Incest Video: Kodak Black groped mom’s buttocks followed by a nasty tongue kiss

Kodak Black grabs mom’s ass/YouTube

Kodak grabs his mother’s booty. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HAITI — The coronavirus pandemic has everybody losing their damn mind. A video has gone viral that shows rapper Kodak Black grabbin’ his mother’s ass before tongue-kissing her on the dance floor. No bullsh*t. The act of incest transpired over the weekend at a family soirée. Cell phone footage shows Kodak doing a Haitian dance with his mother. After effectuating a twirl, the “Tunnel Vision” artist did the unthinkable. Kodak groped mom’s derrière then stuck his tongue down her throat. He must’ve been high and/or drunk.

Mom tried to laugh it off but you can tell she was a little uncomfortable because she created some separation between the two. Kodak, 24, claimed he was joking around. But viewers ain’t buying it. One Twitter user wrote, “Looking at the video they most definitely got something going on behind closed doors. You can tell.” Another added, “Please say that’s his step mom.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Who grabs their mom’s a$$ 🥴

  2. That’s what happens when parent doesn’t set limit with son. Disgusting sociopathic behavior. Also posting it on social media. Yikes.🤮

  3. It’s his mama he can do what he wants with her and besides he was just joking with her.

  4. He would of been Kodak White!! Being he would of got the black slapped off his entire body!!!

  5. I Love Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits

    Blame the vaccine

  6. Kodak tryna be a daddy and a brother at the same damn time 👀🍸 Whooo Lawddd

  7. mrknowitalllt1

    well, he is a trump supporter

  8. I love the affection he shows his mama.

  9. He on some Kevin Gates type sh*t💩!🥴

  10. Unhealthy boundaries. Totally inappropriate behavior. That’s your mother, not your girl.

  11. ReppinRealBrothas

    He’s always been off, but prison knocked a few more screws loose. Dude is already messed up, over that chick bouncing on him. He was probably high and drunk in front of his mama, which is disrespectful.

  12. Mandika TheWarrior

    I don’t mind the dancing. Hell, I don’t mind family pecking each other in the mouth or cheek. Grabbing your mom axsss though? Come on, Man.

  13. We the people !!!!!

    Gross !!

  14. SuperSaiyanGod

    Dude is weird AF


    Nah she look uncomfortable 😣 NEVER seen him like this…. MK ULTRA kickin in! Y’all KNOW yak ain’t been the same since released from prison that last time. GO 👀 WATCH ‘Get Out’ RIGHT NOW!!! KODAK don’t know words like “succumb” lol!!! Y’all better pay attention!! Spiritual warfare REAL!

  16. Eccentricities

    This come from them single mothers treating their sons like that’s their man… This the result…

  17. His Momma acted uncomfortable with him trying to feel on her ass & kissing on her like that. She pushed him away & pretended to slap him & then just laughed it off but you could see she was not cool with the direction that shit was going. Stevie Wonder could see that! It was pretty obvious. 🤔😳🤯

  18. Rosangela Alvarez G

    Creepy, beyond weird & incest type ish🥴👎🏽

  19. Lol i got a cousin who used to do this to my auntie which was his mama just to make her mad lol he would never have sex or think of having sex with his mama but he was a mamas boy and so is Kodak and sometimes mamas boys feels like they own their moms lol it’s weird but you can tell it’s all just fun to them

  20. Demetriah Jaye085

    Well it’s clear now he’s a clone 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️💯💯

  21. Bruh I love my momma to death that’s my bestfriend but you will NEVER see me going to this extent, give them a hug and keep it moving. Kodak really messed up in the head ong.

  22. Anthony Gonzalez

    She wasn’t gon put him on the spot like that but she was uncomfortable cause she turned away. If she did this would be bigger than it is. How do you tell your millionaire son who’s paying for your entire life and everything you have to stop fondling you infront of a camera. Not as easy as it sound don’t shade her that’s yak nasty ass

  23. i could imagine that many famous people get in touch with incest. You hear what kodak is tweeting. He can´t trust women since he is famous. It is super fucked up but i am pretty sure it happens a lot among celebrities.

  24. It’s weird. I feel like maybe he’s high and forgot that was his mom for a second at first. The kissing was weird too and so was his awkward laugh. She was obviously uncomfortable.

  25. Colonel Sanders

    Blog King is always making up shit………. he kiss her on the lips…………… I dont see a tongue kiss

  26. Bruh wtf is wrong with dude like what is really goin on ? 😭😂🤦


  28. TF???I think he got a pass just coz he got money…this generation is so effed up..scripture was right about these the end times they be showing no respect

  29. One way ticket to hell

  30. Not defending him at all but he was high as shit

  31. I clicked this just to see if this really happened?!?(1st thank u for not being just click bait!)..& 2nd WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KODAK?!?! like who does that?!? touch on They Mom inappropriately like that?!?… LIKE WTH?!? He more than just depressed. Dude has lost his damn mind!!..

  32. I got a habit of smacking my girl ass while she cooking one day my momma was cooking and I almost smacked her ass on instinct and I felt like I needed to be baptized in the holy water immediately 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 this dude crazy frfr need meds

  33. Kodak Black grabing his Mother’s Behind is SO DISRESPECTFUL!!! This IS NOT TRADITIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN BEHAVIOR!!!

  34. Time to stop making up excuses. It’s obvious his level of respect towards females is disgusting. Apparently we all know he has psychological problems. The fact remain does he want too resolve his issues? He proved repeatedly how he looks down on women. As to his mom smh. One can’t help but too wonder what go on behind closed doors. She a shrewd woman. I said what I said.

  35. SelfEngineering_19

    You can’t make this shit up 😅😅😅😂🤣🤣

  36. That’s why calling someone a Mother fuccer is an insult.

  37. Per the article “Born in the Trap: An interview with Kodak Black,” by Torii MacAdams:
    Q: Your mom’s your biggest supporter?
    A: Kodak Black: Not really, but that’s who I love the most. I love my mama. I treat my mama like I’m her husband.

  38. Jasmine Jackson

    He seems to have a confusion that needs to be dealt with. That energy had to come from somewhere for him to feel so comfortable doing that to her. I don’t feel it’s something he just started doing, because he looks wayyy to comfortable touching her like that.

  39. Ricardo Garcia

    Whoa,he trying to kiss her in the mouth also,that some real incest shit.

  40. Shits Nasty and insane?! Really who grabs their MOMS ASS!? DAM WHERES THE RESPECT!?

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