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Teacher assaults female student with COVID breath

Teacher breaths on student/Daily Mail

Ghetto teacher breaths on kid.

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HOUSTON — Here’s another reason to pull your children out of public schools ASAP! A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a black teacher intentionally breathing on an 8th grade student to give the girl coronavirus. The disgusting ordeal took place September 17th at Mead Middle School in Houston, Texas. Raw footage shows the corpulent pedagogue with a Raggedy Ann coiffure cornering her pupil as they experienced contretemps. “I don’t care,” the teacher screamed. When the student asked her to get out her face, the ghetto faculty member replied: “You get out mine! Make me!” Seconds later, the teacher removed her mask and proceeded to expectorate in the child’s countenance. The Aldine Independent School District said the educator was “removed from the classroom” and “the district will take appropriate action” against her “unacceptable” deportment.

Should criminal charges be filed?

Is it time to deep-six public schools?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. the teacher is wrong but i understand her. teachers are getting tired of these disrespectful a$$ kids. i’ve seen how they act at times. like the world revolves around them. like you owe them something.

  2. Is that the teacher with all that red hair?
    Well they said it was a hood school.

  3. Now I know shits bad when people start cutting Raggedy Ann’s hair right off the damn doll. She looks like a pre school art project. DaFuq

  4. She needs to take herself straight to the circus. She’s already a clown. That is not how you treat a student that is not fighting you back. There was no need to do all that. Unless there is some missing footage. Based on what this clip shows, termination.

  5. That teacher threw her whole career away…for what? Calm ur hormones, lady. Nothing ain’t that serious!!!!

  6. I mean honestly I’m sure the student must have started this mess first.. we don’t see what happen before the video starts recording..the student looks like trouble. She probably pregnant now and never finished school. . Just saying

  7. I’m going to assume this red hair and outfit is for upcoming Halloween. Ain’t no way a teacher should be at school looking like this. Secondly, this couldn’t be my child. That teacher would have more than being fired and criminally charged to worry about.

  8. First of all, that’s assault. People have gotten arrested for doing that, and this teacher should have been arrested too.
    And that teacher clearly doesn’t have the temperament to be teaching children. Hopefully she loses her teachers license.

  9. Let’s be honest. This is the fault of both women. The teacher definitely acted out of line but the student is acting like she’s an angel. Guarantee that student was acting out of line before the camera started rolling

  10. If only they had a black father in the home!! All of you who support the welfare state that broke up the black family, and now the sistas are saying – “I don’t need a man!!” – this is what the result is. We’ll sistas you do need us and we need you. How bout we get these white folks out our business and we come back together and raise our children the right way, and rebuild strong black families.

  11. Oh THE GHETTO! Come on now! She the adult! She should KNOW BETTER! If the child was acting up, put her OUT of the classroom! Don’t do that! Where is the decorum? Teachers act above children!

  12. Gosh, what a animal . How the hell did she get a job teaching children? This is her behaviour at her job . Imagine how she behaves off the clock. The school board is really slacking in the hiring department. And on a side note. If that was my daughter being coughed on and bullied by a grown a s s women. I’m probably doing a few years in prison. Coughing in someone’s face is a step less then spitting in someone’s face . Coronavirus or not. That is out of pocket !

  13. Obviousely this teacher needed cupcakes n pizza 🍕 burgers 🍔 🍬 candy soda 😋 can of coke 😋 and burger King 🤴 but also thought she was the burger 🤴 King but lost her living and is now homeless on food stamps and has to cook her own burgers 🍔 and stand on the food line for the deprived and needs to see a vet for pigs 🐖 😅

  14. First off all what school district let’s teachers wear ugly as red wigs like an ignorant thot? You can’t get a good education with ignorant as teachers like that. I’d take my kid out of that school

  15. If tenured, the teacher will likely be put on administrative leave with full pay and benefits for the next 18 months due to the district fearing a union-backed lawsuit, then quietly cube-farmed after that.

  16. She looks unprofessional with all the hot Cheetos in her damn head anyway. What did they expect

  17. if somebody was to do that to a n!gger they would all be playing the victim and race card.

  18. Why must 99% of black women act so ghetto, aggressive, confrontational and low class? This fat monkey couldn’t even act professional at her workplace..she’s in that kids face like she’s in the hood about to fight a hoodrat…Unbelievable…OAN who the hell goes to work with clownish red hair!!

  19. LOCK HER UP !! That teacher is cray cray LOCO and doesn’t belong in any school.

  20. Its so mental…if covid 19 is a airborne transmitted virus…it is a wrap for everyone who uses God’s breath to breathe…air travels and is always accessible to any and everyone this side of the living…but when you are covered in the blood of Jesus, no weapon formed against you can or shall prosper

  21. Who told her shes cute with that matted red mess on her head?

    Big ol fat Biden voter teaching y’alls kids lolol

  22. This is exactly why my husband works 50 to 60 hours a week still and we saved every cent. So our kids never had to set foot in a public school! These teachers are out of control.

  23. Absolutely unaccepatable! You think your sending your children to a safe place to get an education. If it weren’t enough with having to worry of a possible school shooting, now you have to worry about a crazy unhinged teacher going off . It’s obvious she can’t not control her temper. She is not far from commiting physical injury if she is slapping the students phone out of her hand. Who knows how far this could have gone. This woman should deffinalty not be around children. God forbid if she behaved this way around a younger children. They’d be scarred for life.

  24. I’m tired of BLM they think they could do anything and get away with it!!!! That teacher needs to be fired ASAP I maybe arrested because if it was a white teacher talking to a black student, They would say the teacher was racist

  25. This deranged fool needs to be arrested and fired right now. She should not be able to ever work again for the school board.We are in an epidemic that has cost the lives of over 700,000 people , we are wearing mask to protect ourselves and she attacks this child with her breath, NO NO.

  26. FIRE THAT HORRID WOMAN….”TEACHER” MY A**!! THAT WOMAN IS NOT A TEACHER …P E R I O D. If that was my child I would press ASSUALT charges don’t give a darn what that school district will do !!

  27. I’m really starting to question the screening process used to hire “teachers” these days. The one’s we keep seeing in these videos sure seem to have power-trips. I’d like to have seen the student spit in her face, but then it would have become a race thing.

  28. Dam that’s a teacher looking like pe pe long stocking ! Acting like a child that’s not professional the look isn’t professional the attitude is not professional! Poor girl almost got ate up by this monster in red wig

  29. She needs to be terminated ASAP! If this was a student they would take immediate action! She shouldn’t be in this field if she can’t control herself! She needs to go apply at McDonald’s! Freaking Ronald McDonald clown😒🤡

  30. Wow, what kind of school would hire a teacher with Ronald McDonald red hair? Sheesh!!!

  31. Throw her in jail for 3 months for Misdemeanor menacing and harassment. Let her get in those female inmates faces. If she agrees to anger management classes and deescalation training she could return under supervision. But her class needs to be recorded and monitored. Though if she’s done this before then just release her.

  32. What the fuk? This is a teacher or clown? Aldine you can do better! Bye bye teacher! 👌🏽

  33. Oh puhleeze this wasn’t that big of a deal I mean the kids gonna die eventually so maybe the teacher just wanted to rush the process along & therefore did what she did …but come on now it’s not a big deal

  34. Yes, what the teacher did was wrong, but all these bratty kid’s think it’s OK to have their phones out during class. There should be a policy that all student’s must put their phones in a lock box while in class. Kid’s are on social media recording during class instead of focusing on their studies. These teacher’s go through alot with all these rude student’s. Many teacher’s end up with chest pains and having to get all sorts of tests done for their heart, anxiety and high blood pressure. Parent’s need to put their kid’s on check.

  35. What? How in the world did she get certified. She’s not a role model….she’s a joke.

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