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Kodak Black groped his mother’s butt while high

Kodak Black grabs mom’s ass/YouTube

Kodak grabs his mother’s booty. 

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HAITI — The coronavirus pandemic has everybody losing their damn mind. A video has gone viral that shows rapper Kodak Black grabbin’ his mother’s ass before tongue-kissing her on the dance floor. No bullsh*t. The act of incest transpired over the weekend at a family soirée. Cell phone footage shows Kodak doing a Haitian dance with his mother. After effectuating a twirl, the “Tunnel Vision” artist did the unthinkable. Kodak groped mom’s derrière then stuck his tongue down her throat. He must’ve been high and/or drunk. Mom tried to laugh it off but you can tell she was a little uncomfortable because she created some separation between the two. Kodak, 24, claimed he was joking around. But viewers ain’t buying it. One Twitter user wrote, “Looking at the video they most definitely got something going on behind closed doors. You can tell.” Another added, “Please say that’s his step mom.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. All these women out here an you want to grope your mother ? It don’t make sense

  2. If people mind they fuckn business it’s not a problem it’s HIS MOTHER IM 27 and I kiss my mom & dad on the lips still Ima girl but still he’s fine

  3. I think people are forgetting that Kodak is Haitian. The people in Haiti are very loving and passionate people. They don’t express love like American culture. The language is a broken french. We all know French is the language of love. I don’t think he meant any harm by it . It’s probably the only way he knows how to love a female.

  4. he sexually assaulted his mother…
    period. and the people that are okay with this behavior are not black…they’re foreigners just like he is…

  5. I blame black single mothers for creating these “I’ll die for my momma” simp individuals and calling these boys your “man”. This have been done in private many times and this fool PUBLICLY displayed what they do behind closed doors.

  6. This clone be malfunctioning in different ways 🤣😂

  7. She actually seems uncomfortable as he is continuously trying to kiss her… 😫

  8. A visible line between parent and child, Kodak clearly doesn’t give an F- about. You can love your mother in a whole different way without fondling on her like she’s one of your groupies from a music video set. I don’t get this generation. 😕

  9. What a wicked world we live in you got WEIRDOS on here actually justifying grabbing your momma inappropriately multiple times and trying to stick his tongue down her throat!!!! Smhhhh, DISGUSTING!!!! Dude said he treat his momma like his Lady, oh yeah he definitely laying up with her!!!

  10. That shit was so not right even in a joking way some shit you just don’t do I’m very disturbed watching this video he needs help if he thinks that’s some normal shit to do to the woman that birthed you smmfh

  11. he’s either cloned or chipped ive been sayin the shit for a long time nobody wanna listen 😑

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