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Quisha King says public schools bad for children

Quisha King means business/Fox News

Florida mom rips public education.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LEESBURG — Florida mom Quisha King received a standing ovation Thursday when she called for a “mass exodus” from the public school system in an emotional peroration for the ages. Quisha, a mother of two, is sick and tired of educators pushing left-wing agendas on students. Her comments came during a panel discussion on “Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale” in Leesburg, Virginia. “I really think at this point the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system – that’s it,” she fumed as many in the audience rose to their feet. Quisha garnered national acclaim in June for her oration against critical race theory (CRT). The Justice Department announced the FBI would shift its immediate cynosure to investigating irascible deportment at school board meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland called noisy parents “domestic terrorists.”

That appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“With this FBI thing, it just made me realize – what else are we supposed to do?” Quisha asked.

“Standing up to these people doesn’t seem to matter. I mean, we have – all of us – we’ve been at these school board meetings, we’ve been voicing our opinions, we’re writing articles, we’re emailing teachers – we’re doing all that stuff. And they don’t care. I’m like the only thing left to do is to just peace out.”

Quisha works with “Moms for Liberty” — an organization that empowers parents to defend their rights.

Educators are teaching children to be gay without parental consent.

Do you support Quisha’s stance?

Is it time to pull kids out of public schools?

Watch Quisha speak her mind.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This crazy, misinformed, ignorant buffoon of a woman is trying to tapdance her way into a Candace Owens experience.

  2. God bless her we are all created equal and created by our heavenly father…. she speaks the truth!

  3. This is the Marxist influence.
    1) Banning of Prayers in Public schools.
    2) Banning of Bible study in Public schools.
    3) Teaching of Evolution theory as the only explanation of the origin of life on Earth.
    4) Banning the authority of Parents and Teachers to discipline Children.
    5) Feminism
    6) Pushing abortion rights and gay rights agenda in the Curriculum. This
    Includes everything that attacks the Family, Biblical teachings and Moral standards.
    The CRT issue is the political agenda and campaign of the Republicans. America always had the Oppressor and the Oppressed. That was what Harriett Tubman, Marcus Garvey, MLK and Malcolm X spent their lives fighting.

  4. Shalam my sista. The most high is really testing people’s faith on this planet. Since January 2020 the most high has been exposing a lot and he is seeing who is going to wake up or stay asleep. He is separating the 🐑 from the 🐐. Shalam

  5. How foolish, to mock concerned parents. To label worried mothers and fathers “terrorists.” To reject their voices, and the idea that they deserve a voice. The same people who champion the separation of church and state are in the process of pushing their political beliefs in public schools.

  6. It is time to remove these treasonous people from our government – all of them. Remember, once they violate their oath and commit a crime, nothing they do and no law they pass is valid.

    That means that many many laws are invalid and will be stricken from the books. Lawyers will be working overtime.

  7. One has to ask — What’s up with this Leftist obsession with sex. These are children … They need to be educated, not sexualized in some sort of crazy obsessed way.
    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I can’t resist the rant. …. There’s something wrong … Something genetically wrong about the Leftist brain. It’s a DNA anomaly of some miswired sort. That’s why when you feel like you’re talking to a wall, it’s because you are — It’s the genetically hard-coded Left-brain-wiring wall.

  8. Our kids are not getting an education they are getting indoctrinated by Communists

  9. While i dont believe the public schools are focused on what kids really need to compete in the world arena…. Im not a fan of mass exodus out of the public schools by parents who HAVE PAID TAXES SO THEIR KIDS GET EDUCATED… Paid taxes folks… You paid.. And now parents are gonna pull their kids and PAY AGAIN some private school for what? You really think private schools arent indoctrinating kids? Really?

    Idk… Lots of controlled dissent these days…

    You quit… They replace… You take your kids outta public… They gonna fill them seats with folks fresh into Murica… You really think they wont? Lol.

    This country was once a beautiful place.. Welcome to the Globalist occupied Western World.

  10. This is disgusting! They are pushing homosexuality upon students without question or parent consent. Why is Governor DeSantis allowing this to happen in his state under his supervision? I assume that the Governor will make a decision on this I hope?

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