumbo blacks to vote for him…This man isn’t running the government. He’s too damn old. I wonder who’s pulling the puppet strings. This man is the worst President. Way more racist than Trump…How dare this man, allow the Mexicans and Afghans here but charter planes to rid himself of black people, oh trust and believe this old arss loser will rot…I hope he forces all the dumb blacks to get vaccinated, stops child support, and built more prisons, and increase student loans and make y’all payback y’all stimulus..

  13. Hopefully that vaccine u took won’t effect your health 5 years from now

  14. In the last days no man may buy or sell without the mark. 🤔

  15. It’s funny now but the day will come when all of these vaccinated sheep will grow a foot out of your back & you’ll wonder what’s happening to you. At first they were conning people with money and now their threatening your jobs.

  16. Its really not that serious. I am a veteran, took all the shots and I am fine. Also i don’t know anyone who is fucked up from the shots that we took in the military. Vaxxed or not, i really don’t care and I don’t know why anyone else does. BUT I do wonder why you don’t hear all this uproar about schools requiring your children to have to full & complete shot records for your child to attend. Bless up!

  17. Well, “people will be forced to take the devil’s nectar if they want to keep their jobs!” I was once told. Many of the half don’t believe their jobs will be affected due to their social status like the half nots who jobs are forcing people to get the devil’s nectar or get dismissed from their jobs.

  18. Burn baby burn. All these vaccinated people gonna die smdh, Dr mengele was real and he had a son who still to this day cooking up viruses to kill off humanity mainly black people

  19. People aren’t realizing the fact that our human rights are gone. It’s bigger than just a jab

  20. Andrew Wiggins will NEVER be the same he’s been emasculated he shoulda keep fighting. But being that he’s only 26 year old, the old Black Soldiers like Shaq supposed to come through, but as you can see like Shaq they been sold out.

  21. @NoneofYourFuckinBusiness: With the way things are going in society, I wouldnt mind going, this place sucks

  22. It’s a dam shame we’re being
    Forced to choose money over
    our Health we don’t know what
    this stuff will do to us in the
    future yet Satan system is
    working more than 2/3 of
    us ain’t going to make it
    his system is working
    perfectly if Christ don’t
    come back early there
    be no one left to save.

  23. These experimental vaccines are still in the phase 3 and 4 clinical trials. Curious to see how many of our young, healthy athletes start developing heart conditions or catch covid despite being vaccinated.

  24. If you don’t want to take the shot just know that you are expendable because there are plenty of migrants that were brought here to replace you in the workforce when you get fired. So while you continue to do your own research on stuff, learn how to start your own business at home because the shot is going to be required everywhere soon. Employers aren’t going to keep playing nice when employees and clients hit them with lawsuits claiming they got covid at their workplace ect. Employers are going to want to protect themselves from liability.

  25. Yeah i feel him on this. I had to cave to get the shot because i couldn’t throw away my entire career and lose my position that i worked to get to. I wish i was in a position to choose otherwise.

  26. Pro vaxxers are the new Nazis. You do understand the Government is forcing companies to abide by this mandate. The companies themselves did not create this mandate. If the company created the mandate, then I would understand the pro vaxxers argument, of finding a job that’s better suited for you if you don’t want the vaccine…..but this isn’t the company…this is the government, forcing companies to do their bidding. This is called Marxism. It’s when the Government controls the means of production, instead of the Free Market, determining the outcome of production. And when the govt controls the means of production, the people lose rights and everything becomes more expensive. This is Nazi Germany clear as day…and dumb pro vaxxers either don’t see that, or are for the government controlling everything…and if they are for that, I need to understand, why they believe the govt is better equipped to control your life better than you can.

  27. That’s wild. How you going to force this man to get vaccinated when everyone who is attending the game is vaccinated. So if the spectators are vaccinated, why does it matter if the players are vaccinated? I havent seen a government go this hard to push something since slavery…..and I didn’t even get to see that smh

  28. NBA players are b!tches. The NBA can’t do anything without it’s players. It’s not like most industries out here, where people can be replaced by machines….you can’t replace the NBA players. They could boycott the league. Them [email protected]$ were talking about a boycott, when that dumb criminal [email protected] got himself put in a wheelchair by that cop. But they won’t stand up on this?

  29. All those being forced has a ticket to heaven

    All those that ran to get the vax with no hesitation that now dragging us along

    Got a ticket straight to hell

  30. Last year most of you was praying to God for a vaccine, or a cure to stop COVID-19. Now that the vaccine is here most of you won’t take because of some stupid misinformation FOX news, Info Wars, Republicans, and that orange turd started spreading. Stop with the bullshit already.😡

  31. I miss the days when people would stand up for their rights and fight! This is a generation of cowards! To say that if you want to work you dont own your body is insane. Keep bending over and spreading your cheeks or grow some balls and find something else to do to generate income that doesn’t require your soul!

  32. THE JAB IS BEING FORCED ONTO THE LIVES OF MILLIONS! Our judicial system is so corrupt now that there is no longer any remedy through the courts, so crooked institutions like the NFL & NBA can basically force it down the throats of their players, knowing there will be minimal repercussions. Most players will go along to get along to keep their lavish lifestyles; plus, they are NOT morally principled. Those, like Irving(to this point), who are still willing to draw a line in the sand, will have their lives reduced to an apartheid status! All these measures are completely illegal! Not one media figure of notoriety like Cowherd, Travis, or Patrick will call out the obvious illegal nature of these measures because, they are not going to go against their advertisers, and they are complete cowards. Dan Patrick will never inform his audience that it is illegal to force an experimental medical procedure on to anyone because he himself probably isn’t educated on the matter. He is just a go-along-to-get-along sell-out who could care less about peoples freedoms being taken away!

  33. As a non Vaxxer, I believe in the freedom to get the jab or not. I don’t think he should have come out with those comments, but at the same time we shouldn’t be bashing him like this. He did what he felt like he needed to do, and that should have been that. Again he shouldn’t be acting like a victim. He made a choice and live with it and stfu.

  34. Sorry I’m not buying that he actually got it along with just about every other one of those players. Fake cards, placebos etc. you can’t have Them all collapsing on the court at one time on national TV

  35. His religious exception should have been honored. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was violated . The NBA did everything wrong and should have been sued. Check it out.

  36. U did it now STFU about it..If it bothered you that much u would have stuck to your guns.

  37. Hes already a millionaire. He could of walked away, he wasn’t forced. Regular people that have to work to support their families are being forced to take vaccine. Don’t feel sorry for millionaires

  38. He could have walked away if he had any balls but It’s all about the money for these guys. He should have enough money put away as he’s been playing 7 years and makes 30 million a year. But he will probably be added to the 30 for 30 “Broke”!

  39. No on has the authority, in a republic, to restrict the liberties of freemen. We, the people, created government. We, therefore must not let it control us and whatever it takes to get ahold of your government, that’s what it takes to get ahold of the country, your liberty, the liberty for the generations to come, if we want to see it passed on then we are way past the hill we should have died on. Your own bodily autonomy is the very meaning of free. No one can coerce a medical outcome from you. You have a right to say no even if it means your death. This is where everyone should have stood up for freedom and then if they want it; choose it. But alas there’s no chivalry in sports for the country that made them all very rich.

  40. All he had to do was wait it out until people start dropping like flies. 1 year maybe longer

  41. Only a pussy would choose money over his own beliefs. He wasn’t forced he had a choice he made the wrong decision.

  42. wiggins sounds like a stone cold idiot. if you dont want to get the shot, go find another job. maybe UPS is hiring.

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