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Superman came out the closet as a bisexual hero

Jon and Jay are lovers/DC Comics

Superman now packing fudge. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… homosexual? First Robin came out the closet. Now this. DC Comics ruffled feathers Monday afternoon when the company announced Superman is now gay. Yep, the “Man of Steel” has become the “Man of Charmin.” Jon Kent, son of Lois and Clark Kent (né Kal-El), is knockin’ boots with Jay Nakamura — a new gay character introduced earlier this year. Company executives said they had no choice but to make Superman a fudge-packer to appease the LGBT community in today’s “Woke” times. Comic book fans are understandably pissed. “I knew replacing Clark with another straight white savior could be a real opportunity missed,” writer Tom Taylor explained to IGN. “But I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes. Today, Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, is coming out.”

Jon’s Superman will not only lock horns with traditional supervillains, but he’ll take on contemporary issues like global warming and school shootings. Social media reaction was priceless. One Twitter user wrote, “How bad are things? Things are so bad that Democrats are trying to tell you Superman is bisexual.”

Another added, “Sorry that is f*cked up!” 

Will you support a gay Superman?

Does the “S” on his chest stand for sucking d*ck?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I always thought the comics were absolutely bonkers, and this further proves it.

  2. Why does everything have to be gay,straight bi. If the characteristic straight then leave it alone. Stop pushing agendas and sexuality in everything facet of life. So if you don’t mention or make a gay version or bi version of something, then that thing is inherently biased???? Ppl make things the way they are. So if you want tolerance Then you need to practice the same. Stop pushing and just accept things the way they are and ppl will follow. Ppl can be whatever they want but don’t push your view on someone else that already gets it. Some ppl like things as they are. 🤷‍♂️

  3. So, is kryptonite his weakness or the D? These folks don lost their minds

  4. Everything has to be G*y Now. If you don’t agree. They call you a homophobe and they cancell you. Smfh🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. im so sick of all this not everything has to be gay us “normal” people dont pay attention to who people like we dont care if you’re gay but we dont want to see it everywhere and everything in the “Normal” world isnt gay and it doesnt have to be just let the old stuff stay how it is and just make new ones

  6. it’s all about freedom of expression and love………. get over it

  7. So what does the alphabet community have to say about this nonsense? I guess they all for it? Get this b.s. cancelled.

    That’s why we as parents have to be our kids super heroes because the forces of evil are busy.

  8. @Rainbow Bright: The elite has been programming and grooming your children, from sexualized kids on tiktok etc, to teaching kids in nursery about transgender, to making cartoon characters gay etc,it’s an agenda and it has nothing to do with “freedom of expression or love”.

  9. What’s the need to display Superman or anyone’s sexuality . Why push your sexuality on ppl : if you’re gay , just be gay. You don’t gotta push and force it down ppl throat .. there’s no straight ppl flag or straight ppl running around talking bout how straight they are… keep ya sex life to yourself and in your bedroom… attention gay folks , everyone doesn’t wanna be gay , stop tryna brainwash our kids

  10. This guy ruined an icon… thanks gay dude from whothefuckcares…

  11. There are countries that really like what they are seeing unfold in our country!

  12. Our enemies around the world are watching us fall……………… Rome fell And so will we as our commander in chief sit in his basement eating ice cream

  13. This is part of the woke madness infected world we are living in..
    I have banned all WOKE lunacy from my life.
    I don’t accept it in any form.

  14. Why does something have to be sexualized at all. Why does Superman have to come out as bisexual just to make gay people happy. 🙄

  15. My dad’s generation had Wonder Woman, my generation has to wonder if she is a woman.

  16. for the people that seem to be confused this isnt clark kent superman this is jon kent supermans son who was made the new superman

  17. No need to focus on Americans and allies trapped in Afghanistan. Two guys having anal sex is far more important.

  18. IMHO, if you want a gay or Bi super hero, just create one, do NOT try to reinvent the original ones. Having an open mind is a wonderful thing but being forced to accept the fixing of something that is not already broken makes no sense other than to serve someone’s political agenda and have we not seen enough of that lately!!!!!

  19. Well for me Clark Kent will always be Superman no matter what iteration DC plans to go. Can’t say much for his Woke superboy kid, the value of comics continues to depreciate every time they promote this crap.

  20. See the average person doesn’t get it. It’s about cultivating homosexuality in children. They want more members because they know 90 percent of homosexuals vote democrat. It’s as simple as that. Millions of young children and teens idolize Superman… This will plant seeds of homosexual thoughts in millions.. It’s all part of a plan , it’s not about acceptance. It’s about propagation.

  21. I’m 23 years old, no serious relationship atm thank god, and I am already intensely thinking of how to protect my children from the wickedness of this world. Jesus where should I go, what should I do ffs..?

  22. Hopefully, his dad will find-out, and use his heat-vision to turn him into a REAL “flamer”. 😏😉😜

  23. The alphabet club and resident blue-haired shriekers ruin yet another title

  24. So the peeps are okay with Harley Quinn making out with Poison Ivy but they’re not okay with Superman’s son being bisexual?

  25. Wow no one is blaming blacks ( or Obama for that matter ) for this one….Effen WOW!…………Cause even blacks folks are saying..” WTF”….

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