Super Mom Video: Waffle House worker excoriated for taking her baby to work

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Waffle House mom suffers lambasting. 

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COLUMBIA — Tiffany Clark, a mother of four, got excoriated over a TikTok video of her holding a baby while working the graveyard shift at Waffle House. The unsanitary ordeal transpired in South Carolina. Raw footage shows Tiffany carrying her 4-month-old niece Octavia in a greasy ass kitchen while she prepared entrées for servers. “Ain’t no f*cking way,” said the nosy bastard who recorded the incident. “Ain’t no f*cking way!” Tiffany said Octavia — the daughter of her deceased brother — was supposed to stay with her mother. But a family emergency left Tiffany with no choice but to take Octavia to work.

Customers complained, yet still received their artery-clogging meal.

After the video went viral, Tiffany got a call from management. She explained what happened but they suspended her anyway. Tiffany also suffered a savage beating on social media. Many viewers, however, rushed to her defense. One TikToker wrote, “So you telling me, she had to hold her baby at 25-30 pounds AND do her job and y’all have the audacity to shame her… she doing what she has to.”

Another added, “Nothing but respect.”

Octavia’s mom is being treated for mental illness.

In the meantime, Tiffany will take over as legal guardian.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. She did what she needed to do. #FamilyFirst

  2. 𝓖𝓮𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓮 𝓜𝓸𝓼𝓼𝓮𝔂

    Its insane to me that people still eat at the Waffle House. Between the shootings, fights and plain ghetto nasty behavior in there its literally psycho that people trust them to safely and accurately prepare food in that place. It almost like people are asking to be poisoned.

  3. She was suspended because of this, possibly lost her job. She stepped in to help a family member who was taken to receive help for mental health, otherwise the baby would be taken away. Does anyone think she WANTED to have the baby there, on the overnight shift?

  4. @R R: She cannot bring a child into that workplace period. Stop thinking it was ever an option to do so.

  5. First of all, What mother hasn’t brought her kid to work with her?! Second, I work in the food industry, we hardly have enough employees & many people these days have zero compassion, they just want their FOOD & THEY WANT IT NOW! Everyone is doing the best they can these days!

  6. People are quick to judge! Plus, this tik tok video may have cost her her job!! Hope the Waffle House is empathetic to her situation…

  7. She should have made a more educated decision instead of a bad one.

  8. Why does she need to explain what she’s doing? She showed up for work and did what she had to do…

  9. WaffleHouse, show some compassion! We’re in a pandemic, ppl are struggling w/ physical & mental health! Put on suspension. REALLY?? Good employees are hard to come by!

  10. @jamie stone: Don’t care its gross and un sanitary to do it

  11. Trust me, behind the scenes at restaurants are way worse than this!

  12. Easier to be critical & harsh than understanding. I’m sure this woman felt she had no choice – whether right or wrong.

  13. Kristen Vidrine

    People need to have more compassion and mind there own damn business!

  14. I would never be surprised at the possibility of a Waffle House employee holding a baby in the kitchen but maybe that’s just me

  15. Carmine Roberto

    People clowning, but she’s saving that baby from foster care. Having been in foster care I’m here to tell you she’s a fucking hero.

  16. This is so sad! Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I honestly wouldn’t even want my job back after that. Instead of recording, they should’ve offered to hold the baby until she got situated. They’ll be complaining when the same Waffle House is short staffed smh

  17. Steve Buscemi's Teeth

    I had to bring my son with to work a few times for a little bit until his dad could pick him up after work – things happen.

  18. It’s the waffle house. This is normal

  19. Get this woman a go fund me

  20. The United States is a failure

  21. Not ashamed of food stamps

    she ghetto as f*ck

  22. freddie mackie

    Waffle House used to be cool but now every dirtbag criminal hangs out there

  23. What a great Aunt!!!! I hope she keeps her job!!! That little girl is so lucky that she has somebody that loves her!!!!

  24. Yo quiero Taco Bell

    If she didnt have 4 kids I would marry her

  25. Charlotte Brooks-Johnson

    I think people today are so quick to pull out their phones and start recording, instead of having some compassion and asking if they could help her by holding the baby for a few minutes. Just think obviously that worker cares about her job and her co-workers, that she didn’t want to call out and leave them short. As for the person recording shame on them and I hope that worker can press charges for invasion of privacy. (Society we as people need to do better)


  27. Pretty sure in the Waffle House employee handbook you won’t find it is ok for an employee to bring a baby into the kitchen

  28. Respect to her. Disgusting of whoever filmed this and posted it. Mind your own damn business.

  29. LeeLee Girl1985

    Scammer Alert! Someone saying TMZ reported that she is a scammer and this story is a scam. Research it. I tried to raise money for her but now I backed out until more info comes out. Many are saying she’s a scammer

  30. Corey Richardson

    Uh WaffleHouse, this isn’t the best way to help solve your employee’s childcare needs.

  31. Mz Tweetiebird

    If I was there and saw her I would have offered to sit and watch the baby while she worked for as long as she needed the help. It takes a village. I wouldn’t asked for anything in return but request people to not record.

  32. What’s wrong wit our young folks..🤣🤣🤣

  33. Soulstar Musiclover

    Mother’s have a hard time it takes a village. More than likely it’s not a professional look or safe to have a baby in the kitchen on your hip with customers. She should have just taken off work if she had no other support.

  34. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves for disciplining this Woman for her efforts. Shame. To the person who recorded the video and to Waffle house, as a Organization, a Business and a m.f crew.

  35. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    Give that lady a raise and free childcare

  36. William Grierson

    I believe this actually highlights a real issue in America. We are the only developed country in the world that do nothing for child care. Many young couples spend 22% of their income on child care. It’s like a tax again on the average citizen. This would free up many woman that would like to work but the cost of child care makes it not make sense. The minimum wage has not increased but inflation has over the last 20 years. When people with money, or those without children speak on this you can hear their blindness to reality.

  37. Looks like the baby is going to be a future Waffle House employee

  38. I didn’t really have a problem bringing her child to work because I see it a lot in family owned restaurants or small chained restaurants. But it’s cooking with the child over the hot grease that made it go viral like she could have gave the little girl a coloring book or a tablet or a toy or something.

  39. Anybody eating at waffle house , i seriously gotta question your willingness to keep living.

  40. Shannon Pollard

    Isn’t this child abuse, especially since she’s cooking next to hot and sharp objects, with a baby in her hand while doing her job.

  41. Baby was in there coughin all on the food & shit

  42. My baby momma told me to shut the f*** up at 2am at Waffle House then proceeded to get angry with me after that because I quit talking to her
    Go figure

  43. Was the manager in on it? What manager would allow anyone to put a baby anywhere near that part of a restaurant?

  44. The kid looks like trailerpark zaddy’s offspring 🤓

  45. Waffle House workers always got kids that nobody want to watch. They don’t last long, most work there 6 months tops before they get fired.

  46. Janice Jimerson

    She needs to be told to get the fuck out with that baby! She is putting that fucking kid in danger carrying it on her hip while cooking on a hot stove. Why is she being allowed to do this shit in the first damn place!?!

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