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Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian gettin’ a divorce?

Serena & Alexis callin’ it quits/Instagram

Serena Williams seeking divorce? 

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MIAMI — It might be time to stick a fork in Serena Williams’ marriage because it appears to be done. The curvaceous tennis star is reportedly leaving her white hubby, Alexis Ohanian, after 4 years of holy matrimony. The swirling lovebirds said “I do” in 2017 during a lavish ceremony in New Orleans. They share a mulatto daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian. Divorcement scuttlebutt ran rampant over the weekend after Serena unfollowed Alexis on Instagram. She’s following her daughter’s page only. Alexis, co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit, also used some of Serena’s mazuma to make a handful of million dollar investments that have gone bad. Serena has a net worth of $90 million and Alexis has $70 mil. So chances are there will be no alimony. But child support could become an issue. Serena, who just celebrated her 40th birthday, bleached her skin to look white.

But it apparently wasn’t enough.

Should Serena and Alexis stay together for their daughter?

Or, should they call it quits?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. And he will get spousal support and live like a king forever that was his plan all along and she got finessed by a w Hite boy because she was so mad at b lack men smh

  2. Financial investments were mentioned. This confirms what I’ve always thought. I couldn’t understand, why a white multi millionaire would marry someone like Eve. Eve is a beautiful woman, but c’mon white boy…you telling me, you ain’t smashing finer foreign models? Of course he is…so why marry Eve. Then it hit me….rich white people always look for a get over when it comes to bidding on contracts, or applying for certain business loans. If you marry someone of the minority class, they get special exemptions, when it comes to contract bids. A minority will get a lower interest rate on a loan, or a company wants to gain approval from human rights groups so they offer rights to first refusal, to minorities first. So a lot of contracts for big investments probably have Eve’s name on it on behalf of her rich white husband. Same goes for Serena’s husband….he married her only because he would get an advantage over his white competitors.

  3. Here we go with the blame BM and BW game 🙄. Thankfully, I only see these conversations on the Internet and not in real life. This is just a result of an inferiority complex and amount of money will change that. The damage is already done. It saddens me to know that most of my people will never wake up in this lifetime and value themselves. Dating or marrying outside of your race will not solve internal issues that you have with yourself.

  4. @DLOUPO: Yes. She parades her child around way more than any other high profile entertainer. She’s really proud of her lil mulatto

  5. Black men thought Serena was thick. Did we ever think she was pretty tho?


  7. White boy learned….never marry a black chick with a divestor wig

    Sidenote: Serena played her self in those Wonder Woman commercials. Full on wig, skin lightened…..she really could have changed the game doing that commercial how she used to be.

  8. I hope it’s just Social Media BS. I’m always sad to hear a family could break up with a young child.

  9. Maybe they had an argument and are mad at each other, being in a relationship isn’t always sunshine and roses..couples go through up’s and down’s it’s part of life..

  10. I’m just amazed that people actually o on other people’s IG checking to see who they’re following and unfollowing.

  11. So now you know the marriage is crumbling and Polly don’t want that Cracker no more? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. @Vince: Like they’ve done since slavery…y’all niggas playing ketchup with these milky colored bastards

  13. @Capbussa: Seriously – If You Like H/er A ss😒

    You Must Like Lebron’s Too 💅

  14. She really thought this dude liked her. He was done when that cowardly lion pic popped up. Serena played herself.

  15. So does this mean that they unfollow each other to their bedroom too???

  16. This union served its purpose and that was to produce a child so now she wants out.

  17. I’m old. But who is the keeper of “who follows” whom? I’m just not understanding who has the time to sift through a celebs profiles and see who they’re following, not following or unfollowing.

  18. @Mickey Stone: a child with ‘good hair?’
    This is goals for ‘some’ BW.

    Brother Ashanti has Spoken!


  20. @WHOisMUSICgod: Did you at least ask, if she wanted to come back home? Cause it would be sad, if you opened up your arms to welcome her, and she ended up walking away with another white boy.

  21. For him it never was about the matrimony it was all about that macaroni$$$$$

  22. Found out the grass was meaner on the other side bet you feel stupid now

  23. Any black man that gets with her afterwards needs to be shamed. She decided to have a baby with him and flaunt him like black guys were nothing, so let her stay in that community. She got her mixed baby out of the deal. Her soon to be ex-husband got played for his seed.

  24. HE FIXING TO GET THAT HOES’ MONEY! Reference Scarface’s”I Need Your MONEY!

  25. Their love story is a sham. The second he said when they met he didn’t know who she is and that she’s a famous tennis player, I knew it was a lie! Even people in 3rd world countries know who she is!! I always say, just because a man married a particular woman doesn’t mean he’s in love. Sometimes it’s all a long plan to get to a particular thing! Look at what Wendy’s husband did! He was with who he loved the entire time he was married to Wendy. To him Wendy was the bag that’s it. This dude probably wanted to secure a bigger networth and fame by marrying Serena. He’s probably with some petit white blondie on the low 😂.

  26. She just lost and will now have to pay him millions of dollars and yes he is now going to use Serena’s civil suit money awarded to him with a white woman . Now another single black mother is added and she is more than likely going to be forever single and or begin dating a woman .

  27. White men are realizing that BLK women only with them becuase blk women naturally think that white men are easier to be with and EASIER to get money from…thank you for waking up White guys…💪🏾💯

  28. Relationships don’t last at-least not in the West.

    Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa marriages last a llllllong time.

  29. He made an investment saying “I do” and it’s time to collect his ROI. Venus is close to making the same mistake. If Venus is smart she will do like Oprah and stay single.

  30. Women think if I get a white dude all my problems goes away 🤣🤣🤣

  31. That man secured the white BAG! Sarina spent her career jumping from man to man laying up with just as many white men as she did Black men ruining her name, but certain sisters ignorantly thought that it was just “Black men didn’t want to put a ring on her finger so she found a man that did.” 🙄. Truth is No man wanted to marry Serina!! So she went out and found a white man (Co-founder of the racist media platform Reddit) that WAS only worth a very small fraction of what she was worth! Some of us knew from the gate that he was there to secure the bag because Sarina Is is not wife material!

  32. He married her to get his hands on the bread, people better start reading history about what the white man did to the Ocha Indian lmbo lmbo

  33. The grass ain’t always green on the other side.😐 (Crunching loudly on potato chips.)

  34. After the divorce, he will end up with their daughter(getting child support) and alimony(she have to continue to provide him with the lifestyle she brought him into). He made a good lick by marrying her. Serena Williams is another Halle Berry, both have made themselves the “Booty”=Spoils of War. ✊🏾🧔🏾👍🏾

  35. Soooo. White men F**k your credit up too and leave you with a bad weave…. lol

  36. Why are all these comments so negative? Why don’t you all wait until they file for a divorce and you will know for sure. All of you are just guessing and hoping. How do you all know that she only wanted a mixed child? Just cause that’s the way you all feel doesn’t make it true. Get a life and take care of your own business and you won’t have time to be in her and her husband business.

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