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Quisha King says public schools bad for children

Quisha King means business/Fox News

Florida mom rips public education.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LEESBURG — Florida mom Quisha King received a standing ovation Thursday when she called for a “mass exodus” from the public school system in an emotional peroration for the ages. Quisha, a mother of two, is sick and tired of educators pushing left-wing agendas on students. Her comments came during a panel discussion on “Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale” in Leesburg, Virginia. “I really think at this point the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system – that’s it,” she fumed as many in the audience rose to their feet. Quisha garnered national acclaim in June for her oration against critical race theory (CRT). The Justice Department announced the FBI would shift its immediate cynosure to investigating irascible deportment at school board meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland called noisy parents “domestic terrorists.”

That appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“With this FBI thing, it just made me realize – what else are we supposed to do?” Quisha asked.

“Standing up to these people doesn’t seem to matter. I mean, we have – all of us – we’ve been at these school board meetings, we’ve been voicing our opinions, we’re writing articles, we’re emailing teachers – we’re doing all that stuff. And they don’t care. I’m like the only thing left to do is to just peace out.”

Quisha works with “Moms for Liberty” — an organization that empowers parents to defend their rights.

Educators are teaching children to be gay without parental consent.

Do you support Quisha’s stance?

Is it time to pull kids out of public schools?

Watch Quisha speak her mind.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s actually a good thing for average parents to realize that current controversies are no longer simple disagreements between liberals and conservatives. This is a communist coup d’ etat. People calling themselves Democrats are authoritarians seeking to criminalize all opposition and establish total control over everyone’s life. They have to be stopped in their tracks now.

  2. Thank you for standing up for our nations children. You are definitely the most amazing woman on this earth. Thank you God bless you. The FBI are cowards. If we as parents remove our children out of public schools we should also not be taxed for these garbage public schools .we need to get the tax removed from property taxes .

  3. Excellent!! We need more strong and unafraid women of color to speak out against this brainwashing agenda. Thank you Quisha!

  4. Thanks so very much Quisha for being active on this issue instead of ones of the millions who just moan about it and ‘do’ nothing! I ponder over why the elites are supporting this (since nothing gets this far without their support!) and my only conclusion thus far literally is the dismantling of the USA. Why? I’m not so sure. Maybe it is their plan to use the collapse as a way to hoodwink the majority into accepting, even championing, a one world order? Although i’m not sure how China and Russia etc fit in.

  5. Go God girl! As a fellow man of color I’m proud of you!! To see beyond skin tone. Sin is America’s problem not skin! I thank God that you realize you are victorious and not a victim

    I thank God that you are spiritually woke and not spiritually broke like the wicked left would have you to be

    The wicked left would have people of color believe that they are victims that the odds are against them that all white people are oppressors

    I thank God I grew up in a pajaminantly white zip code up north and I have nothing but love and support

    I thank God that when I put my foot forward that the good Lord would open doors for me for work for prosperity

    I think the good Lord that I’m aware that All souls matter to God which is why he sent Jesus Christ to save our souls

    May the Lord empower you and bless your children to realize that they are a vessel . Who was fearfully and wonderfully made that there was a million to one that they would even be born so God already blessed them with supernatural victory from the womb. May the Lord bless them to know that there are vessels of dignity magnificence gloriousness wisdom light peace and love and that we are not to judge by the outward appearance but by the character

    That’s why Jesus Christ said that a good tree produces good fruit

    God’s children are rooted and grounded in the soil of the Lord and they shall be blessed and prosper regardless of what color they are

    If anybody is the oppressor it’s wicked white leftist who are in positions of power and influence all throughout America if there’s any systematic oppression it’s because of the wicked anti-jesus Christ Democrats

    May the Lord open more people of colors eyes!!

  6. QUISHA YOU STILL BLACK . you and candace owens are a disgrace to Black community

  7. Ms King is gorgeous dam! A beautiful smart young mother who is standing up for her child give this beauty a standing ovation!!!!

  8. The one good thing Covid has done to some extent has done is open the eyes of parents and We the People what kind of crap is being pushed in our schools to brainwash our children with CRT and woke crap

  9. These people must be fired, they cannot be allowed to teach our children

  10. Family values are taught at home, not by a teacher at a public school. To all the parents reading this they are pretty much telling you that they can parent your child better then you can. They are saying that you can’t be trusted to raise a decent child so they are going to push their beliefs and your child needs to understand that you come second, that they are above you that they are the true guiding leader.


  12. She is a true Patriot!!! So many blessings being sent to her and her family! ⭐️🇺🇸

  13. Go ahead make a stand, pretty soon you’ll have no children to make a stand for. It’ll be on you. FAILED to protect them, all for an 🍊🤡.
    He hates African Americans!

  14. Say it loud my American sister🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  15. All across the nation people must take their kids out of these terror centers and start new real learning centers and not feed the commie teachers. No matter if a few are good, most are now horrid and mom’s can hire another mom to home school teach. And be American again.

  16. So her solution is to run away and take the kids with her? Where does the problem get resolved? Where is line of standing up for our Constitutional rights drawn? If not for the sake of our children. Running away and withdrawing your children only benefits those for a short while. Meanwhile they are growing in strength and petty power over those unable to ” Exodus “. This is not a ” unifying ” nor defiant idea. This is cowardice and self serving division. And this is the problem.

  17. We need to unite and work together for the protection of our children. We can pool our resources, homeschool and hire teachers to tutor our kids a couple times a week. The public school system needs to know we don’t need them as much as they need us.

  18. Please pray for God wisdom concerning your child’s educational environmental needs. The Lord has the best plans for our children so we should let Him help us make the best decision.

  19. Lol, go ahead and home school your kids and watch them have no idea how to operate in the real world. They will get eaten alive by the reality of the corporate world. Trump is not a Christian, he is a perfect example of how the real world works. Stepping on the necks of fellow humans to get ahead. That’s how he made his money, at least what his daddy didn’t give him.

  20. I agree with her completely. Something needs to be done and soon. It’s only going to get worse.

  21. I think this is another running away from the facts and truth concerning American history . Black mom defensive of white folks in the,wrong direction is another issue where black mom want to live denial of their reality ,on the other hand a critical race theory should not be a condemnation or seen as trial of white folks but should rather be renamed truth and reconciliation where American history both full of glory and woes including Shame is thought in all schooks white or black sbd and road map or path forward should be established through public recognition of the horrors of slavery and justice done to descendants of slaves . Until something is done about the injustices of the past strives or division over race will continue till unreconciable differences by then it will be too late for this nation

  22. I totally agree with her. These Marxist democrats will not give up on brainwashing your child. So what is left. Take your kids and get the hell out of the system…. Thank God I don’t have a child in there now. Was bad enough when I did have a child in there

  23. Dont send your kids to public schools. Teachers are pushing a gay agenda and forcing the vaccine.

  24. People should remove their children from public schools, but sadly ,too many parents want the “free” child care. At least that is what I hear them say and these are the same parents who never even look at their children’s school work or investigate what they are being taught. What I hear from these parents is that they just want their kids to have fun and “socialize”. Well, they should not be surprised when those kids grow up espousing hate, socialist propaganda and anti-America doctrine.

  25. Both my kids are in Catholic School it is expensive and a financial burden but my kids welfare comes first. In the public school my daughter at 9 could barely read. But she was bringing home information about BLM and how to write to her local state representative. Its simple teach my chidren to read, write and count and i will take care of the religious, social and moral aspect until they are old enough to make their own decisions.

  26. I’m a black woman. Christian. Veteran educator. Ready to teach for free!! We must stand!!

  27. Disconnected dribble. She said nothing. Her pandering is so transparent that it’s obvious she don’t have a clue. No resolution no answers just knee jerk reaction. How much was she paid by the party to vomit this ignorance. She’s now the icon of a HN “what’s the matter master we sick?” Please stop, look at the people around bobbing their heads in agreement. Do they look like her? Do they believe in history’s truth or are they taking advantage of her ignorance? Again, I’m embarrassed for her. It does prove everyone have their price. “Get your hand out my pocket” whoosh right over her head like all bigots.

  28. Merrick Garland cannot do anything to parents who question and stand up for their rights and protect their children from indoctrination. Garland suffers from a BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST if sued out by parents he attacks as he and his family have interest in pushing CRT as they publish the books for the schools .. HOW convenient … Garland is a Communist and corrupster… follow his money and watch his actions … He also can get charged up criminally!

  29. My wife and I made our share of mistakes as parents, but choosing to not send our children to the government schools was, by far, the best decision we ever made. We found a homeschool group and went to our first homeschool meeting when my wife was pregnant with our first child! It was a financial hardship to live on one income so my wife could be a full-time mother and teacher to our 3 boys, but she (we) would do it again, without hesitation. Our kids are now grown and married with children of their own. They are responsible men. They are great a blessing to us, especially as we get up in years. The best education is one-on-one teaching, by a mother and father. The government educational system can’t even come close to what homeschooling in a family environment provides. I taught for one year in a vocational high school. Government schooling is a tragedy.

  30. Keisha does not know what the hell she’s talking about she’s triggered by Fox’s constant critical race theory crap.. the idiots they hire can’t even tell you what critical race theory is.

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