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Urban Meyer got caught getting a sexy lap dance

Urban Meyer under fire/Clutchpoints

Urban Meyer is facing adversity. 

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JACKSONVILLE — Urban Meyer, first year head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is sick and tired of losing. So he blew off some steam over the weekend by getting a lap dance from a prepossessing blonde inside his own bar called “Urban Chophouse.” Only problem is Urban’s a married man. He and his wife Shelly have been together 37 years. She was home babysitting their grandchildren when the “Bump N’ Grind” took place. Urban, 57, is also the face of the franchise. So the optics are terrible. Not to mention the gyration was caught on video and it’s gone viral. Now rumor has it Urban’s on his way out the door. Jaguars owner Shad Khan called the striptease “inexcusable” before saying Urban “must regain our trust and respect.” The fellas in the locker room, however, showed no mercy. For instance, Urban apologized to his players. But he was too scared to address the entire team so he met with each position group.

The players laughed at Urban when he exited the room and a close source said he’s lost their respect. Shelly, on the other hand, is a sucker for forgiveness. She said Urban deserves a second chance. “We all make mistakes – we are all sinners,” Shelly tweeted. “If you think you aren’t? Then cast the first stone.”

Do you agree with Shelly?

Should Urban keep his job?

Watch the ass-grabbin’ video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Wow BIG DEAL Someone is getting Lap Dance it is only a BIG DEAL because it is Urban Meyers. It should not even be a BIG DEAL to his wife. Don’t mind Me I’m just some Cat who does not make a huge deal out of nothing. Guys and Gals party all the time to relax and get out stress, Geesh.

  2. EVERYBODY’S got a camera now. If you’re out in public somebody may film you

  3. He was just showing her how quarterbacks place their hands under their centers when they take snaps. Coaching, always coaching.

  4. Real shit, his wife probably won’t care. They’re all swinging sexual degenerates in florida!

  5. meyer comes across as a guy who would get rid of someone for the smallest little problem…….but he apparently can do whatever…….he must be a democrat

  6. I’m not even an urban Meyer fan but this is getting ridiculous. There are current NFL players that have been on camera assaulting women and nobody seems to care. Urban was having a good time and made a simple mistake that should be settled between him and his wife. I hope he leaves and gets a good job in college. NFL is a joke at this point.

  7. If he would have just been honest with his players and told him he was trying to get some bar fly a$$. They probably would have laughed and it would be a non issue.

  8. Anyone who doesn’t realize that him and his wife are swingers is living in Fantasyland. I don’t know why everyone’s making a big deal about this. Also, more importantly. This was all set up by Urban Meyer to get fired anyway. He paid that chick to grind up on him, probably let his wife have her way with her……

  9. It was at his restaurant. All of this was orchestrated by Meyer and his camp to hurry his exit out of Sacksonville.

  10. I’d rather have a coach that got up and said “Yeah, I was dancing and having a good time. Now let’s play some football” Instead of a dude that wimps out and begs for forgiveness. Men are being pussified by all this woke BS

  11. What a bunch of Horse Shi Ite. F CK N stupid social ignorance. The mistake is that he didn’t slap that azz

  12. I like Urban, and he’s been under a lot of pressure to start winning, and maybe he’s just considering his options, maybe the NFL is wrong for him.

  13. It could only get better if Meyer would trade for Deshaun Watson as his QB. They could tear up the massage parlors in Jacksonville.

  14. I don’t care about the dancing. I care that he wasn’t with the team after the loss. It’s clear Urban isn’t cut out for the NFL.

  15. Good God bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was a scandal Clinton was the sitting president at the time I have never been a fan of urban Meyer but this seems really over blown to me his football team sucks so he will most likely lose his job I’m not going to sit here and critize a grown man he has to explain to his wife who seems like a devoted wife following from place to place during his career it’s none of my business what he does


  17. Leaving his team for college girls was a simp move, but his wife is probably not sweatin it cause she has a pool boy on the side 🤣

  18. WHO DID take that video!!! How much money is this girl going to come into was planned and he IS STUPID! He needs to learn a lesson, gramps!

  19. Nearly every ballplayer I know has enjoyed an occasional lap dance at a bar. Big flippin deal.

  20. He Will Fake A Health Scare🤣 And Leave…… Can’t Trust Him….. Losing is Not in Him…..He Rather Quit Than Lose……He Can’t Help It..

  21. I hope he at least got laid out of all this?? That little blonde looked like she was good to go.

  22. Hey Mrs Meyer. Maybe you need to start doing this to your husband. He is stressed and you are not giving it up at home or he wouldn’t NEED a bad lil baby to do this after the game. DO YOUR JOB WOMAN.

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